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Steps to Take Before Updating to WordPress 5.0

Keeping up with the regular updates of your WordPress website is important to keep the site secure and free from vulnerabilities. Now that the WordPress 5.0 update is available, it is important to prepare your site for the latest enhanced version. Every update brings certain new changes with it which may or may not be easy to accept. To prepare your site for the same you can create a testing platform without creating a stir at your live site or the current live users. Following these simple steps can help you with the new setup:

Taking a Backup for Your Site

Taking a Backup for Your Site

Having a backup of your site before you install the new update is a strong recommendation. New versions have a faint chance of breaking up or corrupting parts of the site. A secure backup can help you retain your original site which can be restored if the need arises. Various plugins help you to take a backup of your site through a simple process from your dashboard page. If at all you face any challenges with the new update you can use the backup file. It will also help you to check the compatibility of your site with the new Gutenberg editor.

Run a Test for the Gutenberg Editor

Run a Test for the Gutenberg Editor

The new addition to the WordPress 5.0 update is the Gutenberg editor. It is important to check its compatibility with the theme of your website. You can do so by running a test on your backup site. Once you test it you need to check for any missing articles, posts or pages. The complete layout of the page should also be proper and don’t forget to check for all key functions. If you find all is perfect you can continue with the Gutenberg editor. If you are happy with the current work you can continue with the classic WordPress editor.

Updating the Plugins and PHP Versions

Updating the Plugins and PHP Versions

The PHP version manages all the themes and plugins of a WordPress web development site. An old version sometimes creates conflict with the new one and may require debugging. Updating the PHP versions and the plugins therein is the best approach to run the new software with ease. It will speed up the functioning of your site and will also provide a hassle-free update. In a similar manner, updating the plugins and checking for their compatibility with the Gutenberg editor is also important to avoid any conflicts.

Staging the Site to Check Compatibility

Staging the Site to Check Compatibility

When you create a copy of your WordPress web development site and make changes on it to test its compatibility with the new version it is termed as staging the site. This is of great help as it lets you check for all adjustments and changes that you need without affecting the live website in any manner. This alternate site is not visible on any search engines and so you are free to test it without disrupting the speed and functioning of the real website.

Switching to a change as big as the latest WordPress 5.30 update is a cause for apprehension, nonetheless, you can go ahead with adequate preparations. Creating necessary backups, running the update on a staged site, choosing a suitable editor and knowledge about probable bugging faults will help you adapt to the change with ease. So just take charge and gear up to the upgrade with the hope for positive outcomes.

What you can do to Improve your Google Speed Score

Google page speed insights are an effective tool to assess the speed of your website across all digital medium. Creating a web design with great visual appeal and informative content is the basic part. If the website does not have a good loading speed, it is of no use. Slower speed leads to lower conversions. And speeding up is no mean task. First, you need to diagnose the cause and then fix the condition with immediate effect.

Page speed insights

Why is Page Speed So Important?

Anyone trying to access a site would want a fast loading and clear images. Research shows that slower speed rate increases the chances of people leaving the site. This clearly indicates a loss of viewership and hence conversions. The top ranking websites on Google have loading speeds of less than 3 seconds. Also having a higher speed earns you a high ranking on search engines bringing maximum viewership p to your site. So the loading speed of a website is of utmost importance for a successful online business.

Compressing Large and Heavy Images

You can optimize the page speed insights of your website by considering some factors. The largest concern for slow websites is large images which have a huge impact on the website speed. By using image fixing techniques of compression you can increase the speed by a substantial margin. Free plugins are available which help you to compress 50 images at one go.

Minimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Google page speed insights often send alerts for CSS and JavaScripts which can be minimized to increase the speed of the website. You also need to minify your HTML coding space without affecting its processing. Various tools like shortening the code, formatting, fixing and removing unused code are the ways to achieve this.

Using Browser Caching for Faster Loading

Every time a person loads a particular site, it requires the loading of the images, content and also deals with the HTML and coding. By browser caching you can reduce the task of reloading all of these elements when a visitor surfs through other pages. Plugins are available which work by remembering the data, logo, footer, etc. This results in an increase in the speed of the page as it saves the reloading of the same content.

Web Design City assures you 100% Google speed score with an effective web design to escalate your business prospects. The optimisation of speed brings in higher search engine ranking which is a good sign for your digital visibility.

What you should do with your old blog posts

Apart from having an user-oriented website design, the best way to drive more traffic to your website is by generating high-quality content. To do so you need to come up with innovative and new ideas regularly. This means a lot of work and pressure but an easy way out is by repurposing your old blogs. If you have been blogging for a while, you would have a ‘treasure trove’ of blogs. With a little effort, you can reuse those blogs for driving new visitors.

Old Blog Post

Here are ways as to how you can use the old blogs to drive more online visitors

Generate a Couple of Spin-Offs from the ‘Old Blogs’

Generate a Couple of Spin-Offs from the ‘Old Blogs’

You can brush up your old ‘blog posts’ and make them look new with a few tricks. You can take an idea from your old blogs and create fresh new content by expanding on that idea. Before you begin to write you need to keep in mind certain things. One of the key aspects to consider is the audience you are writing for.

Make sure to define your blog’s topic in a simple sentence. You should remember to establish a good connection between the introductory paragraph and the heading of your blog. Another way of brushing up your old posts is by looking at them from a whole new angle.

Display Your High-Quality Blogs to Drive More Traffic

An important aspect of web development and design is content. With quality content, you can generate high web traffic to your website. It is a good idea is to repurpose your best write-ups for generating new visitors. You need to pull out the best blog posts from the archive to give them a brand new look. It is quite obvious you would want to showcase your best write-ups for the new visitors to your website. You could even create a webpage dedicated solely to displaying your best quality write-ups.

Give a Spin to Your Blog Posts for Generating Web Traffic

With a few tips, you can upgrade your old ‘blog posts’ for alluring visitors to your website. You can add graphs, screenshots, images or different kinds of ‘visual content’ to your old posts to make them look them new. The other things that you can do are replace or remove the outdated information including visuals, create ‘content upgrade’ for adding value to an earlier old ‘blog post’. You could even think of reformatting a post to make it look better, add fresh new examples, tips, and information and improve on the overall readability.

With a competent website design professional, you can improve the look and user experience of your website and drive more traffic to it. You can find some of the best web development professionals at Web Design City. They have the expertise to develop user-oriented websites for luring more traffic to it. If you want your website to rank high up on Google contact them right away.

How to Figure out the Budget for your New Website

Are you planning to launch a website of your company? If that’s what you have in your mind, there are certain important aspects you will have to take into consideration. Besides the designing part and other technicalities, at first, you need to set your budget. How much are you willing to spend on your website? This is one important question that you need to answer. The answer to this question depends on several factors. The following section, would offer a brief insight into some of them.

Budget web design

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

As mentioned, there are a couple of important questions which you need to address before allocating your budget. Here are some of them..

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Why Your Company Needs A Website?
Do you at all need one? If yes, then what objective do you desire to achieve? There is no point investing just for the sake of having one. It should give you a reasonable return on investment. So, at first, ask yourself this question

How Are You Planning to Use Your Website?
The answer to this question depends on what kind of business you are into. There are various ways you can use your website. You can use it simply for the purpose of educating your customers about you. Or, you can take a step further and carry out online transactions through your website. It all depends on the nature of your business. Whether it is SEO marketing or ecommerce, the price would vary depending on the type of business.

How do You Plan to Design Your Website?
There are various options you have when it comes to designing. You can go for a simplistic approach or you may opt for a classy and sophisticated one. You need to remember that the design of your website should be consistent with the nature of your business.

It’s a Long-Term Investment

It’s a Long-Term Investment

You need to keep in mind that launching a website can be a costly affair. The more sophisticated and advanced website you wish to go for, more costly it would be for you. Therefore, treat it as a long-term investment. You need to plan and design your website in such a manner so that it helps you achieve your bottom line. Which is, increased revenue generation. You need to keep in mind, that your website would need up gradation at a regular interval; this would cost you some amount of money!

Allow Yourself Some Time

Allow Yourself Some Time

If you have a budget constraint, in that case, go for a basic design with minimum features. You can certainly upgrade in the days to come. Even if budget is not an issue, even then you should take it easy to begin with. At fort observe if your website is serving the basic purpose, which is attracting more visitors. It is very difficult to quote an amount for a website unless you are sure about the nature of the business you wish to carry out through it.

In order to get a clear idea about the web design price, you need to find answers to the above stated questions. Only then the company you have deployed would be able to quote a price for you.

How to Design an Amazing Website for Your Restaurant

Today, we live in a time where technology is present and used everywhere to create a smooth and easy experience. You no longer need the word of your friends and acquaintances to seek out a stellar restaurant for dining out. You can get all of that information on the internet through a website. Like any other businesses, today it is an essential requirement if you are starting as a new restaurant owner to have a website of your own.

Website for Your Restaurant

Why do You Need to Have a Well-designed Website for Your Restaurant?

To answer this question properly, consider these few things:

How Many People Today Own A Browsing Device Or A Smartphone?
The answer is obvious. Almost everyone today, depend on such devices for seeking out the points of interest they want to explore. To capitalise on this, you need a well-designed website.

Now, How Many People Use The Traditional Way Of Booking A Table At A Restaurant?
It equates to less than five per cent of the total customers with a few occasional exceptions. Most people use a website to order food or book a table today.

Who Are The Targeted Customers Of A Restaurant In General?
It is almost always the youth who refer to a smartphone or a computer for any information. It is all about technology today. With a stellar website, you can easily capitalise on this vast market.

Well designed Website for Restaurant

What are the tips to follow in creating an attractive website for your restaurant?

Contrary to popular belief, designing a website that stands out is quite simple and follows a few important specifications. The following tips can help you in this regard:

Make sure that your information on the site is easy to find– You need to have an organised content that clearly states what your restaurant serves without any cluttering. Also, your contact information and special offers should be easy to find.

Design Your website according to the theme of your restaurant– Having a design that resembles your restaurant’s interiors, and decorations can go a long way in creating a good customer base. Your website should convey to customers exactly what to expect.

Use a well organised and informative content– The content you use must be informative and precise. Unnecessary cluttering can confuse your customers. Therefore, having a specifically designed informative website for your restaurant is the trend to follow.

Know Your Customers and arrange your content accordingly– Almost everyone today is glued to a handheld smart device that provides them with every kind of information they require from the World Wide Web. Therefore, Having a well-designed user-friendly website can help you generate more customers.

Designing the perfect website

Therefore, it is evident as to why exactly you need a stellar website to boost your business and recover your investment. Website development may seem like a big task to those no used to creating such content. However, you do not need to be an IT professional to create your business website. Many web design companies can help you in this regard by fulfilling your needs of having an optimised site.

Designing the perfect website can not only boost your chances of success but also help your business to reach new heights.

Make Your Website More Attractive by Using a Few Simple Techniques

A website to be successful requires a unique balance between the design element functionality. An imbalance in anyone aspect among these can have a negative consequence in generating the desired views. Therefore, it is essential that you approach the topic with a plan in mind. The website that you create represents your targets and the aims of your business. Having a Well-designed site cannot only boost your chances of generating profits but also can build a reputation for your organisation.

Website More Attractive

Following are the few points you can follow in designing a stellar website that represents your needs:

Creating A Logo– As simple as this may seem, creating a logo is a task that no one should take lightly as it will go on to be the symbolic representation of your brand. It is not only the thing that sets you apart among other competitors but also goes on to be the visual identification among the viewers and customers. It is the symbolic representation of the goals of your website and your business.

Creating A Logo

Selecting Design Template– It is one of the essential factors in the creation or the restructuring of any website. Choosing the right theme for the design template for your website can not only generate more views but also represent the goals and aim of your site. Ideally, a design template should match with the objectives of the target site. However, it is not a necessity, and you can select a model that has a modern look and an appealing approach.

Selecting Design Template

Arranging The Content– Such an approach has three distinct advantages that can dramatically boost views and increase conversion rates. They are:

Arranging The Content

  • Organizing the material in an orderly fashion helps the viewer to maintain focus on the primary objective of your website and not lose sight of what it is that you are trying to convey.
  • If there is too much clutter and information, then you can lose potential customers from your website and earn a bad reputation.
  • It is instrumental in increasing the loading speed by removing the unnecessary content.
  • Having less content to display sends out fewer HTTP requests and reduces the consumption of bandwidth. This results in an increased overall performance.
  • With an adequately arranged website, it becomes not only easy for the site to be user-friendly and responsive, but it can also be viewed on smartphone devices without compromising on the quality.

All these factors if appropriately combined can make your website produce the results you desire.Creating a successful website design is an art in itself. Therefore, if you have been looking forward to creating the perfect design for your website, you are in the right place.

Designing the ideal webpage can seem complicated and mind boggling, but that is hardly the case. With numerous talented Web Designers and Web Design Company specialising in the field, you can easily incorporate your ideas efficiently in the designing of a perfect website that suits your needs perfectly.

Improve Your Ecommerce Business Using a WordPress Website

If your e-commerce business has been continuously suffering from roadblocks and website problems, you need to rethink your strategy and apply your effort in the right direction. A website may seem like a complex structure to build and maintain, but that is not true anymore in the present century. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person or a developer to improve on your website. There are a few secure and straightforward third-party apps that can boost your site performance and increase the functionality of your ecommerce website.

Using WordPress to Improve Your Design

WordPress Web Design Platform

WordPress is a third-party e-commerce platform-that was designed keeping in mind the needs of a business website handling various shopping functions such as product viewing, shopping cart, wishlist items, etc. by providing plugins without changing the original platform. It is basically an open source application that can be used by anyone for improving the customer satisfaction and reliability of the site.

Following are the few advantages of using WordPress to improve your ecommerce website design:

Advantages of using WordPress

Free To Use- Being an open source platform, WordPress is entirely free to use and has no additional costs attached. The platform is both fast-growing and immensely popular among developers who use it to design an e-commerce website for all kinds of business no matter the scale of operations.

Flexibility– Being a platform that has been developed for all kinds of business, it is immensely flexible and has multiple choices according to the aims and objectives of your business with dedicated versions. There is WordPress go developed keeping in mind the requirements of a small scale business, while WordPress enterprise caters to medium/large scale business operations.

Fast Loading Platform- Design is not the only goal of WordPress. This platform also focuses on website and plugin optimisation. By providing a page that consumes less bandwidth, developers using WordPress can not only create a user-friendly platform with essential plugins but also create a fast loading website.

Currency And Language Support– It is an essential factor of any business involved in e-commerce. Using a flexible system of payment and language support is very important in the smooth operations of any business, mainly if the company operates overseas. To reach out to all category of customers, dynamic language support is also required which in turn increases the turnover from the website. This is where WordPress shines in terms of a superior platform.

Benefits Of Using A WordPress Platform

WordPress developer

While WordPress itself is a very elaborate platform that provides you with most of the necessary tools that you may need, any large-scale operation of over 2000 products may require you to hire the services of a WordPress developer. Such professionals have an intricate knowledge of how WordPress works and can efficiently improve your existing platform to-suit your ecommerce needs better.

Therefore, if you have not considered the benefits that such a useful application can have on your business, then waste no time in creating the best Website that can boost your e-commerce turnovers easily.

Selecting the Best Responsive Design Theme for Your Business Website

Any successful website is a combination of speed, responsiveness, and an equally impressive design element. A website requires the perfect balance between these elements to bear fruitful results for any business. Therefore, if you have been wondering why your site design in spite of being attractive and well laid out isn’t generating enough views, then the fault probably lies in its responsiveness.

Compatibility across all Platforms

Compatibility across all PlatformsTo develop or update an existing website, there are a few factors that you have to consider. Data analysis show that over fifty per cent users of internet view websites through their smartphones. Therefore, platform compatibility is critical in designing and developing a site to reach out to as many people as possible especially in the case of WordPress web development. While creating a website, you should take into account the various OS platforms such as IOS, Macintosh, Android, windows, etc.

Focus on the important Aspects

Focus on the important Aspects

It is essential for any business website to be focused on the main objectives. The foremost point that you should undertake while developing a site is to select the appropriate theme not just by the design element but by also how much bandwidth it consumes. The higher the bandwidth, the slower and less responsive your website will be. Also having too much content removes the prime focus of the site which is undesirable for any business.

Improving the loading speed of the design

Improving the loading speed of the design

This can be improved by cutting down and compressing the secondary contents such as videos and pictures and by optimising the website for a clear view of the objectives of the business. Eliminating unnecessary information also helps in proper viewing the site on the small screen of a smartphone thus generating more views. Other than improving speed, a cleaner design also provides superior accessibility and browsing experience.

Improving SEO ranking

Improving SEO rankingWith the new update announced by Google, the SEO ranking of any website will now take into consideration the loading speed along with the popularity of the webpage as well. Therefore, before selecting a design from WordPress, it is essential that you consider the bandwidth consumption of the design as well. Therefore, testing the design for speed and responsiveness before using if for your website is always advisable.

Using touch-friendly navigation

Using touch-friendly navigation
However, such optimisation mainly is used by smartphones and tabs, many other devices rely on a touch interface. Before you release the website for your business, it is essential that you test the site for its smoothness in browsing through a touch-enabled device. Using mobile emulators on the desktop can be a useful way for testing out both the compatibility and the efficiency of the coding and design of the website.

Browser compatibility

Browser compatibilityDue to the numerous browsers used by both smartphone and PC users, it is necessary for your website to support all such browsers. The technology and coding used to make it complicated to create the perfectly compatible site. However, if done properly can bear great results for your website.

A well-designed business website has the capability of having not only the best design elements but also incorporates the most user-friendly interface that provides high conversion rates of customers. Therefore, to be successful in the long run, waste no time in creating a stellar site for your business.

How to Develop an Attractive Home Page – Few Useful Tips

When it comes to internet marketing, it is absolutely essential to have a website. It is through this website, people would get to know about the product and services which you have to offer, besides, it can also be used as a medium of communication with the people who visit your website.

While developing a website, the most crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the home page. It is the home page of your website that would create the first impression and invariably, the first impression is the last impression. Therefore it demands a lot of planning while designing the home page of a website.

Website Design for Healthcare

Some Tips to Build an Attractive and Enticing Home Page

Designing a webpage is not a difficult task. You can get a website designed by the developers; however, you need to consider how far it will serve your purpose. When it comes to web design these days, it is done keeping in mind the marketing perspective. Therefore, a website needs to be designed strategically.

As mentioned, the most important section of your website is the homepage. Here are a couple of tips which would help you create an attractive and effective home page.

Keep the Design Fresh, Unique and Simple: The home page is the first section of your website your potential buyer would come across. Therefore make sure that your homepage contains answers to all the queries which people would have in their mind about your product or services. Try and avoid complexities and keep the design simple. However, at the same time, some amount of creativity needs to be put in to make it unique. Make sure that the home page is not overloaded with unnecessary and irrelevant stuff; instead, it should be precise and must portray a true and clear picture of your business.

clean design website design

Supports different Gadgets: These days, people do not only rely on their desktop or laptop to surf the internet. With the advent of smartphones, they carry the internet in their pocket. Therefore, make sure that your home page can be accessed from mobile phones and tablets.

responsive web design

Your Product and Service needs to be showcased: This is perhaps the most important part which needs to be taken into consideration while designing your home page. People visiting your website should get a clear idea as to what you have to offer to them right away. Make sure that you have listed all the products and services on the home page itself to allow your would-be customers to get a clear picture of your offerings. It is also very important to add some relevant details pertaining to your company’s policies and vision.

Product and Service needs to be showcased

Site Load Times: It is absolutely imperative for you to ensure that the load time for your home page is as minimal as possible. People are impatient and they are not going to wait for your page to load; instead, they would shift to some other option available. Therefore, in order to get people engaged right away, it is absolutely essential to run a regular audit of your website and making sure that load time, site speed and the overall performance is at an optimum level.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Easy Accessibility: You need to make sure that the home page has an easy accessibility. For instance, not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. For them, you need to ensure that your home page loads as easily and smoothly as it would do for the other users.

Easy Accessibility Website

Proper Page Organisation: This is another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. Remember that when someone is visiting your site, it some specific information he is looking for. Very rarely they would take the trouble of going through the entire page and read it. Therefore, make sure that your home page is designed in such a manner so that all the required and relevant information are presented in a well-structured and organized manner.

Proper Page Organisation

Accurate and Meaningful Content: More than anything else, it is the content of your home page that would create interest in your prospective customers. Therefore, the content needs to be organized and designed very carefully. It has to be presented in such a manner so that it offers accurate and precise information to the visitors. It is through your content; you would be able to convince your visitors about your authenticity and reliability.

Meaningful Content

These are some of the most common points which web designers keep in their mind while designing a website home page. Apart from these, there are various other technicalities which need to be taken care of when it comes to web design. However, these are some of the basic things which you cannot afford to ignore and must make sure that they are in place.

What Your eCommerce Website Needs to do Now to Prepare for The Holidays

With the holiday season coming, eCommerce stores are aiming to hit their target sales and achieve maximum growth. This is the only time of the year when people open up naturally and spend more money on the best bargains and deals they come across.

In 2018, holiday shopping through eCommerce sites is likely to grow by 15.3 percent compared to 2017. No doubt, online sales are growing each year. In 2017, eCommerce sales earned reported record-breaking $46.5 billion revenue for the period of November & December.

eCommerce store ready for holidays

One of the biggest reasons for retailers to start preparing for the holiday season now is that the season is only growing lengthier over time. According to AdRoll report, 40 percent of consumers start their holiday season gift hunting in October, which is a whopping figure.

Moreover, it is crucial for retailers to prepare not only for the hectic holiday season but also for events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday – shopping events.

Before you start preparing, here’s a list of the upcoming holidays to note:

• Thanksgiving on November 27
• Black Friday on November 28
• Cyber Monday on December 1
• Green Monday on December 9
• Hanukkah on December 16
• Super Saturday on December 22
• Christmas Eve on December 24
• Christmas Day on December 25
• New Year’s Eve on December 31

Thanksgiving is expected to be a bigger shopping event than Black Friday.

In 2012, however, Black Friday sales surpassed the 1 billion dollar mark for the first time in the history.
Cyber Monday desktop online spending reached $1.735.

According to the Financial Times, Christmas Day is the big day for online shopping.

Prepare for the Big Days Ahead

#1: Have a Creative Plan

Have a Creative Plan
A good strategy is the basis of a successful initiative. In the case of eCommerce online shopping, the strategy is to craft a smart promotional campaign. Think beyond deals and offerings; create an attractive and memorable idea.

What is that element to take your holiday campaign to another level? The idea is to build expectations, make the idea/campaign shareable and create urgency in the minds of potential customers. You can begin by building expectations, announcing the future promotions much ahead of time, and sending emails.

You can start promoting with a tagline that reads 50% Off Holiday Season Sale Starts in 5 Days, and then countdown every day before the event. Do not forget to feature different products highlighting special prices.

In addition, the holiday season is the right time to launch limited edition products. Such products are attractive to shoppers looking for rare and one-of-its-kind of gifts.

#2: Create Customer Segments for a Tailored Approach

Customer Segments for a Tailored Approach

Not all customers are the same. While some may purchase only during sales, others might be frequent buyers. Then there are some high spenders, whereas another segment could be those who want to avail of free shipping. You have to segment your customers to motivate them to purchase. By targeting and segmenting your customers, you can tailor your offers to the right kind of audience.

You can take a small step by rewarding high spenders with some special discounts. Everyone loves to be rewarded, especially during the festival time.

#3: Create Email Templates

Create Email Templates
Email templates should be ready and handy before the final promotion rolls out. Even if you are unsure about the promotional campaign, setting up a template is always recommended.

People receive many emails during the holiday season that it is crucial to ensure your designs stand out. Think of your target audience, font size, and type, colors etc. Here’s an example:

Email marketing reaches everywhere. According to Custora reports, 25% Black Friday sales come from email marketing, which makes it a driving force. Likewise, an online retailer started an email marketing campaign that saw 330% growth in revenue per email sent.

As more than 61% holiday shoppers start searching online for purchases before the Thanksgiving weekend, according to AdWords report, it is best to start early.

#4: Test Methods of Delivery

Methods of Delivery
Emails are not just the only way to deliver your message to customers. You must have an alternative method, such as text messages or push notifications, anything that would compel your customers to open your site or app. However, be short and simple in your approach. Use an emoji with a short message clearly stating the offer and deadline.

Note that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds. 40% of people abandon websites that take over 3 seconds to load. Therefore, speed is everything here. If an eCommerce site makes $100,000 per day, one-second page delay could cost $2.5 million loss of sale every year.

#5: Stay on top of the Mind with Social Media Remarketing

Social Media Remarketing
Social media campaigns are the cost-effective way to reach your customers on various platforms. Make a catalogue, display your products, ensure small texts describing the products are added, and you are good to go. A product feed can help with the display of products dynamically. You can set up product feed using Plugins if you use eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Top 7 Trends in Responsive Web Design That Will Rule the Years to Come

With 2018 came new ways to explore website designing. Thanks to responsive design, the scope of designers has shifted from 800 x 600 pixel screens to anything from mobile devices to smart watches. And trust me, responsive design is here to stay as screens and devices evolve constantly.

Keeping pace with the changes, websites too are transforming rapidly, catering to varying user needs and interests. Whatever it may, here are the top 7 responsive web design trends that you should consider to offer an enhanced user experience.

responsive web design trands

Be Illustrative
Accept it or not, website users are a bit bored of stock imagery and stereotypes by now. Most websites look somewhat similar, and that is the biggest turn-off for the users. A great way to get rid of the monotony is to be more illustrative when designing your responsive website. To create modern design with responsiveness, use visual illustrations that connect to the users at human level.

Illustrations have the ability to make the website design eye-catchy and narrate the story in a visually pleasing manner. Top brands such as Google Doodle and Dropbox use playful, lively illustrations in their web design to grab user attention, and create a strong visual identity. It is best used to simplify complex ideas or showcase your brand strength. Here is an example of Google using captivating illustrations called Doodle:

Striking Typography
Typography plays a vital role in responsive website design. It has been there for years, but gained importance only recently with designers setting fine examples of using creative and bold typography to stand out across the screens. Irrespective of the device or screen size it is being viewed upon, typography gives your website a fresh and professional look. See the example below:

Use Vertical Menus for Better Viewability across Screen Sizes
On devices with smaller screen size, long-stretched horizontal menus may be difficult to navigate, and do not impress the eyes. Users do not like to pinch, zoom or scroll too much when using smaller devices such as Smartphones or tablets.

To deliver enhanced user experience, use a vertical layout that can fit a small screen size appropriately. This way the entire menu is made available to the users in a more readable manner. Creating drop-down menu in a vertical layout can enhance user navigation and experience significantly.

However, you do not have to worry about vertical layout making your page appear longer if you have few menu elements. In that case, a tabular layout works just fine.

Create Responsive Logos
As responsive website design gains importance like never before, brands should consider creating responsive logos that beautifully narrates their brand message across all devices and screen sizes. Here are some examples:

Use Fonts Responsively
This is one of the best responsive web design trends that will rule the years to come. It is all about resizing the pixels, percentages and rems in an optimum manner to make the same font appear equally visual across all devices. Resizing the font should be done effectively so that it does not affect the UX design.

Keep it Colorful and Bold
The attention span of a mobile website user is even less than 8 seconds. There must be something striking to catch their attention and engage them for long. Only easy navigation and bold typography won’t help unless you use colors intelligently for a responsive design.

Depending on the type of brand image, choose attractive color formations yet keeping it simple. Gradients add personality, and are one of the new techniques to keep your design fresh and corporate. Use bold duotones or keep the colors muted to create a more engaging experience.

Be Minimalist
The secret to responsive website design is to minimize clutter, enhance user experience, and simplify as much as you can. In a scenario where there are millions of similar websites vying for user engagement, only ‘simplicity’ will help you stand out. Right from the design to color formations to content to UI, be minimalist to make it more responsive for improved user experience across all devices.

In this constantly evolving web design scenario, responsive web design promises limitless creativity. Stay abreast with the latest trends that would bring a paradigm shift into the way we see website design in years to come.

Website Design For Beginners: All the Basics Covered

Designing a website is not an easy job. It is not an easy task where you have to master the skills and disciplines on how to maintain and design a website. Many people do not have a responsive website because they think it not vital to have a web design for their company or website. But it is important to have a vibrant and colourful visualizing content so that customers get naturally attracted to your website. Even though if you are an amateur when it comes to web designing, by following this steps you can create your very own website.

Web Design For Beginners

Steps To Follow To Get The Perfect Website Layout

Think And Add A Grid: Understand for what or whom you are designing a website first. Put your thoughts on paper that at first think about the design you want to create graphically, what the new website demands from you. Think about the content, the layout basing on the website. Always have a proper grid before starting your work. Having a grid will help you with screen size requirements and help you create templates.

Web Design Template

Topography And Layout: Explore different types of colours and typefaces to make your project more colourful and attractive looking. Choose a font that is easy to read with big texts and lots of visuals. Give titles and subheads and use your creativity for designing layout which is easier for the user to locate. Because the more complicated you make your website the less users you will attract. Start adding components that are necessary but make it surprising yet simple.

Smart images for website

Think In Motion: Don’t design website thinking as a website designer but as a user. How would you like to go step by step when you open a website? What would you like to see? Challenge yourself in every step. Pay attention to all the details related to how you design a website. A small interaction, an unexpected animation can take your work to new heights. It will come naturally only if you love what you do.

design website thinking

Look At each And every Component: Each component should be designed in such a way that it could stand alone as the best one. Always set the right contrast for all your designs. Look for gradients banding, blurry edges, fonts and others. Always keep your design files tidied up. You don’t know when you would need it again in case of emergencies, not only that but they also help you in speeding up your designing process.

website design component

Consult: Struggling with your new project is not an uncommon thing. Maybe you don’t know where to start from? Go through your previous work but if you are a beginner in this then you can look for designs online and get ideas from them. You can consult your web designing friends as well for ideas. Always follow your design into development. Be open to all kinds of ideas and don’t get attached to just one.

website design consultants

Thus create your websites by designing for it yourself and take your client’s or your own business to new heights. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because practice makes you perfect!

Simple Ways to Create Stunning Websites To Attract The Customers

The main goal of a website is to turn the visitors into subscribers and subscribers into potential customers. Therefore, it is important for you to have a website that caters to all the needs. Before you spend thousands of bucks or a lot of time of yours in upgrading your site, make sure that the amount and time that you are going to spend are worth it and you will get to see the results.

Because any work that has been done without results, is nothing but a waste of time and money. So focus on the ultimate goal of the website and make strategies that will help you in reaching that ultimate goal.

Create Stunning Website

Social Proof

This is one of the proven methods of social media marketing. You have to take some risks when it comes to business. The person who is ready to take the risks is the person who will be able to survive the competition. But taking risks in the business is not easy, you invest your time and money in the business and if the risk that you took didn’t succeed; you have to face very serious consequences so it is important to take care risks that attained success to at least some people. Social Proof is such risk only. The testimonials from the customers and clients of your business are displayed on your website. This will help in making your clients trust you and your business.

social media marketing

Keep it Simple

Most of the people think that the social media and digital marketing are tough and a person needs to be highly talented in order to attain success in digital marketing. But this is just a misconception, good knowledge of the trends and search engines are enough to attain digital marketing skills.

Keep it Simple website

The websites need to be very simple. Usually, people stuff the websites with content and keywords. This may drive traffic to the website but the most important thing is to convert that traffic into potential leads. So it is important to keep the website and the content in it simple so that the users can understand it with ease.

Design a User-Friendly Website with the help of web design

Always look at your website from the visitor’s perspective. Make sure that the website is easy to use and navigate by the user. Because the website is designed by keeping the user in mind, so you have to make sure that it is perfect and the visitor can use it easily.

User-Friendly Website

Make it Visual in Social Media marketing
The website should look more appealing when it has been shared on the social media platform. Social media is a platform where immense importance is given to the visual appearance. So make sure that the images, website thumbnails, and your page looks at its best in the social media.

Visual in Social Media marketing

Follow up With the Email
Yes, it is annoying when you think from the customer’s perspective but it is important for the lead generation. Keep emailing the visitor until and unless they convert into a potential lead or unsubscribe to your website. This is another foolproof method. The web design Sydney will provide you with some email templates.

Follow up With the Email

These are some of the techniques that you can use in order to convert your website and social media visitors into potential clients. At Web Design City, you will be provided with all types of digital marketing techniques and strategies.

2 Core Web Design Principles That Keep Projects On Track

In today’s world, having a thriving business without an online presence is unthinkable. Almost every single business in the world has some sort of online presence. Some businesses have websites where customers can order products, services online, some businesses have websites that inform customers of the products and services they offer, and some businesses conduct their business entirely online. With the amazing advent of social media, a lot of popular social media extensions like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also becoming the birthplace of many amazing and innovative businesses.

On the internet, your business website represents your business. Your business website must be tailor-made to suit your client needs and also your aesthetic needs. Since the first impression your client will form will be based on your website, your website must be immaculate and attractive. It must also represent all the necessary information that your prospective client might need to make a decision. That is why web design is so important.

Web Design Principles

There are a huge number of websites representing businesses which offer the same services as you do. This is generally the case unless your business is a completely unique concept. That is why there is immense competition in the online arena when it comes to online representation. Online businesses are always increasing the standards of online marketing by coming up with new and innovative ways to attract more customers and spread the word.

They do this through professional and productive techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). The other avenue that you require for your website to be popular is good business web design.

You need to build a website that is effective in providing the services/products you offer and is also good at making the customer’s transaction experiment a very comfortable one. Your main goal is to make life easier for your customer. You must achieve this by making things more convenient for them using the mechanism of your website. Here are some web design practices that will really help you to establish a strong internet presence.


SimplicityThe best course of action that you should take if you want an effective website is simplicity. Do not indulge in flashy fonts, colours, pictures, and videos to make your website more attractive. Go for a simple and minimalistic style that is elegant. You must choose a business web design style that is unique, bold and makes a statement. It is not necessary to use something flashy and grand. A powerful statement and impression can be made just by keeping things simple and by practising simple minimalism.

Adaptable Consistency

Adaptable Consistency
It is paramount for your business web design to be consistent throughout all medium and adaptable at the same time. You have to choose such web design avenues that keep the website functional when viewed on a computer or phone. The increasing amount of phone users suggest that you have to work extra hard to ensure that your business is properly accessible to phone users. That is why consistency and adaptability are paramount. Your website must be capable of adapting itself to different devices and browsers and offer the same services on each one.

In conclusion, you should also maintain your website regularly to keep up with user needs and expectations. It is wise to maintain an open channel of communication between you and your customers.

Growing Your Business with the Modern Web Design Techniques

Making your business into success becomes quite a tougher option these days as there is a heavier competition. Most business is worried about the marketing strategies, growth plans, and especially product creation. With any number of ongoing tasks, improving the business into the successful path or getting the high advance digital presence would also fall by the wayside so that it could be a great mistake. According to a review conducted by The Harvard Business, most people likes to purchase the products or get service from the top company or particular website based on resounding “trustworthiness.” When the customers feel safe, ease and comfortable would easily let them to visit the particular online destination.

Modern Web Design

You would also stand in the best chance or encourage to the complete purchase to the convenience. Only the strong business website design would increase the trustworthiness of customers. With extensively presenting the amazing online destination in much more easy to navigate and straightforward process lets the users to get positive experience. Hiring the top web design company would definitely be suitable for creating the web designs with the ultimate planning. Investing in the right website design techniques would be efficient to attract more and more dedicated consumer across the world for product and time to the excellence. Web design is mainly suitable for

  • Making the users feel comfortable
  • Representing the brand
  • Drawing more attention for calls to action
  • Give users adequate information to make informed choices

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

With the surge in the e-commerce sales, most people crave for the online techniques that would effectively increase more communication. Artificial Intelligence in the website design also efficiently takes many numbers of sizes and shapes. Some popular examples are machine learning, chatbots, personalisation and more. In fact, it would be much more efficient to increase the performance of the website to the maximum and suitable for giving more attraction on web pages. Artificial Intelligence also have engaging element that would draw more customers with extensive customer service. Users could also get the complete services that could be easily visualised for acquiring the appropriate information.

Video landing page:

Video landing page

Web designing with incorporating the video would be a great option so that viewers would be much more eager to watch them in much extensive manner. Users would extensively watch the videos online and professionals would take the web design to next level. Creating the quality video landing page would be efficient to make the complete web page look customized. You could create the book the immersive video which would auto-play on the homepage so when users access the website they could conveniently look at the videos. Choose the professional website design Sydney to get quality videos based on your requirements.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling

To drive more brands’ identity with the improved UX would definitely create the better users’ impression. Digital experiences have ultimately improved a lot with the modern technology so that it would be easier to attract most of the customers to the maximum. Parallax scrolling is one of the finest options with the single-page website designs could easily render complete information.

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