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Ways To Promote A Local Business On Instagram

According to a recent statistics, more than 600 million people are using Instagram every week. Instagram become the 2nd most popular social media network used across the world. With more popularity and user-friendly access, Instagram also offers the trendy platform for communicating with the prospective customers with increased brand awareness to the maximum. Simply posting a picture on the Smartphone will not give you more creativity and promotion; there are some important things that we must concentrate on promoting the local business to the high extent.
Promote A Local Business On Instagram

Be an Active Participant:

Being an active Participant in the platform is the most important Social Media strategy and it is necessary to get involved in every activity. Following other people and brands on Instagram is quite necessary. Engage more in the comment section on posts as well as others. To establish a strong reputation on Instagram, it is also necessary to follow the influencers as well as other brands to join the conversations.

Active Participant

Strengthen Your Instagram Community:

Reposting the Local Content would be the best option to strengthen the Instagram Community. Your businesses’ reputation on the social media could be greatly increased with reposting content routinely by local followers, celebrities, and other businesses. Instagram would efficiently let you reach out more followers as well as other people in the local community.

Instagram Community

Stick to One Branded Theme:

Branding is the biggest part of the content creation so that it efficiently goes with social media. People are quite comfortable with the brand when they have more popularity. Having a Branded Theme would also efficiently grow more quickly with better brand recognition.

Branded Theme

Maintaining Consistent Brand Identity:

Joining the Instagram with business lets you to extensively create more extension for the brand. Since Instagram is the unique platform that lets you to easily achieve the different objectives. Most customers follow the leading brand across different channels. Interact with customers via Instagram with the best tone that sets more captions for posts and efficient to align the business based on different aspects.

instagram Brand Identity

Incorporating Trending Topics:

Everyone likes to see new ideas and innovations that trends the modern world. Posting the trendy information would let you to easily engage more customers to the maximum. Customers would get overwhelmed when they see new posts with more innovation without any hassle.

Trending Topics

Use Hashtag Contest:

Instagram Hashtag Contest is considered as the easiest and quickest option to drive the new Instagram followers. Prospective customers or fans would extensively recognize brands or campaigns. Therefore, it is better to make campaign-specific hashtags for everyone to easily recognize. In fact, it would be quite easier to get the user-generated content to line. Instagram users could get the incentive in return when number of followers is seen on the Instagram page.

instagram Hashtag

Avoid Blanket Posting:

With more persona and tone behind the posts, it is necessary to increase the consistent strategy across the different channel. Navigate space between the remaining consistent as well as unique posting content so that it does not feel the blanketed across channels. When implementing Blanket Posting, customers could follow multiple social media channels for seeing the same message multiple times.

Avoid Blanket Posting instagram

More Video Content:

Uploading the business videos in highest Quality would be a great option to impress more audience and lure them into business. Nothing would communicate un professionalism video with poor sound or video quality.

instagram video content

Demonstrate Your Local Lifestyle:

Every business’ local lifestyle acts as the best way to describe the life in which the customer leads. Instagram is one of the visual social media platform quite perfect channels for demonstrating the local lifestyle of the brand. With incorporating more pictures of business products or services, it is much easier to allow more customers to envision the lifestyle.

Local Lifestyle

Quality of Your Images:

Quality of Instagram Images is quite important to promote the product on Instagram. In fact, it is also most important to make more appealing as possible. Product shot in the poor light using not-so-great camera wouldn’t even get Likes on Instagram.

Quality of Your Images

Use Quotes:

When you are looking for the best shareable content, Likeable and engageable content on Instagram, using the Quotes would be a great option to inspire more audiences.

quotes for smile

Top 4 Social Media Trends for 2018

Remember the time when social media was just the mean for sharing holiday pictures, random post and reaching out to the long distance peers and loved ones, but today it has evolved more than that.

Social media and people

Now brands are using social media as an excellent channel for promoting and creating awareness regarding their services. It has become a significant asset among the marketers for building relationships with the customers.
Today’s customers are more vocal and using the social media channels for venting their frustration on brands.
“I remember one incident where my peer was frustrated with one of the company’s services, and he posted his problems on the brand’s social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to seek the solution, and you won’t believe his problem got resolved within two days.”

Social media is becoming an asset to the industries for generating traffic and leads for their business. Using social media, you can understand your consumer’s likes and purchasing behavior. The importance of social search is also gradually increasing as the consumers are using it for more new brands experience and are relying on social proof as displayed in their peer network for making the purchase.

As the years go by as marketers, we all wait for latest trends. It has already been a month we have entered in 2018, and we are sharing here certain trends that brands need to the focus upon this year:

  1. Power of Instagram :Power of Instagram

We all are aware of Instagram, don’t we? And we all spend minimum 15mins of our time on a daily basis in checking out the latest stories and updates.

You will be surprised to hear, that researchers have found 200 million people are using Instagram stories per month and it is expected to grow more by the end of the year 2018. It has also been found that after the addition of Instagram stories the average time spent has increased up to 28mins on a daily basis.

Which says brands should look and focus on utilising Instagram stories for creating the broader audience for their services, and there is also good news for the brands that even if users are not following you, they will be able to see your brand stories.

2. Influencer Marketing:
Influencer Marketing
An influencer is the one who just doesn’t bring the audience to your brand but also builds the awareness.

Influencer marketing is becoming a great tool for generating the traffic to the website and brings in more clients, as an influencer along with his audience also brings his audience’s network to your site.

Today’s consumers are smart and self-sufficient, they don’t trust on what the brand says about itself, but instead, they want to hear about it from someone they trust. Many marketers are utilizing it for generating 11 times more ROI for their business.

3. Live Streaming :

Live Streaming
Videos are the best way to share and deliver your thoughts in short span of time. It has already been spoken in many blogs via experts that by 2020 videos will take 80% consumer internet traffic.

YouTube has already been a pool of videos, and it has been found that over 500million hours of videos are watched every day Facebook videos receiver more 135% more traffic as compared to the photos.

Looking at the power of the videos, many social channels are providing live streaming features for more consumer engagement.

In 2017 we already saw the use of live streaming videos by people and movie stars promoting their movies and creating their fan followings.

With the rise in the technology in the smartphones, people are looking for better experience. Brands need to incorporate live streaming as a marketing strategy to connect directly with their customers.

4. Social Listening:

Social Listening
Social listening is a method of extracting opportunities and creating better and rich content for the consumer by tracking conversation around the keyword, phrases, brands, etc. across social media channels.

Social listening is more than engaging with your audience via commenting and responding their views and queries.
By tracking your consumer’s actions, you can track your brand’s health and can create compelling engagement strategy. You get the opportunity to develop the better experience for your target audience by providing the content what your consumers are craving for. Which not just improves your brand image and but also build trust among your audience.

Today people are relying on social media for learning and experiencing the new trends, products, and services. So, it becomes essential to monitor, design and create content that directly fulfills the target audience demands and needs.

To maximize your outcome through social media channels, you can either hire social media marketers who will improve your social media presence. Or you can reach out to the agencies who not only understands the criticality of the social channels and but also serves you with the right mediums and resources to expand your business audience across the multiple channels.


The Overall Knowledge about Google Question and Answers

The Questions and Answers feature is a new venture of Google, which was introduced in August 2017. But this very important feature has been actively ignored by small business owners and marketers alike in the digital marketing field. It is a crucial part of your business listing to answer every asked question. There are various reasons as to why this is an important feature.
Google Questions and Answers

Connect With Potential Customers

Your future customers could already be ahead of you and using this particular feature. This is a great platform to connect with them. Both large and small business corporations should make this feature a part of their life and aim to answer questions asked by different people. One of the main characteristics of online marketing is to connect itself to the customer and this feature could act as a great bond maker between you and your client. Google search reveals that Australia is one of the foremost countries who turn to the Google Q&A feature to ask about anything and everything.

Connect With Potential Customers

Lack Of Notifications On Google My Business Dashboard

Like any other new feature, even this has a drawback, which is the lack of notification in the dashboard when a new question is asked. This becomes very hard for you as a business owner to track any new incoming question. What you can do to avoid this problem is first to download the Google Maps app and log in to the account and turn on the notifications. This will send you a push notification every time you receive a new question.

Notifications On Google My Business

Customers Answer Questions Presented For You

Even though this platform helps you to connect with potential customers, it can also be a negative feature for you as customers can answer any question that has been asked of you. Some of these customers may be ones who have had a bad experience with you. This could put a negative image in the minds of the future prospects.

google my business Questions answers

Incorrect Answers May Be Received

Since this is a public platform where anyone can answer any question presented, it may be possible that many of those answers are wrong. It may so happen that some people provide incorrect information and you have to do a lot of research before you receive the right result. Local guides are the few ones who are very prompt to answer any questions since they receive three points for every answer barring the fact whether they are right or wrong.

Incorrect Answers May Be Received

Eliminate Questions That Violate the Guidelines

Google makes sure to remove questions that are asked by the customers, which violate the guidelines set by them on internet marketing platform. You might receive those questions but they may soon be flagged by Google. Google has a very strict policy against such questions, which can prove to be a danger to the mandated policy prescribed by them.

Eliminate Questions That Violate the Guidelines

Moo Proving Business Etiquette still matters in Digital Age

Mobile phones, social media platforms, emails have changed way too far on how we communicate with each other. Technology has made our lives much easier and faster at the same time, but it also has created a different new ways in order to unintentionally irritate or insult. Following this policy, London based company Moo is making their sales double by following the etiquettes that has a wide importance.

Business Etiquette Still Matters in Digital Age

Hence, before you make use of these mediums, consider these etiquette tips for a better digital age:

The Golden Rule

the golden rule

Most of the people surf Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just to get some news updates or feeds from the friends and families, or their personal interests. You might also be probably chatting, sharing stories directly with your friends and family or commenting on the blogs or post updates. There is a fair chance of meeting someone whom you really don’t know. Then the communication continues in a healthy manner without disturbing each other sentiments or any sort of vulgarity.
It is very easy for you to land him in the trap of dangerous territory by offending someone on these social media whom you don’t really know. It’s very easy to forget that there is a person behind who is posting their opinion through a blog, or commenting on a news feed. Before you try to type out a scathing retort or insulting someone else’s views, take a moment to reconsider speaking those words to the same person if he is standing in front of you. Always treat others with kindness and respect, the same way you want to be treated, whenever you are communicating online.
Thus read everything that you have written a couple of times before clicking the “post” button. Because, once it’s posted, it’s nearly impossible to take back the words, so be nice and kind.

E-mail Etiquette

E-mail etiquettes

We’ve all might have received one email from a co-worker who has listed everyone in the ‘To’ column. Don’t be the person who has the habit to click “reply to all” and spamming with multiple replies. When you are communicating between two or three friends, who are planning for a surprise party or event, probably “reply to all” option is fine. But if there are more than five recipients, then your reply-to-all can be a irritating for the recipients. Therefore Click on “reply” instead to make your message available only to the sender.

Texting Etiquette

Texting Etiquettes

Group texting works the same way like that of email. Communicating with a large number of people at one time is great. But avoid using group text for mass communication. Even, I was a prey in such a situation when a text message from whatsapp was repeatedly being forwarded to me on my personal chats. The amount of notifications that I received, made me feel disgusted. So think what others might feel if you do such an activity.



First time when I started communicating in social media, I thus had no idea that caps lock is used to emphasize a word. In other words it meant that I was shouting at my friends.
We all might have received one or more messages from someone whose caps lock seems to be permanently in the ON position. If you’re typing a message, and suddenly look up to realize that your CAPS LOCK KEY is switched ON, then the polite thing to do is to re-type your message again in a normal way. If you notice it before, then please don’t click on “send” anyway. Your friend will have an assumption that you’re screaming at him, and that’s the most undesirable moment for everyone.

Emojis and texting abbreviations

Emojis and texting abbreviations

You might be very much aware of the abbreviations that are very much used by many like LOL, ROFL, ASAP etc. But on a professional front, it is advisable, not to make use of these abbreviations. This can make your boss feel offended and therefore create a trouble for you in future. So avoid such non-sense in all professional text and email interactions.
Making someone understand through a written medium like text or email can be bit tricky. Using emoji and abbreviations can help to know the meaning of the message much faster. But it’s always better if you use such things in appropriate places.

Respect the online privacy of others

Respect the online privacy of others

Smartphones and social media has encouraged a 24/7 documentation of our daily life. You might be having fun with your buddies so you click a picture, post it to Facebook, and tag everyone you know.
We all have done it perhaps!
Yet, according to a study more than 60% of Facebook users strongly dislike such behavior when people post their pictures without first asking their permission and thereby tagging them. It’s the best policy to respect your friends’ online privacy the next time you are tagging their picture.

Briefing It Up:

Now, every time you are going socially active, try to follow the steps that can really help you out from being anti-social. Even for any company or small business, social media etiquettes applies the same and thus the sharing of the content should be done by keeping the above points in mind for a healthy image of the website and will not put the work done by web designers and developers in website designing a futile attempt.


How the Social Media is Transforming Web Design?

With the rise of internet among the large number of users, social media websites are being widely used by everyone. It is thereby affecting the lives of many people.

Due to social media, building and designing a website has become quite different and it has revolutionised the whole concept of Web Designing.

Social Media

What make social media so popular in the field of Web Designing?

• It is easily accessible by a large chunk of internet savvy audiences.
• Major portion of every age group is keenly involved in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and much more.
• Social media opens possibilities of direct access to clients without any interference of the third party.
• Facebook can be the best source of advertisement which is pretty much cost effective as compared to other channels like print, broadcasting etc.
• Social media also helps in rankings of a website through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In the present era of digital world, for a successful business, just by developing a website is not enough. Social Media strategies have to be applied to the websites to make it popular among masses. You just have to follow some procedures which will help you to connect social media platforms to your website.

Social Media sites are considered as a great platform to let your audiences know about your business website. Hence to make a website socially active on social media, almost every website, nowadays, has many such social media icons/widgets on every page. With the help of a single click, users can directly visit their social media profiles for gathering more information.

This is why social media is transforming the web designing:

social media is transforming the web designing

Effective Design for Social Media Pages and Profiles

Social media nowadays has made the website look lively and interactive. Besides, developing and designing a website, it is very important for a business to attract more and more audiences. Design of the website has to be such that, it focuses completely on its targeted audiences.

Effective Design for Social Media Pages

For example, if you are willing to make your business available on Facebook or Twitter, it is thereby essential to design a specific fan following page. The similar thing can be applied on Twitter and other platforms too. Your social profiles should be designed to attract the users with instant consequence.

Promoting Business through Social Media Profiles

With the rise of social networking platforms, website designing has to go through a series of updates. Almost every business these days has an official page on these social media platforms. The profile contains links of the website pages that encourage their audiences to directly connect with the business website.

Promoting Business through Social Media

Almost every business websites include Social Media buttons on their home page or at the header to allow easy connectivity. This trend is becoming popular and business knows they have to integrate links to their pages.

Advertisements on Social Media Platforms

The number of people connecting to Social Media has increased so much that it has made these platforms popular. This influences the company to use these platforms to extend their targeted audiences base. Thus, for better performance and engagements in social media, companies focus on doing advertisements using social media.

Advertisements on Social Media Platforms

The main goal of these sites is to boost their efficiency and help them to gather more views and clicks. Designing of the ad copies is a vital role to make company generate more and more leads. The Website Designers and Developers should try to develop attractive content like banner ads, memes, GIFs etc to make it turn heads.

Employing Images for social media communication

Social media has changed the way a business operates. Social media is an ideal platform to interact with the potential consumers of the business. At this place, you can provide your audiences with the information for which they are looking. On the top of it, these platforms allow to decide and analyze on how to enhance your brand.

Employing Images for social media communication

The design of the website has to be such that it boosts more interaction with lots of customers. Every business now a days needs a platform where it can create an image.

At last, I can say that, it is very much essential for the business to be socially active on social media platforms. Through this the business will gain more and more popularity among masses and thus can attract ample leads in order to make a business grow to new heights.

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