10 Most Popular Search Engines and directories in Australia’s [Updated 2020]

Search engines are the most common means of finding information, and while Google dominates the market, there are other players in the field. Search engines classify websites by algorithms and have different features that dis...

11 Best WordPress Themes: Free & Premium You Should Follow in 2020

A brief look at the past and we would see that the need for better coverage has influenced most of our culture. This is why the majority of the radio and tv broadcasts are liberated. The marketing sector has however grown to ...

Responsive Web Design Trends You Should Follow in 2020

At cloudcone, we believe that responsiveness and device compatibility are important criteria that must be included in your web design ch...

Future of Voice Search Optimisation An Ultimate Guide for 2020

Working to take advantage of the new opportunities can be a challenge in digital marketing with new technological developments that shift business boundaries every year. One of these market changes was caused by the widesprea...

4 Best Ways to Beat Social Media Trends in 2020

It wouldn't be an insult to say that most people spend a good portion of their day on social media. Not in the world of today. Research proves that ...

23 Best Ways to Build and Hire a Web Design Agency That Delivers

The international world is continuing to evolve in the dawn of a new decade. Social networking, web analytics, video/audio incorporation, along with other developments mean that you always adapt your strategy to the digital f...

The Ultimate Guide to Web Design Statistics 2020

Today, a business cannot function without a website. We have compiled a slew of helpful HR statistics to avoid falling into expensive potholes along the road to building the most engaged, diverse and skilled workforce possibl...

19 SEO Statistics for 2020 That Will Change the Way You Think About SEO

The SEO landscape's shifting nature is equally fascinating and daunting. As advertisers, we know that staying on top of the hundreds of changes to Google's algorithm and SEO Statistics in 2020 are essential to positioning our...

5 SEO Trends 2020 Can Make You Invincible
seo trends 2020

The nature of SEO is extremely dynamic. Sure, certain things remain the same like adding important keywords in your titles; make optimizing for mobile users a priority, etc. But in a never-ending loop, other things continue t...

How to Maintain your SEO Rankings after a Website Redesign in 2020

If you are working on a website redesign, you'll need to know how to retain SEO rankings and domain authority before, during, and during the process. The site’s aesthetics are not the only thing you need to worry about whe...

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