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5 Must-Know SEO Trends of 2019 that Have Come to Stay

If you want to dominate the digital world, you must be aware of the latest SEO tactics and strategies that help in dominating the SERPs and generating more revenue. Here are some of the latest SEO trends that you must be aware of to be ahead of your rivals.
SEO Trends in 2019

Structured ‘Data Mark-up’ Is Absolutely Essential

With the growing importance of artificial intelligence, structured data has also become important. To effectively use artificial intelligence, quick content processing is an absolute necessity long with their association with one another. It is essential to comprehend schema, structured data and passive and active search behaviours, which signal the intent to enable then search behavior to become a huge effort of the findability.

Moreover, the contextual relationships which exist between the behaviours and topics are supported by the structured markup. This is an essential SEO trend that we need to comprehend, test and implement for the year 2019.

Generating Outstanding Content Is a Must

According to the updated Google algorithm of 2018, Google is emphasizing on the quality of the content. The websites that offered exceptional quality of the content soared high up on Google’s SERP. On the other hand, the websites with inferior quality content suffered. This SEO trend of Google of rewarding websites on the basis of content quality would continue in 2019 as well. According to a digital marketing specialist, those who are generating content for keeping their blog alive would not be able to survive in the market.

Improving E-A-T is a Key SEO Trend of 2019

E-A-T is the acronym of ‘expertise’, ‘authority’ and ‘trustworthiness’. According to this trend, you can only rank high up on the search engine of Google by providing quality content on a subject you have authority over. It is essential to look into promotion and content distribution from the standpoint of reputation. You could hire experts for leveraging and authoring data from the known authorities and making sure the credit and credentials are given to both the entities and author.

Investing in the Technical Aspects of SEO

As the websites are becoming more complex, it is becoming imperative to invest in the technical aspect of SEO. Some of the key areas to consider are JavaScript, speed and progressive webApps (PWAs).

Speed: Once it is known that Google would reward all the websites on the basis of speed, the web pages would become less complex and load faster.

JavaScript: The websites would be JavaScript-driven. Hence it is time to get acquainted with JavaScript.

Progressive Web Apps: The entrepreneurs have to start thinking how could their websites live on the PWA.

On-Page SEO Optimisation Trend Would Grow in Importance in 2019

The on-page optimisation trend would continue to grow in importance in the year 2019. Apart from on-page optimisations, some of the chief website optimisation would be making sure the search for the internal sites is offering relevant results, shortening of the conversion process, making sure the repeat customers restock the commonly bought items etc.

These are the various SEO trends of 2019 that you should be acquainted with to give your competitors stiff competition.

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