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5 Must-Know SEO Trends of 2019 that Have Come to Stay

If you want to dominate the digital world, you must be aware of the latest SEO tactics and strategies that help in dominating the SERPs and generating more revenue. Here are some of the latest SEO trends that you must be aware of to be ahead of your rivals.

SEO Trends in 2019

Structured ‘Data Mark-up’ Is Absolutely Essential

With the growing importance of artificial intelligence, structured data has also become important. To effectively use artificial intelligence, quick content processing is an absolute necessity long with their association with one another. It is essential to comprehend schema, structured data and passive and active search behaviours, which signal the intent to enable then search behavior to become a huge effort of the findability.

Moreover, the contextual relationships which exist between the behaviours and topics are supported by the structured markup. This is an essential SEO trend that we need to comprehend, test and implement for the year 2019.

Generating Outstanding Content Is a Must

According to the updated Google algorithm of 2018, Google is emphasizing on the quality of the content. The websites that offered exceptional quality of the content soared high up on Google’s SERP. On the other hand, the websites with inferior quality content suffered. This SEO trend of Google of rewarding websites on the basis of content quality would continue in 2019 as well. According to a digital marketing specialist, those who are generating content for keeping their blog alive would not be able to survive in the market.

Improving E-A-T is a Key SEO Trend of 2019

E-A-T is the acronym of ‘expertise’, ‘authority’ and ‘trustworthiness’. According to this trend, you can only rank high up on the search engine of Google by providing quality content on a subject you have authority over. It is essential to look into promotion and content distribution from the standpoint of reputation. You could hire experts for leveraging and authoring data from the known authorities and making sure the credit and credentials are given to both the entities and author.

Investing in the Technical Aspects of SEO

As the websites are becoming more complex, it is becoming imperative to invest in the technical aspect of SEO. Some of the key areas to consider are JavaScript, speed and progressive webApps (PWAs).

Speed: Once it is known that Google would reward all the websites on the basis of speed, the web pages would become less complex and load faster.

JavaScript: The websites would be JavaScript-driven. Hence it is time to get acquainted with JavaScript.

Progressive Web Apps: The entrepreneurs have to start thinking how could their websites live on the PWA.

On-Page SEO Optimisation Trend Would Grow in Importance in 2019

The on-page optimisation trend would continue to grow in importance in the year 2019. Apart from on-page optimisations, some of the chief website optimisation would be making sure the search for the internal sites is offering relevant results, shortening of the conversion process, making sure the repeat customers restock the commonly bought items etc.

These are the various SEO trends of 2019 that you should be acquainted with to give your competitors stiff competition.

How to Boost Your Visibility on Google Images

Google is one of the most well-known platforms for organic and targeted search in the internet today. The multibillion-dollar company employs a vast range of optimisations in their search engines to aid in a proper organic search that shows relevant data. Therefore, it is important that your website and the promotional image you post show up on a relevant organic search.

Why Should You Optimise Your Images For An Organic Search Result In Google?

Boost Your Visibility on Google Images

Currently, Google is one of the most widely used platforms used to search content all over the world. This requires Google to analyse and categorise all pictures into an organised package that shows relevant search results for those looking for it in Google Images. To get the most out of this, it is essential that you optimise your image with the relevant information. It can greatly boost your ranking and aid Google to categorise your images accordingly in the image search page.

What Are The Tips You Can Use To Have An Optimised Image?

Image optimisation

Image optimisation is one of the most overlooked strategies that often fail to exploit its potential. Therefore, you can use the following tips for a better-optimised image that can add to your conversion rate. They are as following:

Make Sure to Post Good Quality Images for Your Website– While it is the most basic instruction to follow regarding posting content on any webpage; it is also the most important. Poor image selection can greatly affect your viewers and also generate little or no views from organic image search. Data shows that good quality images often attract the attention of 63 per cent of viewers online. This can greatly boost your ranking on Google image search page.

Optimise Your Image to Consume As Little Bandwidth as Possible-It comes as a no surprise that large file size images take up an excess time to load. Therefore it is essential that you reduce in the file size to an optimal level without sacrificing quality. You can do so with the help of many online software tools that strips your image of the excess data.

Allow Access to Your Webpage by Search Engines and Googlebots– It is important that you offer free access to search engines and Google bots to accumulate pictures from your website. Having restricted access can result in your image in not turning up under any image search at all.

What Are The Advantages You Get Out Of A Proper SEO Optimisation For Your Images?

SEO Optimisation For Your Images

Any responsive web design has a number of images that are relevant to the topic of the content. Google often crawls through these WebPages and accumulates the image for its search results. Without proper optimisation your image has the potential to get lost in the sea of pictures. With the relevant optimisation, Google can categorise your images to a specific organic search initiated by a browser.

A well optimised image has the potential to reach the right viewers when they perform such and an organic search. This can greatly boost views to your webpage and increase conversion rates that positively affect your site’s ranking.

Top 5 SEO Browser Extensions That Can Help All Digital Marketers

Plugins and add-ons are applications that play an essential role in the digital marketing area and also personal browsing. It is an application that attaches to the website via a request and display relevant information and performs the function that would not have been otherwise possible only with the site. A plugin, add-on, or an extension is a specific coded application that attaches to an existing platform and adds to its functionality and features.They are mainly used in browser platforms but may also apply to current applications.

SEO Chrome Extensions

In the realm of digital marketing, having the top SEO can play an essential part in filtering out the best-rated search content and websites. Today, due to the advance in web technology, it is possible for a digital marketer to capitalise on this industry using various tools and techniques such as browser plugins and extensions.

Among the top plugins and browser extensions that you can effectively put to use in improving your SEO are:

SEOquake-It is one of the top browser extensions that can immensely help you to examine websites and pages according to the parameters that you are looking for. It is a useful tool that allows you to seek out what you are looking for in performing audits, hyperlink audits, examining domains and share info across multiple devices and with other people as well.


MozBar– It can create custom searches for you across any domains and offers you quick access to domain authority and page authority. Both serves as a prediction to determine your website’s rank on search engines by considering important various factors. It can also provide you with an in depth link analysis for a specific page or website.


Majestic– Digital marketers often browse through many essential websites sifting through a bulk of information at any given time. Magestic is one of the most important SEO plugins that can sift through a large number of websites and analyse how one lite links to another. It is basically a SAAS platform that can provide you with a back link analysis.


Note AnyWhere– Note Anywhere does the simple job of helping you to organising such content and help you to browse through relevant information and leads to numerous popular social sites by providing you with a virtual sticky note. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious, and can readily help you to remember the pages you browse with a quick note that serves as a reminder.

Note AnyWhere

Impactana– It is often essential for a digital marketer to browse through multiple social sites in an attempt to generate more business. Therefore it is essential to have a tool that lets you know how much ‘buzz’ your post is creating.It is one of the most important SEO extensions you can use for instant analysis and lets you decide the course of action you might take to improve it with the help of Impactana.


Digital marketing in the present century has gained a lot of momentum in the industry and has been continuously increasing in popularity due to its vast potential. Therefore, using such extensions can immensely help your chances and improve your efficiency.With millions of users adopting the internet, it is not only an excellent platform for marketing your products but also helps in capitalising on this vast customer base and generate immense profits.

How to Use Local Keywords to Rank Higher on Google

For any local business, SEO is one of the most important factors that not only helps to rank the business high but also helps to make it popular among the people in the area. Recognition is the primary aim of any local startup. Therefore, if you want to rank your business high up in the category, having a happy and satisfied customer base along with a stellar online service is hugely important.

Local Keywords to Rank Higher on Google

Improve your rank using the right keywords

Any keyword is a tag of one or more words that act as anchor text to the search results of the viewer typing in those words. Therefore, having the right kind of keyword can easily help in increasing the conversion rates with the help of relevant information. It is a significant factor that drastically increases your local SEO ranking and improves your business profits considerably. Therefore to be on the top of your game, here are a few tips that you can put to use effectively:

Proper Research– It is essential that before you decide on a keyword for your website, you conduct the appropriate research regarding both your content and the web traffic patterns. You can begin by first identifying the words that define your business operations accurately and cannot be mistaken for anything else.
Having a ‘bad’ keyword can generate a lot of negative reviews due to irrelevant search results. After you have decided on the keyword, check to see what particular results you find relating to the word, usually irrelevant results equate to better chances for you to capitalise on a less competitive market.
web design city on map

Competitiveness– Running a business is no social work and, therefore, requires you to be both competitive and strategic in dealing with your adversaries. It is essential that you chalk out a complete plan and research your competitor’s sites to gain an advantage. Where your competitors miss out, there you can find potential gains. Therefore, having a unique keyword and an improved website can boost your chances enormously.

Web Design Sydney

Predicting Consumer Behaviour– It is one of the most pivotal factors in any business. Having a keyword that you are entirely sure that a potential consumer may use while seeking out the relevant services and products can put you right on top of the SEO ranking list. This does not require mind reading skills but instead is all about technique and strategy. Researching your current customer base using a review column can point you towards the general direction that you need to adopt in your keyword and SEO optimisation.

Google Listing Optimisation

Any Local business that fails to optimise on this crucial aspect can potentially lose out on a vast number of customers. This is not only undesirable but also can slow down the business due to a lack of customer base and sales opportunities.

Among all the factors that can boost the business to gain more attention and trend on the internet, using the relevant keywords is the most important. It is also responsible for Google Listing Optimisation. Therefore, to improve your local business, having an optimal keyword is the right way to proceed.

Top Rated WordPress Plugins for SEO To get Higher Ranking

In the digital marketing scenario, search engines come out as one of the chief sources of generating traffic on various websites. However, in order to excel in this strategy, one needs to win the race of reaching the top of the page for any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Duck Duck GO. All the websites are always in a head-to-head competition with each other, just to grab the top position on a leading search engine.

WordPress Plugins for SEO

According to a report by the ‘Smart Insights’, all the websites that stack up at the top of the ‘Search Engine Results Pages’ or SERP, have a subsequent ‘Click-through rate’ or CTP of about 30 percent.

Therefore, it becomes quite essential for all the websites to aim at reaching the top position of a popular search engine on the digital platform. This would not only increase their web traffic but also show a steep rise on their sales chart. So in order to help you out in the strategy of SEO excellence, here are some compiled WordPress SEO plugins that would make sure that you excel in this particular field of digital campaigning.

Major SEO Agencies

Yoast SEO is considered to have one of the most efficient WordPress Web Design that has been on the online platform since 2008. This particular plugin would help you to optimize your website page title and the metadata while allowing you to have a glimpse of a snippet preview of your page after the plugin has been initiated. Moreover, it also goes on to measure the suitable readability of the content on your pages as well as the posts.

SEO Agency

Another efficient WordPress plugin is the Google XML Sitemaps, which technically enables its users to make XML sitemaps for a huge range of different search engines like Bing, Google, etc. Moreover, another plugin with the name W3 Total Cache has created quite hype around it in the recent times. It usually helps in increasing the bounce rate of a slow performing company website.

The Best WordPress Web Designs

The plugin named JetPack is trusted by most of the SEO Agencies as a multi-functional plugin that provides its users with some effective tools for security, design, and marketing. In the same way, Photo Gallery is another WordPress plugin which helps its users by adding responsive galleries and proficient albums to their particular WordPress site.

WordPress Web Designs

However, the plugin with the name G Translate has been quite a favorite among a lot of website owners. This plugin allows its users to translate their WordPress sites to a wide range of procured languages without any kinds of interruptions.

The Masters Of The Industry

Weglot is a predefined WordPress plugin which comes with a number of standard SEO features which allows the users to get their WordPress sites translated into a single language. Therefore, this plugin has been a hit among all the small website owners who run a site of fewer than 2000 words.

The Masters Of The Industry

All these mentioned WordPress plugins have a great impact on the traffic of your website. So if you are looking out for some efficient Website Design Companies to make sure that your website has the most effective web design in the market, then you should definitely try out Web Design City Parramatta. This particular web design company makes sure that all the clients receive the best service in the market without any hassles.

How to Boost Bookings and Conversions with Google My Business Page Posts

There are times when you have the idea of boosting your business sales and posts with the help of SEO services in the market. But do you really know the true potentialities of Google posts? If you are still optimising your business locally and wishing for a rise in the sales immediately then you are evidently living in a bubble. You need to give a try on the Google post services for something more than just rising your business rankings. Let us have a look at how Google posts work in making your business rise high up in the Google rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Google Posts Give a Boost to Your Product Bookings

If you own a business which is basically focused on providing production services to its customers then it is evident then you would need your clients to take prior appointments with your company. In order to boost up the sales, you would definitely want that you receive the maximum number of appointments for your product. In this case, Google Posts would help in making the appointments booking process a piece of cake for you and your clients as well. You can also track the progress of your appointment process with the help of UTM parameters.

Boost to Your Product Bookings

How Does Google Post Help You In Making Appointments?

In had been observed in the basics of search engine optimisation, that when one uses Google posts the user gets to book an appointment as soon as he clicks on a particular post. In this way, the appointment booking process becomes extremely easy for the client and with appointment tracking process; it becomes easy for the service provider as well. But in a situation, if you want to use Google posts in scheduling, then you must keep in mind that Google posts expire in 7 days and you need to create new posts weekly.

Google Post Help You In Making Appointments

Explore Other Features of Google Posts Also

As it’s a new platform, despite having a number of varied features only a few numbers of people are aware of it. It is evidently a very useful platform for boosting your businesses. It helps the owners of the business to upgrade links of their profile to their posts.


Therefore, knowing the advantages, it becomes easy for the business owners to use this platform as an SEO Agency to boost their brand value. Trust Web Design City located in Australia for best Digital Marketing and takes your business to a new level.

Cost Saving tips for International SEO

Developing and maintaining a company website had never been easy and cheap for any entrepreneur. There are a host of websites that cost a bomb to post for a particular company as a marketing tool. But in order to cut down the costs related to website maintenance, there are a few tips that you must follow. These tips would not only help you to cut down your expenses but also assist you in maintaining your already existing company website. Take a look at the most effective ways of cost optimisation and website design.
Cost Saving tips for International SEO

The Initial Stages Where Cost Optimisation Can Be Applied

Cost optimisation is the most effective while the initial designing stage of the website. When a website is designed and all the processes are in progress that is the time when a lot of expenses are saved by using the same structure of the website, the existing templates and in the content management system. Once a website template is used and maintained, then it can be reused whenever a new website is created and also it can be used by the other sections of the company websites. In this way, a lot of expenses can be saved in the initial stages of website development.


Cutting Down On the Operation Costs

There are ways in which most of the operational and website management actions do not need the skills of the local languages and these have the capability to be conducted anywhere around the world. This comes out as more efficient when the same templates are being used again and again on various websites of the company. When a variety of templates are developed, a lot of manpower and money is wasted. Therefore, in order to optimise websites, it is recommended to recycle the website structures.

Optimise websites

Focus On the Benefits of Localisation

It had been observed that when a website is translated into another language, it call for a huge amount of money. To get a particular company site translated into a number of other languages in profoundly expensive. Moreover, it had been seen that it costs even more money if you tend to polish and edit the translated website.

Benefits of Localisation

Therefore, in boosting your website in the search engine optimisation process, make sure you look into the various cost optimisation processes when you have the thought in mind. Otherwise, the entire process would take up a huge part of your website development budget.

Is There Any New Innovation In SEO Marketing?

It is quite evident that the technological scenario of the industries is changing at a rapid speed. With new technologies and upgradation, all the basics of marketing strategies are taking vigorous turns. SEO have been a marketing tool for a long time. But the main point of focus is whether this extremely popular strategy manages to stay strong in this rapidly changing technological scenario. With the same old basic technicalities and advances, it is possible that the SEO process might appear stagnant and outdated. Therefore, we need to note down, whether there has been any change in this process or not.

Innovation In SEO Marketing

What Kinds Of Changes Are We Looking For?

According to the definition of Search Engine Optimisation, it is the process to enhance and upgrade the rank of placement for websites with the help of various techniques and principles. With this definition clearly portraying the insight of SEO, the main question is whether any changes in this tool are possible or not. To be honest, this process had technically gone through a lot of changes throughout its existence.

Search Engine Optimisation

Therefore, on a small scale, it is the job of the various marketing agencies to provide the changes according to the needs and wishes of their clients.

The Basic Idea Is Still the Same

When we are talking about SEO, we need to keep in mind that the fundamental idea and job of the SEO is still the same. The rank of placement of the websites solely depends upon the search index process, the individuality and quality of the content of the website and the advancements of evaluation of the link.

SEO Rankings

These three factors are the sole basics of search engine optimisation and no technological advancements could change them. The various companies simply help your websites to reach the levels of these factors in order to upraise the placement of your website in the search engines.

Will The New Techniques Result In Changes?

In the context of SEO process, the introduction of new techniques would not create any changes in the SEO process. This is because it is still dependent upon the content of your website domain and various agencies like the Web Design City help your website to match the criteria.

SEO process

This Australia based website development and marketing company would extensively help you in the advent of the SEO process. So why not give it a look!

Search Engine Ranking Signals that Really Matter in 2018

Google tends to offer brand new rating sign every year. In the year 2014 HTTPS became a new rating sign. In the next year i.e. in 2015, mobile usability became the new rating sign. Next in 2016 Rank Brain came onto the scene, and in the year 2017, the HTTPS websites experience an essential push.

Now in this year 2018, mobile page speed tends to be the next massive ranking sign that demands focus. The good news is that the rating indicators are going to proceed to adapt to the user.

Search Engine Ranking Signals

Let’s focus on some of the ranking factors that can actually matter in this year, 2018.

  • Publish Standard Content: The quality of your weblog content material and website remains to be significant for the year 2018. The content material in your website demands to offer relevant and valuable information as having pages with no worthy information can come back to harass you. Top quality content is about having pages that lower the bounce rate, increase time on page and offer relevant and useful content to the visitor. Consult any renowned agency for a better result.

Content is King

  • Have A Mobile-Friendly Website: When it is all about website ranking, Google recommend a format for a responsive website, despite the fact that Google stated of not publicly favoring Google has acknowledged that responsive web design helps their algorithms precisely assign indexing properties. Hire quality search engine optimisation services for having a quality mobile friendly website.

 Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Create A Safe Website: According to DR. Pete J. Meyers, 30% of page-1 Google outcomes have been utilising HTTPS. Whereas not shifting to HTTPS would not harm your website as several modifications took place since Google first declare HTTPS as a rating sign back in the year 2014. The Chrome browser was announced not to be safe from the URL bar starting in July 2018 by Google authority in the year 2017 once they are not HTTPS.

Create A Safe Website

  • Develop Your Expertise: User experience impact on SEO. You will lose user traffic if your website carries irrelevant content in an unattractive manner. You cannot deny the fact that to magnetise huge customers in Australia you must have a well maintained and well designed website. And if you do not have so you will gradually lose targeted clients and thus your website will end up in a trash.

Develop Your Expertise

Some of the remarkable ranking factors have been given above only for you. For top class Search Engine Marketing please Contact ​​Web Design City and experience business growth.

Should Number-One Rankings on Search Engine be a Priority?

Number one ranking on search engine, this is the goal for which every business runs and optimize their website using various tools. But are you the only one in the race, there are multiple businesses who all running to attain the finite space available on the SERP.

Page 1 Ranking

The new era of SEO may be modifying this priority. It becomes vital to understand whether the number-one rankings are as important as they used to be.
Do you remember last time you had clicked on the 1st positioned website on the SERP to seek the answer to our query? Today, when you put the search query in Google, It will provide you with the abundance of information regarding Knowledge graph, local 3pack business listings, rich snippets set apart from organic search results. These new types of search entries have weakened the organic search engine ranking.

Keyword targeting has become more difficult after the hummingbird algorithmic update which brought semantic searches. Today Google doesn’t provide weight to the content base on the exact match keywords instead it matches the user queries to the most relevant content.Keyword Targeting

Rich Content: Today everything revolves around quality content, thanks to the semantic searches. As long as you are producing high-value content, you will rank accidentally for many relevant keyword and phrases without even targeting them.Quality Content

Click Through Rate (CTR) works in co-relation with the higher page ranking. As the more click you receive, the more relevant you will appear, and so higher you will rank.But sitting in position one doesn’t guarantee you that you will receive more clicks, as your competitor sitting a position 2 with better offer might receive more clicks more than you. So, it necessary to optimize your metadata to appeal to your potentials.Click-through rate

Visitor visit: Consider you are receiving massive traffic on your website but due to irrelevancy or any other factor, users are bouncing off the website, without taking any measurable action on your site. But, along with the important SEO tactics you need to also focus on several other non-SEO factors like conversion optimization, branding, and high-quality, user-friendly design, without these components in place, your SEO strategy won’t hold any value. You need to allocate the resources to achieve the balance between the quality and quantity of the visitors to the site.Bounce rate

To end:
It doesn’t say that you should throw away your old strategies, as targeting keywords can still work for some small industries. But today SEO is about looking at the broader picture we need to diversify our approach and strategies that will be successful for our brand.

Semantic Search and How It has Advanced The SEO

Semantic search came in 2013 with the release of Hummingbird update and created huge noise in the SEO industry. Semantic search was focused on the intent of the searchers queries with the goal to deliver more relevant results.

Semantic Search and How It has Advanced The SEO

How does semantic search work?

Earlier Google used to find and show the result to the searcher based on the keyword interpretation, it used to count the no. of sequence for the keyword and word used in the context. But the introduction of semantic search brought a change to it as it was an attempt to provide most appropriate SERP results to the language of the Searchers, taking things ahead by not just considering the keywords but the context of the search query, even if it is expressed implicitly.

With the enable of voice search feature in the smartphone , the air was once again blown in the SEO community for “voice search” with the improved ability of Google to fully understand the searcher’s natural language Like “ where can I find the best hotel in Sydney”. But Google didn’t stop here, With Rankbrain update that work on Artificial intelligence(AI), it brought more advancement in understanding of the complex queries that searches uses today and in turn brought more sophistication to semantic searches.

What It Brought For Searchers As A Benefit:

Effective Search – We are able to find our answers even if we are not using right terminology, or not spelling our query in right words, Google will still give us right answer because of it’s intuitive search function. Search function used to be based on more specific search to give effective answers. So the problem was we were not able to get what we were looking for as a query.

Effective SERP results – Now Google as a search engine shows more results due to it has been loaded with high quality content due to this we get direct answers to our queries. This utility of semantic search and its faster growth encourages users and search use in more effective way on daily basis.

User friendly content encouragement – This semantic search has encouraged optimisers to get more effective content for users and spend more time in researching the content on topics which will eventually help search user to find their results.

What it brought for optimisers as a benefit:

Web Design City semantic search

Less focus on exact keywords – Exact keyword has always been very important part of content for optimisers to get focused on main keywords. Now as an optimizer we need to cover keywords with key phrases and synonyms that covers the meaning of keyword for search result and user understand it clearly as an answer to their query. There is no need for many pages with keywords based content rather there can be more informative content for user and search friendly which explains the meaning of term in simpler way.

User Perspective optimisation – content should be rightly optimized rather keywords based so need to spend more time in optimizing content for user perspective. So semantic content search has become harder in a way to track how keywords have been searched and predicted. Best is to spend more time and high efforts on user consumable content.

Synonyms Search Based Content – Now because of semantic search there is more flexibility in content due to synonyms and other wordings in content. Now we can even optimize our long tail phrases which give exact user search results.

Conclusion: In result with semantic search now SEO community is more focused on user friendly content rather keyword specific based. So content marketing strategy has improved content marketing and enhanced it to a level that now content is more important and gives clear message to users. We highly believe in content optimisation strategy as per semantic search and recommend to everyone!

Website redesign: How to retain and improve your SEO

Have you noticed your website recently on a smartphone, is it well optimized? Is the text coming in small format?Is it providing the readability to the users? How is your graphics doing?Is it looking enticing? Is your site is up-to-date with the latest trends? Is your website content receiving the user’sattention? If you have just answered NO to the questions then, its time for you to sit and think about redesigning your website.

redesigning of the website

The redesigning of the website sounds a bit scary as you majorly worry about:

  • What will happen to the authorities of the web pages that you have achieved so far?
  • How it is going to impact the SEO of your website?

We will be discussing here the checklist of the measures that you should take before and while redesigning of the website which not just helps you to retain your SEO ranking on the search engines and the authorities your old site has but also help you to gain more visitors with the new design of the site.

1.) Keeping up with the current updates: It is very essential to know what is moving currently in the SEO related to keyword ranking, Topic ranking, voice searches, and many others. This will help you in creating a plan to decide what thought the process you should keep while building the new site.

Keeping up with the current updates

2.) Impact of Redesign: As we mentioned that often we hesitant about going through the process of redesigning because we are scared of losing the user traffic we gained with the immense effort in the past years.
So, It is mandatory to focus on:

Impact of Redesign

  • Retaining the rankings and traffic with the new design
  • Generating more traffic and improvement in the ranking

The best way to attain these is keeping the old site live but not letting the sites accessed by the crawlers. Having the old crawl data will help in matching the new site URLs with the old site. This will assist you in creating the smooth transition and avoiding complications with the URL structure error in the future.

3.) Minimize changes In the URL structure: It is always better keeping the URL structure and Page title, meta descriptions, headers and so forth the same, as this way the chances of going wrong will be minimized.

URL structure

4.) 301 Redirect: It is first, and the foremost thing you should take care of when designing a new site. Create a sheet of old URL structure and ensure the smooth 301 redirections of all the URLs to the new website. 301 redirection minimises the loss of page authority.

301 Redirect

5.) Internal and backlinks Report: Use the crawl data of the old website to diagnose the internal links of the webpages. Understand whether all the internal links have been achieved on the new pages or not as this will create a direct impact on the ranking of the page. Using webmaster tool and crawl data of the old website, get the analytics on the update of the backlinks to the new site so to get it indexed and rank quickly in the Google and Bing search engines.

 Internal and backlinks Report

6.) Google Search Console: Using Google search console you can diagnose 301 redirect and 404 pages, It will guide you through the details of what is working and what’s not, and later you can make the required changes and updates as per the report. The search analytics will also help you inmeasuring the traffic, impressions, CTR and average position.

Google Search Console

7.) Content: If your old content is doing well and have been receiving a generous amount of traffic, don’t touch it for changes rather keep it as it is. But if this doesn’t makethe case then try to create more user engagement SEO content about your products, services to the site, write about latest topics focussing on your industry (take the assistance of Google Trends). This will help in generating more traffic to the website.

Content is king

8.) XML Sitemap: As we want the search engines to understand our new sites changes quickly with the 301 redirects, site structure, and navigation,so submit your website sitemap to the search engines, i.,e Google and Bing.

XML Sitemap

9.) Monitor Site Traffic: While redesigning of the site, you can expect fluctuations in the page ranking. Run the analysis and find the changes in the web pages performance in the first month itself so you can work on the URL structure and keywords which will minimize the complication in the future.

Monitor Site Traffic

10.) Technical Audit: Use the technical audit tools like Screaming frog, Deep crawl, Moz and other tools available online to run the audit of the new site to find the issues and resolve them before they start creating problems.

Technical Audit

These are some of the points you should consider and put your eye on while redesigning your site. To make your redesign successful take the assistance of the professional and trusted agencies, who will not just ensure that your new website meets the latest trends in terms of design and performance but also retain and shower more traffic and revenue than before.

Google My Business Introduces Videos Uploads in the Dashboard

Google has officially announced the Video upload feature on Google My Business (GMB) Dashboard. The businesses can now view and upload the videos on the GMB page for the customer views. It is currently available for the video length of 30secs.

How to access Video in Google My business dashboard:

  • 1. Go to the GMB dashboard and click on the photo tab.
  • 2. The photos panel will appear, and on the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the + sign.
  • 3. Click on the “+” and another window will pop-up saying “ select photos and videos from the computer”. Using the selection upload the video.
  • 4. Once you have submitted the video, it will take 24 hours for the video to appear.
  • 5. The videos will appear in the overview section of the dashboard.
  • 6. You can select “By owner” or “By customer” tabs to find the videos uploaded by the owner or the customer.
  • 7. Just like the photo tab, Video tab is available to see all the videos in one place.
  • 8. You can find the live video in the local panel, same like the photos.

It is possible that all the uploaded videos might now be suitable for the business listing and you want to stop its appearance for your customers. So, what can we do? Besides the video upload feature, GMB also allows you to raise the flag against such videos to stop showing it in the local panel.

Web Design City create Google Map Listings of SEO customers. Team very well maintain it and promote it on search engine to bring on top. Google My Business can be updated with full contact details, address, profile photos of the services and now video as well.

Content Distribution Strategies in 2018

“Content is King” the most overused line that we all have been hearing for a couple of years and many experts’ time, on time are imposing lights on how content can be leveraged for business success. Content is a massive tool that allows you to build a strong relationship with your audience. But, If your content has not reached the target audience, and has not been able to make his presence felt on the internet and then it is doing no good. No matter how great, informative and innovative that content is. To present your content online your strategy should be using both free and paid channels, under this, you pick those channels which are working best for you and helping you in achieving your business goals.

Content is King

Most important that we emphasize is presenting content in different forms to grab the attention of the audience of each category, the ones who like reading, like watching videos for information, or don’t prefer complicated post instead appealed by graphics.

While creating content, it is essential to define your buyer persona, who are they? Students, or executives, shoppers? Are they a prospect or an existing customer? Ask yourself, other questions like whether it is just the information you want to present? Or Want to generate leads? Or want users to sign up for ebooks? There could many goals depending on the industry and the time needs. And last but not the least is speak the language that your customer speaks. This makes the customer more comfortable with the content and makes him consume more. These pre-assessments provide us the path to create the impactful content that will directly connect us with the readers.

Content Distribution

As we said earlier, Not just writing an impressive content is going to help, but we should find the best channels to distribute it. Here we are mentioning some prominent ways of reaching the consumer on multiple channels.

1.) Video Marketing: If you haven’t started promoting video content yet, then better gear up now. Videos are the best way of putting your thoughts and engaging the viewers. There are great tools available online like Lumen5 and Content Samurai, where you can convert your blog post into videos, you can add images, add narrations and once you’re ready with the video start promoting on YouTube channels and other channels like Vimeo.

Video Marketing

2.) Infographics: It is a way of representing the complex content most appealingly and straightforwardly to your audience. Business who uses Infographics grows their viewer traffic by 12% more than the firms who are not. As there are many tools available online, I would like to share the name which I have used myself and loved the most, Piktochart and Canva are among them. Here you can be as creative as possible with the content, and ensure to make it shareable by adding social sites to it.


3.) E-books: It will excite you to know that you can now create e-books of your blog post yourself. Yes, you don’t have to run behind the designers and agencies anymore. There are various tools available online like the Blogbooker, Designrr, Fastpencil etc. where you convert the post into e-books in a few simple steps. We would also stress to add the social site to your e-books which will allow people to share it with their friends and colleagues.


4.) The Power of Email: Email has been a great medium of reaching to the prospects, and every big brand like Amazon, and Flipkart, are using this medium to promote their products and offering to drive more customer engagement. Using an email is a no-brainer, we just have to use some strategies to multiply the outcomes. You can use email to let the brands know that you are talking about them on your blogs or you ask them generously if they can share links to your post which will help you to create inbound links. Also, in your day to day activities whenever you’re communicating with emails try to add the content or post link in your signature. Using these techniques, you will be able to earn more traffic to your post.

Email Marketing

5.) Reddit: You must have heard of Reddit if you’re a digital Marketer and if not, then Reddit is a social news sharing and discussion website and is a great way of promoting and telling your audience that you are online. In Reddit you have to create a link post to let the user read and see your content in the most appropriate subreddit (category). Posting your content on such sites can help in indexing and ranking of the post.

Reddit Marketing

Make Your SEO Campaigns SMART in Year 2018

As now Year 2018 has arrived and each SEO in every business is thinking about which new campaign strategy to embed in their approach to maximize the results on Google search engine in terms of Google #1 rank, Traffic on website, Leads, Conversions etc.

SMART in Year 2018
Being an SEO, we always work towards making the campaigns and activities success, but not every time we able to achieve even though we work hard. Our goal should be clear and reachable, and each one should be SMART (S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Relevant, T- Time-bound) to ensure that our SEO campaigns and activities are yielding results. We will now see how we can use the SMART approach in SEO to achieve the aggressive businesses goals without being unrealistic.

S- Specific: Your goal has to be significant and specific otherwise you work will be clumsy. Digital Marketing can help the business to achieve the Google Page# 1, but precisely what we want to yield out of it whether we are looking for more traffic or signups or leads. If we are clear on these perspectives, then it becomes easy to strategies your campaigns and works towards to it.

M- Measurable: It is essential to measure and track your progress. As rightly said anything which is measurable is achievable. We embed Google analytics on the website to monitor websites performance but is that enough? No, we need to know specific Goal dependent parameters to track to ensure we are moving on the right path.

SEO 2018

Instance, if you want to see the conversions for your informational website, then we should especially track the number of sign-ups, e-book downloads; visitors time spent for the website.

A-Achievable: Your goal has to be attainable and realistic at the same time. Setting the realistic goal will require the great understanding of search engine and target keywords. A pre-analysis should be done on target keywords to understand its SEO feasibility also, whether available resources are enough to achieve the goal or not.

R- Relevant: When you are creating content and targeting keyword it has to website specific. As we understand that Content relevancy plays vital role in Google page ranking factors. If we keep on writing the content without receiving any views on them, then we might not reach the desired outcome. In case of blog the content should be in-line with the topic.

T – Time-bound: In SEO, results are derived organically which takes more extended period as compared to PPC (Pay Per Click) where we achieve results instantly. So it becomes vital to know your timelines and though it is not easy to determine the specific time to complete your set goal in SEO, because your campaign keeps on changing depending on the kind of efforts required to achieve the goal. So we can only estimate the timelines based on the target keyword searches, website analysis and by tracking the KPIs and the progress for the set goal.

SEO Company

The SMART does not end here, to make your website compete in the Year 2018, we should also focus on the Great user experience which increases the chances of user engagement for the pages that user has visited. This helps search engines understand how relevant the page is and which page to give more priority over others. In the year 2018, the Google will be keeping a close watch on the natural link building also, as more users are making voice searches with long tails keywords your website has to be optimized to make it Voice search friendly. SMART SEO can help you to continue your position in Google #page 1 and to bring more traffic to the website.

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