Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights - Website Speed and Performance Optimisation

Page speed is one of the most unnoticed elements of the Optimization. An average user waits less than 3secs for website loading, and if your website is not coping with that speed then you're in trouble. Website lacking the speed provides a bad user experience and which will eventually affect your ranking in the search engine.

Page Speed Insights - Make your website fast on all devices

"If the Website is not User-friendly, it is not Google Friendly"

Page speed Insight is one of the excellent and free tools made available by Google. The tool provides you the real-time speed of your website running on any digital medium (desktop, tablet, mobile or laptop) along with the ideas of improvement.

When you are selecting a service provider, check this parameter for their site. If someone lacks the Search engine ranking parameter themselves in their websites, how they will provide the solutions to yours?

Web Design City Sydney speed as good as Google which is 100 percent

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Google PageSpeed Insights
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