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Word Press used to be a blogging platform, but over the years it has been well modified and becomes extremely versatile, allowing users to create fully functional pages of any kind. It is also an open source software, which means it is completely free, redistributable and offers unlimited validity.

Beyond the fundamentals of what Word Press is, though, there are several features that make it easy to build a website.

Built in SEO Boosts


From the get-go, Word Press gives you an advantage with SEO, particularly in terms of on-page optimization. It takes care of a website’s other main pillar items, such as:

  • Correct HTML markup: – HTML tagging makes it easier for search engines to understand the design and content types of the website. And some of the new Word Press HTML5 themes make it even more interesting for consumers, as well as the crawlers from these search engines search engines.
  • Content creation effectively: – has become the ideal solution for presenting your website to search engines. With the history of Word Press by blogging, it makes the platform more user-friendly for creators of content, ranging from blogging, media, news and loads more.
  • SEO-friendly permalinks: – Permalinks, which stands for Permanent Links, are better used when they include the content-related keywords, and Word Press makes them easy to manage.
  • Image optimization: – Images are important to your website, and Word Press has also made sure that the images do their best. The built-in editor enables you to optimise images with alt tags, descriptions, captions, and additional trim.

These are just a few of the features that make the center of Word Press unique. In addition to all this, you could add more to it and update the entire CMS for your website needs.

Easy to Customize and Change

Word Press is powering millions of worldwide sites. But does that mean that everybody is a trained developer building them? It’s not really.

That’s because of the simple user interface of the app, easy-to-understand options, and the apps in the dashboard.

Due to its power-packed Word Press themes, plugins, and tools, it can be used easily by anyone with no programming skills. These help create stunning, engaging websites for anyone.

Using Word Press Themes and Plugins

Word Press comes packed with pre-constructed themes, and every day designers and programmers come up with new themes. The increased functionality and optimization of SEO make each site user-friendly and dynamic through desktops, smartphones and other devices.

With all these options, however you want, you will make your website feel. You can even find topics focused on your preferences or classes, such as ecommerce, portfolio, website, company, you name it.

Just like the heaps of Word Press themes available, the site even offers plugins for all your needs, which is another reason why so many people consider Word Press attractive.

Plugins are an easy way for a Word Press page to add additional features. Yoast SEO, Jetpack, W3 Full Cache, Woo Commerce, Google XML sitemap, and more are some of the most popular ones.

Normally, the developers behind these plugins are also quite involved, and periodically publish updates. These updates can give your site even more functionality, keep it up-to-date, and improve performance. It’s true that most plugins would come in handy and increase the website’s functionality. But it gets snappy sometimes and tears the site down.
Word Press also gives you the option to disable or disable the plugins you have built in the center whenever you need to keep the page stable at all times to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Mobile Optimisation

With each passing year, more and more users are actively visiting websites via their handheld devices, but many sites are still not optimised for various screen ratios and fast-paced loading.

Fortunately, your site will be packed with mobile features right off the bat between some built-in Word Press features and most Word Press themes.

From site design to image scaling, as long as you have a Word Press theme that is responsive, most of these important features will just happen naturally–no extra coding required.

This will help both users and search engines access all devices to your site, resulting in a great user experience regardless of the size of the screen.

Word Press Security

Despite the number of websites produced with Word Press around the world, they retain a high level of security. Of course, hackers can always exploit loopholes (this is true of any CMS), but Word Press frequently publishes security updates to protect the page from any exploits.

And as a website owner, the last thing you ever want to think about is getting hacked.

You can greatly minimise security risks by regularly updating your Word Press site and using themes and plugins that you trust. Add on top of that a run Word Press host like Flywheel, and look at a super secure website.

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What is the best word Press theme for eCommerce ?

• Our pick: Astra. The best overall eCommerce word Press theme.
• Runner-up: Divi offers a similar set of features to Astra’s, but comes in a slightly different package.
• Budget pick: Astra or Neve Shop

What is the best word Press plugin for eCommerce ?

• Woo Commerce – Best word Press eCommerce Plugin.
• Big Commerce – Best Hosted eCommerce Platform.
• Easy Digital Downloads – Best Digital eCommerce Plugin.
• Shopify – Easiest Hosted eCommerce Platform.
• Member Press – Best Subscription-based eCommerce Plugin

How do we set up an eCommerce store in word Press?

• Step 1:-Choose your hosting and domain name. The domain name begins with the first step of setting up your word Press eCommerce store.
• Step 2:- Pick a plugin for eCommerce .
• Step 3:- Install the plugin for eCommerce.
• Step 4:- User pages are set up.
• Stage 5:- Payment

How do we setup a Word Press development environment?

• Choose the appropriate server solution.
• Find an appropriate editor for text or IDE.
• Choose the best browser.
• Install some word Press Development Tools that are free.

Why Word Press is best for SEO?

In Short, Word Press is a SEO powerhouse with search engines remaining for most websites the most important source of traffic, SEO remains an important discipline and topic. Therefore, if you want to rank high in the results of the search, your best bet is to base your page on a network that can help you do so.

Why is Word Press popular?

One of Word Press’s most common misconceptions is that it’s just a forum for blogging. Although Word Press started as a blogging tool, it has become a popular website builder and an easy content management system (CMS) throughout the years. This is the main reason why Word Press has become so famous.

What are the benefits of Word Press?

• WP is cost effective.
• Edit wherever and whatever you want are on your page.
• Search Engine Optimization Ready.
• Web design responsive.
• Easily update the functionality of your platform.
• Perfect for marketing huge amounts of content.
• The ultimate integration of social media.

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