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Top 5 SEO Browser Extensions That Can Help All Digital Marketers

Plugins and add-ons are applications that play an essential role in the digital marketing area and also personal browsing. It is an application that attaches to the website via a request and display relevant information and performs the function that would not have been otherwise possible only with the site. A plugin, add-on, or an extension is a specific coded application that attaches to an existing platform and adds to its functionality and features.They are mainly used in browser platforms but may also apply to current applications.
SEO Chrome Extensions

In the realm of digital marketing, having the top SEO can play an essential part in filtering out the best-rated search content and websites. Today, due to the advance in web technology, it is possible for a digital marketer to capitalise on this industry using various tools and techniques such as browser plugins and extensions.

Among the top plugins and browser extensions that you can effectively put to use in improving your SEO are:

SEOquake-It is one of the top browser extensions that can immensely help you to examine websites and pages according to the parameters that you are looking for. It is a useful tool that allows you to seek out what you are looking for in performing audits, hyperlink audits, examining domains and share info across multiple devices and with other people as well.


MozBar– It can create custom searches for you across any domains and offers you quick access to domain authority and page authority. Both serves as a prediction to determine your website’s rank on search engines by considering important various factors. It can also provide you with an in depth link analysis for a specific page or website.


Majestic– Digital marketers often browse through many essential websites sifting through a bulk of information at any given time. Magestic is one of the most important SEO plugins that can sift through a large number of websites and analyse how one lite links to another. It is basically a SAAS platform that can provide you with a back link analysis.

Note AnyWhere– Note Anywhere does the simple job of helping you to organising such content and help you to browse through relevant information and leads to numerous popular social sites by providing you with a virtual sticky note. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious, and can readily help you to remember the pages you browse with a quick note that serves as a reminder.
Note AnyWhere

Impactana– It is often essential for a digital marketer to browse through multiple social sites in an attempt to generate more business. Therefore it is essential to have a tool that lets you know how much ‘buzz’ your post is creating.It is one of the most important SEO extensions you can use for instant analysis and lets you decide the course of action you might take to improve it with the help of Impactana.


Digital marketing in the present century has gained a lot of momentum in the industry and has been continuously increasing in popularity due to its vast potential. Therefore, using such extensions can immensely help your chances and improve your efficiency.With millions of users adopting the internet, it is not only an excellent platform for marketing your products but also helps in capitalising on this vast customer base and generate immense profits.

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