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37TH GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK – The Future Of Your Business Begins Here

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. The exhibitions held in the Middle East have attracted numerous participants. In 2009, when Microsoft released Windows 7, around 160,000 people were present.

The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT (Information and Communications Technology) retailers and suppliers like Gateway Group, 50 Cent, Etisalat, Red Hat, and Dell etc. The participants to this exhibition include IT professionals, a technology aficionado, regional traders, students, and consumers.

Glorious History

The GITEX show was first launched in the year 1981 and was named GITE. That time, it occupied the Hall One of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

GITEX gradually expanded to two halls when it first launched the MacWorld series at the 1988 exhibition.

Now the GITEX has filled the entire Dubai World Trade Centre complex, consisting of 10 exhibition halls and a million feet of exhibition space in its territory.

GITEX, 2016 marked the 36th year of GITEX that was held on 16th-20th October. The focus was completely on cutting-edge technology in the field Robotics and drones.

The Middle East IT is set to spend a whopping $213 billion in 2016, which marked a 37 percent increase from the previous year. Approximately 22,000 CEOs from top IT companies attended the event last year.

GITEX 37th Technology Week

This year GITEX is organizing its 37th GETEX Technology Week that will commence from 8th October 2017 and last until 12th October 2017. The opening day will be flagged by Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com. Like always, this will be held at Dubai World Trade Centre. Registration of the exhibition has already started and one can visit the Official Website of GITEX.

Industries Where GITEX deals:

  • Marketing – GITEX in the field of Marketing has made the key people driving and engineering a change in the world of marketing. It will cover all the topics of Digital Marketing by organizing conference including, Web Design and development, SEO etc.
  • Health Care – GITEX for Healthcare will elaborate on how technological advancement is helping us to live healthier. The world’s leading physicians, med-tech startups, investors and people redefining health affected by this digital age will share knowledge on smart systems and robotics for healthcare, developing systems and treatments for personalized medicines etc.
  • Smart Cities – GITEX gives a part to government leaders and industry experts for Global Smart Cities that will create a platform to address liveable and sustainable city challenges. It will discuss the topic 5G networks.
  • Retail – GITEX for the Retail industry will gather those at the forefront of the individuals, startups, and large established companies and help them to explore the future of retail by covering the topics like the frictionless payments, virtual reality, 3D printing, drone delivery, etc.
  • Finance – GITEX has a role in the finance sector in making it more reliable and error free. Starting out new banking methods and removal of traditional financial systems.
  • Smart manufacturing – GITEX will give an insight for Smart Manufacturing Systems and provide a roadmap in the assembly in Factory through new technologies and robotic systems.
  • Tech leaders – The tech leaders’ session will look at important factors such as education, entrepreneurship and advanced training that will formulate the backbone of any industry in fostering healthy leadership.
  • Transportation –GITEX will explore intelligently and automation in the field of transportation, regulation, with complete safety to human, pedestrians, and nature.
  • Education –GITEX will help the education system in gathering technologies that will aid the process. Those at the forefront in the industry like individuals, startups, and large established universities to explore future of education by covering topics like data analytics, 3D printing etc. 

37TH GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK - The Future Of Your Business Begins Here

image courtesy: www.webdesigncity.com.au

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Briefing it up:

GITEX has come up with a great initiative to provide information related to the major technologies evolving and thus created awareness to the mass related to such topics. GITEX has also made the process of web design and website development to grow to the next level by making it better than before. So join hands with the GITEX and make yourself much more progressive.

Should You Be Considering Web-Scale Networking?

Web-Scale Networking is a concept that has been made popular by big companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix. This model is adopted by these companies as it has proven on the grounds of cost economics, reliability, adaptability, and better performance for these large companies.

Web-Scale Networking Explained

Web-scale networking is a modern approach to cloud-based computing infrastructure. The components are taken from the basic requirements that large data center operators make use to build smart and efficient networking. Businesses can design it’s cost-effective, agile and reliable networks in this modern era by following these three elements:

  • Open and modular
  • Intelligence in software
  • Scalable and efficient

These three basic elements essentially comprise the web-scale networking system!

While the cloud computing has advanced and there is a quantum change with the convergence to private, public and hybrid clouds, traditional based networking has notoriously lagged far behind. An open or a cloud networking theory brings traditional networking up to par with the advanced web-based approach. Open, web-scale networking provides automation, accuracy, and cost-savings to the data center.

Challenges faced during Implementation.

Big benefits come with big challenges and considerations.

Firstly, the skill required to implement web-scale architecture is enormous. CSP (Content Security Policy) has spent many years experimenting and developing their technology, hosting platforms and add-on services. They have the privilege of focusing only on developing these things. Amazon Web Services offers a collection of over 100 tools that focus completely on the competency.

Meanwhile, at the enterprise level, the IT professionals are still overloaded with the desk request, for the maintenance of a web-scale implementation. On top of that, investing on web-scale need high amount of monetary requirements and most businesses today are focused on maintaining cost efficiency. That means your existing IT infrastructure is more than likely extremely interconnected.

The main thing is, it’s impossible to have an IT team who is responsible for running applications that are critical to the business and taking care of such a platform. You need dedicated developers and technicians taking care of your platform, which requires time, skill and monetary resources that most businesses just don’t have.

Benefits of Web-Scale Networking

  • More Accessible as everything is automated

Web-scale networking allows the organizations to choose ideal hardware and software for their budget and needs. One can either use existing automation software or integrate something new with the existing network. Due to open networking, it’s very easy to standardize the protocols, identify major issues and create effective communication. It makes the working of the hosting and web development companies much easier and less complicated.

  • No more interference of vendor

Have you ever fallen into a situation where you wanted to upgrade components of your network to another vendor’s product, but refuse because of the high both cost and risk. Most of the organizations have faced the problem of vendor pressure because it is really very costly to switch the systems as well as the vendors. Web-scale networking is more flexible and it allows you to choose the network switches, cables, optics fibers, applications and much more depending upon your needs and budget.

  • Operational efficiency

By unifying the stack, and making hardware customization and software automation, the organizations can make processes run smoothly. Identification and fixing the issues become quicker for the technicians. Organizations can multiply a number of switches managed per operator. All of these benefits lead to better development, higher efficiency, and lower expense.

Should you be considering web scale networking infograph

Briefing it up:

Finally, the web-scale computing is fundamentally very easy to change, but requires significant IT personnel and financial investment from enterprises and the web development, designing and hosting companies. It’s expected that the majority of companies will make a transition to this strategy in the near future.

BlogSpot or WordPress Which is the Best for Beginners?

One thing that every beginner blogger try to search is a good and user friendly blogging website. Blogging sites like the Blogspot and WordPress is one of the most sought out blogging sites that are being searched by a beginner blogger.

Thus in this blog, I have tried to make a brief comparison between these two famous blogging sites BlogSpot and the WordPress to find out actually which is the best out of these two for a beginner. I thing this blog will really guide the beginners to a great extent.

1.) Ownership
Blogspot is owned by the search engine giant, The Google. One can include various things in their blogs, but the ownership remains solely with the Google. If the blog is found inappropriate as per the search engine guidelines, then there is a fair chance of your blog getting blocked by the Google. If the blog is not meeting the terms of Google, then it can even block the website.

But in case of WordPress, it offers complete ownership of your blogs. You can include or delete anything on the blog website. Even third-party sharing is also applicable.

2) Control Options
Coming to the BlogSpot, you have very fewer options for control. But if your focus is only on the writing a blog, then it can be a boon as there is nothing much to be done as compared to WordPress.

WordPress on the other hand, gives you wide choice of options and controls. Using WordPress you can choose from a wide variety of widgets, plug-ins etc. You can even download it from the third parties that can be easily supportable.

3) Designs
BlogSpot is confines only to a limited set of themes and templates. That is why the user has fewer options to choose from and has to apply whatever is available within.

The best part of WordPress is that there are endless numbers of templates. If at all one feels that the choice is limited then he/she can refer to the third parties.

4) Server Portability
The next functionality is portability where the BlogSpot lacks. BlogSpot is not at all compatible and can prove to be disgusting. If you move the articles to different portals, then there is a chance of losing all the data. Only the blog content can be copied, rest everything will get lost including the followers, the SEO, and much more.

In WordPress, shifting the page content to other domain or a separate CMS platform is just like breeze. The data will remain intact, and it also has a better SEO support on the different portals.

5) Security
This might be the only positive aspect for opting BlogSpot as it is very safe and the security is inherited through Google. Thus, your website and the contents are absolutely safe and secured for every type of attacks. Thus one doesn’t have to worry about the safety.
BlogSpot or WordPress Which is the Best for Beginners?

Infographic by WEB DESIGN CITY

WordPress is secure and safe to great extent. But the security and safety is hampered if we make use of the third party themes, template and plug-ins. For this purpose you need to have a sound anti-virus support for your website.

6) Support Feature
Support is not that much in the case of BlogSpot. In fact, you will not need that much support in case of Google bloggers. All the things are controlled by Google, and there are few options that are open for you. When the future is considered, everything depends on Google. They can shut it down any day. In fact, there have not been any updates in this segment from Google for many years.

WordPress is completely an open source platform. Thus the control of shutting done the portal or to keep it alive is up to the user. There are different forums and community support to assist you with the use of plug-ins and other things.

A critical analysis of the two most popular blogging platforms proves that WordPress is much more sophisticated with many more features that can be used for a user. However, Blogspot, although safe misses out with the vital facilities that they offer for a nice user-experience.

Professional Web Design Company Or Freelancer. Whom To Choose? – Infographic

Web Design Company?

Web Designer is a person or an individual who completely deals with the website designing and web development part and has professional knowledge and techniques to handle the websites. Web Designers help you to create professional and properly designed websites and are also involved in support and maintenance of the websites after the project Delivery.


A Freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and work independently. They either work for themselves or for the company with whom they are associated temporarily on contract basis. They work on projects that are basically for short spans and make use of the websites to get them connected and engaged.

Why Prefer Professional Web Designer over Freelancer?

Web Design Company

  • Service Delivery – Prompt and specified
  • Quantity and Quality – Focuses on both the aspect “Quality and quantity”
  • Multiple Services – Complete specialization and Knowledge of SEO, SMO, web Designing and web development etc
  • Solution to every – It has a support and maintenance team that will guide you through Every problem that one might face in future
  • Use of Advanced Tools – use all sorts of latest forms of tools so as to deliver the best Service to their clients


  • Service Delivery – Delayed
  • Quantity and Quality – Both are compromised to a great extent
  • Multiple Services – Works on one project at a time
  • Solution to every – unstable and some sort of problem will always comes to path
  • Use of Advanced Tools – Use of tools that has free access with limited benefits

Professional Web Design Company


Story of Web Design City – Infographic

Web Design City?

  • We are professional Web Design Company based in Australia.
  • We offer all the possible web solutions you may require including web design, ecommerce
  • shopping cart design, SEO, Web Hosting, Domain Registration
  • We offer web solutions which are customizable, smart, intellectual yet affordable and deliver
  • what our client really expects.
  • Web Design City Sydney

The Pursuit of WEB DESIGN CITY

  • We aim to provide professional web solutions to businesses for both small and large.
  • We deliver high quality solutions to businesses of all sizes on a national level.
  • To deliver best web design services.

What We Really Offer?

  • Website Designing
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Ecommerce development
  • SEO Activities
  • WordPress, Joomla!, Zen Cart Development etc.
  • Online Marketing
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Social Media Marketing and so on…

Benefits of Web Design City

  • Professional Web Designing Solutions
  • Unique and customized web layout design
  • CSS support and image optimization
  • SEO Friendly Coding
  • Proper use of Navigation
  • Innovative eCommerce Website Development


Why Choose Us?

  • We have a Professional and Well Experienced Team of Designers and Developers for Designing the Website for Companies.
  • Best in Class Services
  • Years of Experience in the Industry
  • Affordable Prices
  • Robust and Round the Clock Support and Maintenance.
    Story of Web Design City
    Infographic by Web Design City
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Our Leading and Trusted Clients

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Vista Print
  • D & M RESEARCH and more…

How to Design a Majestic Website Portfolio?

Portfolio plays a very dominant role in making your freelancing work look fantastic. It can be used to highlight your past and present projects on which you have worked upon in order to encourage clients to hire you.

Now a days, Portfolio isn’t just a collection of work samples. Instead, it’s a golden opportunity for you to showcase:

Web Design Portfolio

  • Who you are?
  • What kind of work you do?
  • How you do that work?
  • Where you want to go next? and,
  • With whom YOU really want to work with?

You must try to design your portfolio in such a way that can really convince a client to hire you as a contractor. Here are the tips that can help you design an impressive portfolio.

1. Customise Your Site Theme or Template

Even though you know how to build a website from scratch, it makes more sense to use a robust platform or Content Management System (CMS) with complex tools built right in.

You can also include your customised site theme or template in your portfolio. Instead of saying “I used my coding skills to build this site” it is better to show the audience the website that you created and designed. This helps people to build trust upon you for the service you provide.

Customising code on a theme or template for the purpose of portfolio has great benefits for designers, developers or freelancers in establishing their brand image and help them gain recognition.

2. Google Yourself

You must have searched yourself on the internet a number of times just to check your existence on the web world. If you have not done that yet, it is the right time to do so.

When you’re just at a budding stage, you might not have a social proof – like blog portfolios and testimonials – to show how awesome you are at coding activity. But you can broaden the scope of what you can include in your portfolio.

Google yourself and see what comes up. There might be a chance that you’ve been and featured more than you might have realised. If you appeared online in a positive light then you can feature it in your portfolio, whether it’s related to tech or not.

3. Get Testimonials

Testimonial is a written declaration certifying a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, values, knowledge, excellence, etc., that they possess. It is a letter or written statement of recommendation.

Just make sure you feature your own testimonial on your site. This will help people to gain more trust on you and the brand with which you are dealing.

You can get testimonials about other work you’ve done. If you’re changing careers, ask your former coworker to write a few sentences on what working with you was like. And don’t forget to return the favor!

How to Design a Majestic Website Portfolio?

Infographic By Web Design City

For some people especially those people who don’t consider themselves as writers, the thought of composing a testimonial might be a difficult task. But with the help of advanced CMS tools you can easily prepare your own testimonials.

4. Showcase Your Education

It is an important factor to feature your education in the portfolio. You must be able to explain what you have learned in a training program to enhance your skills. It shows what you learned and how dedicated you are towards your new career.

Don’t be shy at featuring other courses you’ve taken even the online free ones or in workshops. This is because, education done in any form can prove to be beneficial.

5. Include All Your Online Projects

Since you have already mentioned your education in testimonials, why not include the work you did while learning your skills? Don’t limit yourself to final projects for major courses. You can include any exercises or projects that are still incomplete.

If you have built an application using JavaScript or jQuery, you can just include a screenshot and link to that application. Also try to put in all the screenshots of the stages when you were planning to build the app, how the application looked before you made it interactive, and even different screen-shots showing certain features and the X-factor of the app.

6. Include Community Involvement.

Another non-digital aspect to point out in your own Website portfolio is your participation in any groups or organisations. If you attend meet-ups, documentations, seminars or are part of professional organizations, it’s pretty much better if you list them.

There might be an important aspect of the group or your role in it – like you created HTML newsletters for your entrepreneurs’ club or maintained the WordPress site for any function in your area. Those are both best examples of you using your technical skills “in real life” as well as working in a team and on different projects that can add up to a real experience in the eyes of people those who are looking forward to hire you.

How to Use Visual Content to Drive Results

If you are a content marketer, then you probably must have realised that a picture is equivalentto a thousand words. Quality writing an article or a blog is a crucial part of your content triumph, but to really stand out from the crowd, visual content has to be incorporatedto make the content more appealing.

Effective use of visuals go beyond just pleasing the eye. The value of a visual content is literally outpouring. People find visual content irresistible because it is more engaging, easy to understand and entertaining. Content Marketers love visual content because it makes them easier to reach their target audiences. Most of the search engines love visual content because people’s engagement rate is high.
visual content marketing

1.) Make Use of Custom Images
We all do bookmarking. But it’s a very boring task to read the articles that are in a long form without the presence of any images to justify the same. As a matter of fact, internet readers tend to ignore the contents that are presented in the form of massive blocks of texts.

This is the reason where it’s necessary to include compelling images in the posts which can greatly boost the chances of the audience reading your posts from start to the finish if it is accompanied by images related to that post or article. According to the experts, blog posts with high quality images get 94% more viewsthan the posts with only texts.

With the help of resources such as, Canvas, Fotojet, Fotorand Gravit etc., you can create high-quality, captivating, and customised images for free. You can also make use of photo-sharing platforms such as Pinterest and Flickr for free as it produces excellent quality photos for your blog posts.

For the purpose of SEO, make sure your images have the right caption that contains your target keywords. Also, optimize your alt text (or alt tag) for your target keyword.

2.) Create Info-Graphics on a regularly basis
Info-Graphics provide great opportunity to present quick and relevant information to your audience at a glimpse. InfoGraphics is a great way to summarise lengthy, instructional texts in a visually engaging format.

In addition to being visually interesting, attractive and easy to read on the go, Info-Graphics also drive marketing results. They are a great way to generate back links if you ever find your Info-Graphics go viral. This will bring more traffic to your site as well as get your brand name in front of millions of eye balls. When it comes to actually creating anInfo-Graphics, don’t be discouraged by lack of design and skills. There are plenty of Info-Graphic tools and resources to aid the non-designers.

Infographic by www.webdesigncity.com.au

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3.) Back-up Your Ideas with the help of Screenshots
Screenshots allows you to provide your audience with an overview of the real time inner workings of your products or services. It also helps you back-up claims that you make in your sales posts.

You can also combine it with some of your testimonials or marketing copies to boost your post’s integrity and trustworthiness. If you are marketing an application, for instance, clicking a few screenshots with a caption can act as a great visual verification that your audiences need to trust your claims. When using a screenshot, don’t forget to highlight what’s important with annotations.

4.) Videos
Another attractive form of visual content that people love more than images and InfoGraphics are video content. They are highly engaging, visually stimulating, and easy to understand. When it comes to the full potential of videos, figuring out the type of videos can help you rank better.

We all know that, YouTube is the 2nd largest search platform after Google. People visit YouTube everyday for knowledge and entertainment. According to the article on Telegraph, YouTube beat Google for the first time ever as of December 2015 as the most visited site on desktop computers. Content marketers have every reason to put their content on YouTube and embed the link in the relevant webpage. In order to grab attention of your video,it has to be unique and different from what already exists.

Use Keyword Planner to find keyphrases for your target niche segment.

Once you have produced your video ready for publishing, don’t forget to optimize your meta-data, such as video titles, tags, descriptions and even file names – for the targeted keywords. Pick thumbnails that are relevant to your video to allure your viewers.

5.) Engage Your Audience With Useful Presentations

A good alternative to the Info-Graphics are generally the presentations. Presentations use progressive disclosure to tell stories step by step in a formal way, and therefore keep your audience hooked in your story by gradually divulging the narration.

Another advantage of presentation is its visual format. You can use color, images, background, and striking layout in your presentation to tell a memorable story or share any useful information. If your post is too lengthy and not quite appropriate for an Info-Graphic, a well-designed presentation can be highly effective in keeping your readers engaged with your content.

One reason Slide Share is great for search engine marketing, is that the platform automatically transcribes your presentation when you upload. While Slide Share is an SEO friendly platform, never forget to make use of the keywords using keyword research, and thus optimise your slide-titles and Meta-descriptions for your target keyword. You can also embed your presentations on the blog, and share it on every platform.

6.) Other Visuals

Images, Info-Graphics, Videos and presentations are not the only elements that you could incorporate in your visual SEO efforts. There are many other formats that you can make use of. They are:
• Quotable banner graphics:
• Memes:
• Animated charts:
• Embedded Instagram/Tweets:

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