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Improve Your Ecommerce Business Using a WordPress Website

If your e-commerce business has been continuously suffering from roadblocks and website problems, you need to rethink your strategy and apply your effort in the right direction. A website may seem like a complex structure to build and maintain, but that is not true anymore in the present century. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person or a developer to improve on your website. There are a few secure and straightforward third-party apps that can boost your site performance and increase the functionality of your ecommerce website.

Using WordPress to Improve Your Design

WordPress Web Design Platform

WordPress is a third-party e-commerce platform-that was designed keeping in mind the needs of a business website handling various shopping functions such as product viewing, shopping cart, wishlist items, etc. by providing plugins without changing the original platform. It is basically an open source application that can be used by anyone for improving the customer satisfaction and reliability of the site.

Following are the few advantages of using WordPress to improve your ecommerce website design:

Advantages of using WordPress

Free To Use- Being an open source platform, WordPress is entirely free to use and has no additional costs attached. The platform is both fast-growing and immensely popular among developers who use it to design an e-commerce website for all kinds of business no matter the scale of operations.

Flexibility– Being a platform that has been developed for all kinds of business, it is immensely flexible and has multiple choices according to the aims and objectives of your business with dedicated versions. There is WordPress go developed keeping in mind the requirements of a small scale business, while WordPress enterprise caters to medium/large scale business operations.

Fast Loading Platform- Design is not the only goal of WordPress. This platform also focuses on website and plugin optimisation. By providing a page that consumes less bandwidth, developers using WordPress can not only create a user-friendly platform with essential plugins but also create a fast loading website.

Currency And Language Support– It is an essential factor of any business involved in e-commerce. Using a flexible system of payment and language support is very important in the smooth operations of any business, mainly if the company operates overseas. To reach out to all category of customers, dynamic language support is also required which in turn increases the turnover from the website. This is where WordPress shines in terms of a superior platform.

Benefits Of Using A WordPress Platform

WordPress developer

While WordPress itself is a very elaborate platform that provides you with most of the necessary tools that you may need, any large-scale operation of over 2000 products may require you to hire the services of a WordPress developer. Such professionals have an intricate knowledge of how WordPress works and can efficiently improve your existing platform to-suit your ecommerce needs better.

Therefore, if you have not considered the benefits that such a useful application can have on your business, then waste no time in creating the best Website that can boost your e-commerce turnovers easily.

Web Development TIPS for a Magnificent Website

Before knowing the tips and tricks for a better web design and development, it is very necessary for us to know about the meaning of web development.


Web development mainly refers to the tasks associated with developing a website for hosting via servers using internet. Web Development process consists of Web Design, Content Development, Client-Side/Server-Side Effective Scripting and Secured Network Configuration, among other tasks.

Web Development can also be called Website Development

In other terms, Web development is a coding or programming that enables the website’s functionality, as per the owner’s requirements. It broadly deals with the non-design aspect of website building, which includes Coding and Writing Mark-up Language.

Web development extends from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.

The Web Development hierarchy includes:

  • Client-Side Coding
  • Server-Side Coding
  • Database Technology

Rankings of the web sites are not that important as what happens after a potential customer finds your web site in the Search Engines is most important. Showing up for the relevant searches with high buying objective is laborious.

This can be because, there are a ton of factors that play into a web site’s SEO. In fact, Google has a secret algorithm to calculate the ranking upon the different development based factors.

What you may not be familiar is that, important factor that many businesses overlook is the site’s actual development for better performance and experience. These are the five SEO-focused web development tips that will help your website get noticed and performs as visualised.

Web Development TIPS Infographic

Infographic by Web Design City

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1.) Build a Mobile Responsive Website

Large chunk of our society is using mobile phone or tablet to surf web sites as compared to desktops or laptops. Just take a look at your Google Analytics to find out website views medium.

Today, countless people are shifting their Internet use from desktops or laptops to mobile devices due to its easy access, efficiency and portability. So, if you want all of your potential customers of your business or services to visit your website no matter what device they’re on, you need to design it responsively.

Responsive design uses a technique that can detect the size screen and the devices on which a page is being viewed. Then presents that page in such a way that it looks and functions best for that specific on-screen environment whether it may be on 4 inch, 5 inch or the commonly used 5.5 inch screens.

Responsive web design can boost an SEO because it helps in lowering the bounce rates and Google also takes into account “Mobile-Friendly Websites” when calculating a site’s SEO score, especially if the search action is done on a mobile device.

2.) Increase Page Loading Speed of your Website

Rich Media Content makes a website look great. But applying too many on the page not only reduces their file size but they can also lead to a slow loading page, earning a weak SEO score.

A good company website balances the need for good, high-quality images with good typography and uses words rather than text in graphics when possible.

Ensure that the image files or videos are as small as possible so that your page loads quickly. One essential tip for this is to re-size images before uploading them in your website. Some Content Management Systems platforms automatically re-sizes an image by altering the height and width dimensions.

3.) Enable Caching Feature

Another way to help your page’s load time is to allow for Page Caching. When your page is cached, it is stored on a visitor’s browser as static information, helping in lowering the page loading speed.

It means that when a visitor comes back to your site, then they don’t have to reload the entire page. When developing your website, you can choose whether the page can be cached, and how long it can be stored in form of cache.

It is also a good to enable template caching and query caching for Content Management Systems to speed up your website. Why pay special attention to load time and these technical aspects of your website? A slow loading website can cost you in search rankings, leading to loss of Lead Generation.

4.) Integrate Social Media Sharing

Sharing your website on social media is a great way to boost its SEO. Make it easy for people to share your content on their social media profiles by including sharing buttons or toolbars. This will allow them to directly place a link to your page somewhere all of their followers can see it, with only the simple click of the button. This is also a great chance for you to take advantage of some free marketing!

On the note of caution, social media icons don’t belong at the top of page on your website but they must be placed at the bottom. On specific pages, social sharing buttons need to be small and unobtrusive including an embedded code in the content of your page.

5.) Strive for Better Usability

Good SEO isn’t just about keywords. One has to provide a good experience to the customers who visit your website.

  • Usability really brings into play several things that you should keep in mind.
  • Content – is your company website a useful resource to potential customers?
  • Design – is your website well designed and has proper navigation?
  • Development – does your website load in less than 2 seconds? Is it properly tested as per different browser?
  • Responsive web design – is your website readable on a mobile phone?

Inherent Features and Requirements That Make a Well Designed Website

Color scheme and graphics: – The best website design Sydney will provide you with graphics and colour scheme and graphics coherently matching with your product for getting the best result.

  • They will also ensure that the text is easy to read.
  • The attention of the visitor must be attracted and retained in the first few seconds. Web site design Sydney experts do this with eye catching headlines and keyword-rich bullet points so the visitor can view them quickly.
  • Your website showcases your firm to the world, so the appearance must be given major consideration.

Web Development Sydney

    • Professionals in website design Sydney Australia are as close to you as your computer and Internet connection. They can work with you to choose the right colour scheme, graphics and text and they know just what to put where for the best result.Specialists in Website design in Sydney make sure your website appearance is just right for the products or services you offer. But even the most attractive website needs the right kind of text and information to keep those search engines happy so that they will direct the right people to your website – those who are seeking what you have to offer.Web design in SEO context
      Pros of website design in Sydney offer search engine optimisation of text and advertising campaigns that will drive traffic to your website. Taking advantage of such offers from web development Sydney ensures a hassle free way of getting the most out of your website.

      Most of the website design company at Sydney can able to create a perfect website.

      Benefits of eCommerce website design:-

    • An eCommerce website design is mainly focused to encourage the web users to purchase products online.
    • These websites have a professional design and also has a well-organized layout.
    • The most important factor for these websites is that, these e commerce websites needs a safe online payment system so that all online payments can be done without any stress or tensions.

If you are looking for a professional web development service provider that will not only develop a good design for you but also give you assistance in all your web design as well as maintenance needs then, you should consider about hiring a professional eCommerce Web development Sydney. Remember that the right eCommerce website design is very much crucial to the success of your business.

Website information:

  • Your website must contain the detailed product information that gives the customers the confidence to purchase from your websites as they can find the information that they need and this way they can feel that they won’t make any mistakes.
  • Customers always want to know the contact details of the company from which they are purchasing products. Besides, a website with contact details will look more trustworthy and reliable.
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