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Australia Social Media Statistics 2021-2022

With evolving nature of the social media world and its impact on users, it is becoming challenging to keep up with it. There is no way out than knowing about the latest trends, and users’ needs are changing concerning various social media platforms.

Australia is no exception to this and is thriving to expand its business market. For this, businesses target social media platforms to expand their customer base. No business can ignore the immense benefits that social media offers as part of the marketing mix. This is where a social media agency should effectively deploy marketing assets so the business can benefit from it.

There has also been an increase in the use of social media by Australian users. Categorically, users can be of two types – people using social media for business, mainly marketing, and others who use it for leisure or recreation.

Let us start focusing on the rise of users on social media as of 2022.

  • There are 21.45 million users on social media in Australia
  • If businesses are searching for a social boost for target customers, the Australian market is the best option. It has an amazing 71% of users active on social media
  • There is an 82.7% active population with social media accounts, and it is a 4.6% increase from the previous 12 months
  • Facebook has 77.7%, and YouTube has 78.2% of users among the total social media users in Australia

Latest Trends of Social Media in Australia

Marketing influencers are key to success on social media platforms, no matter the place. A recent study found that influencer marketing is more effective than celebrity endorsement, which helps gain brand awareness from the target audience. It indicates that social media is the ultimate place if you want to impact audiences and get loyal customers.

In this regard, the agencies focus on various aspects of marketing, including SEO Sydney. It helps a brand create an effective picture via online platforms. Besides, take advantage of the latest technology, such as chatbots and artificial intelligence, to easily identify and reach the target audience.

Understanding the Social Behaviour of Users in Australia

Despite the small population of Australia, social media use is growing rapidly. The popular is Facebook, with 18.12 million users and close followers of 13.62 million on Instagram. Following this, there is Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In Australia, users who follow brands via Instagram and Facebook are more active than on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • As per statistics, 22% of Australian users rely on image searching tool
  • There is an increase in online transactions, which is evident in 74% of women and 77% of men
  • As on April 2022, there are 23.60 million internet users, which constitutes almost 89% of the total population
  • Australians spend 6 hours and 13 minutes daily on the internet on an average
  • Almost 40% of Australians above 18 years take an interest in podcasts monthly
  • 33% of internet users have concerns about how companies pick and use the personal data of users

Facebook is a Popular Platform

Facebook will remain the popular platform as per statistics of 2022. Almost 27.2% of users are of 16 to 64 age whose favourite social media platform is Facebook. A huge number of advertisers, with almost 65.03% of link clicks to some party sites, depend on Facebook for marketing purposes. In this regard, statistics say that the average cost per click for any Facebook ad is $1.72.   

Facebook can reach almost 15 million users. Among these, 97.6% are mobile users, 2.4% are laptop or desktop users, and 37.4% access Facebook from a computer or mobile device. The massive change in the percentage in recent years shows the increased use of social media platforms for various uses.

Almost Half of Australians are on Instagram

Almost 45% of respondents in Australia are from Instagram. Whether posting pictures or checking hashtags, Instagram is one of the popular choices. If in search of a platform for effective social media marketing, this is it. Instagram can be perfect for marketing, from running ad campaigns to reaching a target audience fast. 

SEO is integral to marketing, and link building is an essential part of SEO. And social media is a brilliant option to facilitate the overall process. This is where an agency of SEO Sydney will target Instagram for a brand to reach a large customer base.

Australian Advertising Statistics on Instagram

The total Instagram audience is almost 11 million, which accounts for almost 51.6% of the total population who are above 13 years.

Moreover, 56.5% are female users, and 43.5% are male users.

Average Users Spend 12 Hours Weekly on YouTube

In April 2022, YouTube ads reached 2.56 million. Australians are spending almost 17.1 hours monthly on YouTube. One in every two are YouTube users in Australia. 2.35% of social media website traffic is from YouTube.

This is how YouTube has become the popular go-to video content source. It is also evident from its high rate of paid advertisement during and after a video. This is evident as Australia is closing on its $2 billion only from ad revenue.

Social Media Statistics by Different Demographics in Australia

When focusing on social media statistics it shows how digital platforms impact differently on older and younger lives in Australia. The use of social media platform communications is increasing with time. This is mainly due to the increasing reliance of users on social media that has accelerated since the onset of the COVIF-19 pandemic.

Here is a close insight into how younger users use social media platforms in Australia.

  1. Digital natives are like old users on social media platforms who constitute a large number of them
  2. The group of users from 18 to 34 years well connects to social media platforms
  3. Almost 64% of young people use more than one social media platform or apps 

What can be the Future of Social Media in Australia?

Research and statistics show that users in 2022 will search for their own sources. With more than 21 million users, the need for social media will not go easily. So, companies planning to deploy social media at its fullest should ensure that online company data are trustworthy and quality. This can also help to influence consumers.

As Australians are using social media, including the older persons who didn’t take an interest in it before the pandemic, the popularity can help the brands move ahead in the competition. Try to choose a social media agency that caters to clients’ needs in the best way possible.

So, if you plan to deploy social media platforms to promote business, get in touch with a reliable social media agency. If in Australia, look no further than Web Design City, which works with its professionals of digital marketers and focuses on effective services. Each expert specialises in digital strategies, enhancing user experience, content management, and social media.

Maximise the conversion rate, drive in more traffic and get more revenue with the assistance of agency experts. The statistics clearly suggest how social media agencies should follow the latest trends and go by the social media behaviour of users with changing times. The latest trends demand more audience engagement to sustain the competitive online market.

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