Should Number-One Rankings on Search Engine be a Priority?

Number one ranking on search engine, this is the goal for which every business runs and optimize their website using various tools. But are you the only one in the race, there are multiple businesses who all running to attain the finite space available on the SERP.

Page 1 Ranking

The new era of SEO may be modifying this priority. It becomes vital to understand whether the number-one rankings are as important as they used to be.
Do you remember last time you had clicked on the 1st positioned website on the SERP to seek the answer to our query? Today, when you put the search query in Google, It will provide you with the abundance of information regarding Knowledge graph, local 3pack business listings, rich snippets set apart from organic search results. These new types of search entries have weakened the organic search engine ranking.

Keyword targeting has become more difficult after the hummingbird algorithmic update which brought semantic searches. Today Google doesn’t provide weight to the content base on the exact match keywords instead it matches the user queries to the most relevant content.

Keyword Targeting

Rich Content: Today everything revolves around quality content, thanks to the semantic searches. As long as you are producing high-value content, you will rank accidentally for many relevant keyword and phrases without even targeting them.

Quality Content

Click Through Rate (CTR) works in co-relation with the higher page ranking. As the more click you receive, the more relevant you will appear, and so higher you will rank.But sitting in position one doesn’t guarantee you that you will receive more clicks, as your competitor sitting a position 2 with better offer might receive more clicks more than you. So, it necessary to optimize your metadata to appeal to your potentials.

Click-through rate

Visitor visit: Consider you are receiving massive traffic on your website but due to irrelevancy or any other factor, users are bouncing off the website, without taking any measurable action on your site. But, along with the important SEO tactics you need to also focus on several other non-SEO factors like conversion optimization, branding, and high-quality, user-friendly design, without these components in place, your SEO strategy won’t hold any value. You need to allocate the resources to achieve the balance between the quality and quantity of the visitors to the site.

Bounce rate
To end:

It doesn’t say that you should throw away your old strategies, as targeting keywords can still work for some small industries. But today SEO is about looking at the broader picture we need to diversify our approach and strategies that will be successful for our brand.

Semantic Search and How It has Advanced The SEO Updated 2020

Semantic search came in 2013 with the release of Hummingbird update and created huge noise in the SEO industry. Semantic search was focused on the intent of the searchers queries with the goal to deliver more relevant results.

Semantic Search and How It has Advanced The SEO

How does semantic search work?

Earlier Google used to find and show the result to the searcher based on the keyword interpretation, it used to count the no. of sequence for the keyword and word used in the context. But the introduction of semantic search brought a change to it as it was an attempt to provide most appropriate SERP results to the language of the Searchers, taking things ahead by not just considering the keywords but the context of the search query, even if it is expressed implicitly.

With the enable of voice search feature in the smartphone , the air was once again blown in the SEO community for “voice search” with the improved ability of Google to fully understand the searcher’s natural language Like “ where can I find the best hotel in Sydney”. But Google didn’t stop here, With Rankbrain update that work on Artificial intelligence(AI), it brought more advancement in understanding of the complex queries that searches uses today and in turn brought more sophistication to semantic searches.

What It Brought For Searchers As A Benefit:

Effective Search – We are able to find our answers even if we are not using right terminology, or not spelling our query in right words, Google will still give us right answer because of it’s intuitive search function. Search function used to be based on more specific search to give effective answers. So the problem was we were not able to get what we were looking for as a query.

Effective SERP results – Now Google as a search engine shows more results due to it has been loaded with high quality content due to this we get direct answers to our queries. This utility of semantic search and its faster growth encourages users and search use in more effective way on daily basis.

User friendly content encouragement – This semantic search has encouraged optimisers to get more effective content for users and spend more time in researching the content on topics which will eventually help search user to find their results.

What it brought for optimisers as a benefit:

Web Design City semantic search

Less focus on exact keywords – Exact keyword has always been very important part of content for optimisers to get focused on main keywords. Now as an optimizer we need to cover keywords with key phrases and synonyms that covers the meaning of keyword for search result and user understand it clearly as an answer to their query. There is no need for many pages with keywords based content rather there can be more informative content for user and search friendly which explains the meaning of term in simpler way.

User Perspective optimisation – content should be rightly optimized rather keywords based so need to spend more time in optimizing content for user perspective. So semantic content search has become harder in a way to track how keywords have been searched and predicted. Best is to spend more time and high efforts on user consumable content.

Synonyms Search Based Content – Now because of semantic search there is more flexibility in content due to synonyms and other wordings in content. Now we can even optimize our long tail phrases which give exact user search results.

Conclusion: In result with semantic search now SEO community is more focused on user friendly content rather keyword specific based. So content marketing strategy has improved content marketing and enhanced it to a level that now content is more important and gives clear message to users. We highly believe in content optimisation strategy as per semantic search and recommend to everyone!

Website redesign: How to retain and improve your SEO Updated 2020

Have you noticed your website recently on a smartphone, is it well optimized? Is the text coming in small format?Is it providing the readability to the users? How is your graphics doing?Is it looking enticing? Is your site is up-to-date with the latest trends? Is your website content receiving the user’sattention? If you have just answered NO to the questions then, its time for you to sit and think about redesigning your website.

redesigning of the website

The redesigning of the website sounds a bit scary as you majorly worry about:

  • What will happen to the authorities of the web pages that you have achieved so far?
  • How it is going to impact the SEO of your website?

We will be discussing here the checklist of the measures that you should take before and while redesigning of the website which not just helps you to retain your SEO ranking on the search engines and the authorities your old site has but also help you to gain more visitors with the new design of the site.

1.) Keeping up with the current updates: It is very essential to know what is moving currently in the SEO related to keyword ranking, Topic ranking, voice searches, and many others. This will help you in creating a plan to decide what thought the process you should keep while building the new site.

Keeping up with the current updates

2.) Impact of Redesign: As we mentioned that often we hesitant about going through the process of redesigning because we are scared of losing the user traffic we gained with the immense effort in the past years.
So, It is mandatory to focus on:

Impact of Redesign

  • Retaining the rankings and traffic with the new design
  • Generating more traffic and improvement in the ranking

The best way to attain these is keeping the old site live but not letting the sites accessed by the crawlers. Having the old crawl data will help in matching the new site URLs with the old site. This will assist you in creating the smooth transition and avoiding complications with the URL structure error in the future.

3.) Minimize changes In the URL structure: It is always better keeping the URL structure and Page title, meta descriptions, headers and so forth the same, as this way the chances of going wrong will be minimized.

URL structure

4.) 301 Redirect: It is first, and the foremost thing you should take care of when designing a new site. Create a sheet of old URL structure and ensure the smooth 301 redirections of all the URLs to the new website. 301 redirection minimises the loss of page authority.

301 Redirect

5.) Internal and backlinks Report: Use the crawl data of the old website to diagnose the internal links of the webpages. Understand whether all the internal links have been achieved on the new pages or not as this will create a direct impact on the ranking of the page. Using webmaster tool and crawl data of the old website, get the analytics on the update of the backlinks to the new site so to get it indexed and rank quickly in the Google and Bing search engines.

 Internal and backlinks Report

6.) Google Search Console: Using Google search console you can diagnose 301 redirect and 404 pages, It will guide you through the details of what is working and what’s not, and later you can make the required changes and updates as per the report. The search analytics will also help you inmeasuring the traffic, impressions, CTR and average position.

Google Search Console

7.) Content: If your old content is doing well and have been receiving a generous amount of traffic, don’t touch it for changes rather keep it as it is. But if this doesn’t makethe case then try to create more user engagement SEO content about your products, services to the site, write about latest topics focussing on your industry (take the assistance of Google Trends). This will help in generating more traffic to the website.

Content is king

8.) XML Sitemap: As we want the search engines to understand our new sites changes quickly with the 301 redirects, site structure, and navigation,so submit your website sitemap to the search engines, i.,e Google and Bing.

XML Sitemap

9.) Monitor Site Traffic: While redesigning of the site, you can expect fluctuations in the page ranking. Run the analysis and find the changes in the web pages performance in the first month itself so you can work on the URL structure and keywords which will minimize the complication in the future.

Monitor Site Traffic

10.) Technical Audit: Use the technical audit tools like Screaming frog, Deep crawl, Moz and other tools available online to run the audit of the new site to find the issues and resolve them before they start creating problems.

Technical Audit

These are some of the points you should consider and put your eye on while redesigning your site. To make your redesign successful take the assistance of the professional and trusted agencies, who will not just ensure that your new website meets the latest trends in terms of design and performance but also retain and shower more traffic and revenue than before.

Google My Business Introduces Videos Uploads in the Dashboard

Google has officially announced the Video upload feature on Google My Business (GMB) Dashboard. The businesses can now view and upload the videos on the GMB page for the customer views. It is currently available for the video length of 30secs.

How to access Video in Google My business dashboard:

  • 1. Go to the GMB dashboard and click on the photo tab.
  • 2. The photos panel will appear, and on the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the + sign.
  • 3. Click on the “+” and another window will pop-up saying “ select photos and videos from the computer”. Using the selection upload the video.
  • 4. Once you have submitted the video, it will take 24 hours for the video to appear.
  • 5. The videos will appear in the overview section of the dashboard.
  • 6. You can select “By owner” or “By customer” tabs to find the videos uploaded by the owner or the customer.
  • 7. Just like the photo tab, Video tab is available to see all the videos in one place.
  • 8. You can find the live video in the local panel, same like the photos.

It is possible that all the uploaded videos might now be suitable for the business listing and you want to stop its appearance for your customers. So, what can we do? Besides the video upload feature, GMB also allows you to raise the flag against such videos to stop showing it in the local panel.

Web Design City create Google Map Listings of SEO customers. Team very well maintain it and promote it on search engine to bring on top. Google My Business can be updated with full contact details, address, profile photos of the services and now video as well.

Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution Strategies in 2020

“Content is King” the most overused line that we all have been hearing for a couple of years and many experts’ time, on time are imposing lights on how content can be leveraged for business success. Content is a massive tool that allows you to build a strong relationship with your audience. But, If your content has not reached the target audience, and has not been able to make his presence felt on the internet and then it is doing no good. No matter how great, informative and innovative that content is. To present your content online your strategy should be using both free and paid channels, under this, you pick those channels which are working best for you and helping you in achieving your business goals.

Content is King

Most important that we emphasize is presenting content in different forms to grab the attention of the audience of each category, the ones who like reading, like watching videos for information, or don’t prefer complicated post instead appealed by graphics.

While creating content, it is essential to define your buyer persona, who are they? Students, or executives, shoppers? Are they a prospect or an existing customer? Ask yourself, other questions like whether it is just the information you want to present? Or Want to generate leads? Or want users to sign up for ebooks? There could many goals depending on the industry and the time needs. And last but not the least is speak the language that your customer speaks. This makes the customer more comfortable with the content and makes him consume more. These pre-assessments provide us the path to create the impactful content that will directly connect us with the readers.

Content Distribution

As we said earlier, Not just writing an impressive content is going to help, but we should find the best channels to distribute it. Here we are mentioning some prominent ways of reaching the consumer on multiple channels.

1.) Video Marketing: If you haven’t started promoting video content yet, then better gear up now. Videos are the best way of putting your thoughts and engaging the viewers. There are great tools available online like Lumen5 and Content Samurai, where you can convert your blog post into videos, you can add images, add narrations and once you’re ready with the video start promoting on YouTube channels and other channels like Vimeo.

Video Marketing

2.) Infographics: It is a way of representing the complex content most appealingly and straightforwardly to your audience. Business who uses Infographics grows their viewer traffic by 12% more than the firms who are not. As there are many tools available online, I would like to share the name which I have used myself and loved the most, Piktochart and Canva are among them. Here you can be as creative as possible with the content, and ensure to make it shareable by adding social sites to it.


3.) E-books: It will excite you to know that you can now create e-books of your blog post yourself. Yes, you don’t have to run behind the designers and agencies anymore. There are various tools available online like the Blogbooker, Designrr, Fastpencil etc. where you convert the post into e-books in a few simple steps. We would also stress to add the social site to your e-books which will allow people to share it with their friends and colleagues.


4.) The Power of Email: Email has been a great medium of reaching to the prospects, and every big brand like Amazon, and Flipkart, are using this medium to promote their products and offering to drive more customer engagement. Using an email is a no-brainer, we just have to use some strategies to multiply the outcomes. You can use email to let the brands know that you are talking about them on your blogs or you ask them generously if they can share links to your post which will help you to create inbound links. Also, in your day to day activities whenever you’re communicating with emails try to add the content or post link in your signature. Using these techniques, you will be able to earn more traffic to your post.

Email Marketing

5.) Reddit: You must have heard of Reddit if you’re a digital Marketer and if not, then Reddit is a social news sharing and discussion website and is a great way of promoting and telling your audience that you are online. In Reddit you have to create a link post to let the user read and see your content in the most appropriate subreddit (category). Posting your content on such sites can help in indexing and ranking of the post.

Reddit Marketing

Make Your SEO Campaigns SMART in Year 2020

As now Year 2018 has arrived and each SEO in every business is thinking about which new campaign strategy to embed in their approach to maximize the results on Google search engine in terms of Google #1 rank, Traffic on website, Leads, Conversions etc.

SMART in Year 2018
Being an SEO, we always work towards making the campaigns and activities success, but not every time we able to achieve even though we work hard. Our goal should be clear and reachable, and each one should be SMART (S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Relevant, T- Time-bound) to ensure that our SEO campaigns and activities are yielding results. We will now see how we can use the SMART approach in SEO to achieve the aggressive businesses goals without being unrealistic.

S- Specific: Your goal has to be significant and specific otherwise you work will be clumsy. Digital Marketing can help the business to achieve the Google Page# 1, but precisely what we want to yield out of it whether we are looking for more traffic or signups or leads. If we are clear on these perspectives, then it becomes easy to strategies your campaigns and works towards to it.

M- Measurable: It is essential to measure and track your progress. As rightly said anything which is measurable is achievable. We embed Google analytics on the website to monitor websites performance but is that enough? No, we need to know specific Goal dependent parameters to track to ensure we are moving on the right path.

SEO 2018

Instance, if you want to see the conversions for your informational website, then we should especially track the number of sign-ups, e-book downloads; visitors time spent for the website.

A-Achievable: Your goal has to be attainable and realistic at the same time. Setting the realistic goal will require the great understanding of search engine and target keywords. A pre-analysis should be done on target keywords to understand its SEO feasibility also, whether available resources are enough to achieve the goal or not.

R- Relevant: When you are creating content and targeting keyword it has to website specific. As we understand that Content relevancy plays vital role in Google page ranking factors. If we keep on writing the content without receiving any views on them, then we might not reach the desired outcome. In case of blog the content should be in-line with the topic.

T – Time-bound: In SEO, results are derived organically which takes more extended period as compared to PPC (Pay Per Click) where we achieve results instantly. So it becomes vital to know your timelines and though it is not easy to determine the specific time to complete your set goal in SEO, because your campaign keeps on changing depending on the kind of efforts required to achieve the goal. So we can only estimate the timelines based on the target keyword searches, website analysis and by tracking the KPIs and the progress for the set goal.

SEO Company

The SMART does not end here, to make your website compete in the Year 2018, we should also focus on the Great user experience which increases the chances of user engagement for the pages that user has visited. This helps search engines understand how relevant the page is and which page to give more priority over others. In the year 2018, the Google will be keeping a close watch on the natural link building also, as more users are making voice searches with long tails keywords your website has to be optimized to make it Voice search friendly. SMART SEO can help you to continue your position in Google #page 1 and to bring more traffic to the website.

Google: Fundamentals of writing Meta descriptions don’t change with longer search snippets

Google has officially talked about what webmaster should focus on when writing the Meta descriptions after the Google has extended their search engine snippets.

In the beginning of this month, Google has confirmed that it has extended the search snippet from 160 characters to maximum of 320 characters. Although the length has been extended the fundamentals of writing a description has remain the same.

It is completely based on the search query and the content which is there on the website which decides what to show o the search snippet. This expansion does not mean that the present Meta descriptions need to be expanded. If you feel it is adequate to showcase what you want, it is perfectly fine to move ahead with that.

In short if you are satisfied with the way your Meta descriptions are shown, then there is no need to make any changes to it. If you are not, then try changing them. In either of the ways your Meta description is only going to give impact to your CTR rather than search rankings. It has already told by Google that in SEO techniques the Meta description length has been extended. But this particularly does not mean that everyone has to change the length of the Meta tag. It has to be short and precise which just give summary about the content like earlier.

Anyway this is not going to affect your website ranking but it does affect the way your website is shown on search engines and whether with the shown content your website is going to get the click or not. It is only about the CTR which is going to affect. So, according to the performance and you r analysis tries to make your Meta description longer or shorter.

Google's New Meta Description Length

This is only going to affect the way your website ranking. Since, it is not a ranking factor it does make sense to optimize your Meta description according to the need. Meta description shows the description about the page content. This makes something legitimate to show as according to the performance of website you can make your Meta longer or shorter. You can make it obvious enough when you want your user to get more information about the website, you can increase the length of the Meta.

Google officially increases length of snippets in search
So, the only thing which we need to keep in mind is that we adjust the description based on user’s query. So, do a site analysis in search analytics and search console what the top queries are and what’re leading to your pages. Optimize your Meta description based on those analytics and increase the traffic.

Google revamps its SEO Starter Guide

This being the first SEO starter guide in several years, it holds huge importance for the digital marketing industry. Google has announced that the old PDF format of the SEO starter guide has been retired which was published in 2008 and is now replaced with a new web based version.

The updated version has additional sections required by the search engine optimization, building mobile friendly websites and adding structured data markup. The version has now been available in 9 different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Russian.

Google revamps its SEO Starter Guide

The purpose of the guide
The guide is for those manage, owns and promote content through Google Search. If someone is an SEO expert or digital marketing freak, this guide is meant for you. For understanding the basics of the SEO, this guide is the perfect place for the one. The guide will provide the best practices which will help in attaining the best results. The guide will provide the techniques which make it easier for the search engines to crawl and index your content.

SEO is all about helping the search engines to understand the content and behave accordingly.
Getting started with the guide:-

Terms related to SEO are

Terms related to SEO

  • Index
  • Crawl
  • Crawler
  • Googlebot
  • SEO

Are you on Google?

Are you on Google

Make a check whether your site appears on Google or not. Use it like Site: website URL.
If the website shows up then it indexed on Google.

Help Google find your content

Google find your content
For making your content visible to the Google, it is important that you submit a site map. A sitemap is a file which tells Google about the new or changed pages of the website. Google can also find new pages through links from other pages as well.

Tell Google which pages shouldn’t be crawled
Best practices are

  • Use robots.txt (non sensitive information)
  • Noindex tag or requiring a user password to access the page ( sensitive information)

Help Google understand your content

Recommendations are

  • Make sure that Googlebot can crawl JavaScript, CSS and image files by using fetch as Google tool.
  • Check your Robots.txt with Google search console

Create good titles and snippets
Your title must appear in the first line of the results. The title of homepage must consist of the basic information about the website, contact details and other information required by the visitor.

Meta tags

  • Description Meta tag: This will give information to the search engine what the page is all about. This is placed within the element of HTML document.

understand your content

Merits of description Meta tag
This tag can be used by the search engine to deliver the best possible result to the query by the user incase the Google remains unable to find the content suitable enough to provide to the user.

Best practices
Accurately summarize the page content
Use unique description for each page

Use heading tags to emphasize important text
Heading tags would help in getting the text larger on the page than the normal text. This will give a normal hint to the visitors that the particular text is important. Usage of heading tags would help in creating a hierarchical structure for the content making it easy for the user to go through the content easily and understand it.

Best practices
Imagine you are writing an outline; make it to the point to cover the gist of the content
Use headings across the page

Use structured data markup
It is the code which is added to the site’s pages to make the content understandable to search engines.

Best practices
Check your markup using the structured data testing tool
Use data highlighter
Keep track of markup pages

Manage your results in Google search
With the use of correct structured data, search results will understand the content and make the best of it to make it available to the user.

Organize your site hierarchy

your results in Google search

  • Understand how search engines use url
  • Navigation is important for search engines
  • Plan navigation based on homepage
  • Breadcrumbs list
  • Simple navigation page for the users

Best practices
Create naturally flowing hierarchy
Use text for navigation
Create sitemap for the search engines and navigational pages for the users
Custom 404 pages

  • Simple url convey content information
  • URLs displayed in search results

Best practices
Use words in URL
Create simple directory structure
Provide one URL to access the page

Optimize your content

  • Make your site interesting and useful
    With the use of relevant and unique information make your site interesting. Try to get some compelling content which drives the user to your website.
  • Know what your readers want

Best practices
Write easy to read text
Organize your topics early
Create fresh unique content
Optimize content for users and not search engines

  • Use links wisely
    Write good link text

Best practices
Choose descriptive text
Write concise text
Format links to make them easy to spot
Anchor text for internal linking

Optimize your content

  • Optimize the images
    Use the alt attribute

Best practices
Use descriptive filenames and alt text

  • Help search engine find your images
    Use image sitemap to make Googlebot understand what the image is all about
  • Use standard formats

Mobile friendly website
Most of the people use mobile for any query. In such a scenario your website need to perform on mobile too. This will increase your reach to the people. Make your website responsive to get more customer visibility for your website. Make it responsive for mobile phones, tablets, smart phones, multimedia phones, feature phones.

Mobile friendly website

Promote your website
Your website needs promotion as without it no one even know about it.

Promote your website
Best practices
Know about social media sites
Reach out to those communities which are in relation to your site

Analyze your search performance and user behavior
Analyze search performance
Through Google search console tool, one can analyze the performance of the website. the tool will help you in getting your issues in front. It will help in addressing the issues and if done, can help in better performance of the website.

Analyze search performance

Analyze user behavior
Once you are done with the crawling and indexing of your site, your next step might be for the traffic behavior on the website. This information can be attained with the help of Google analytics tool.

Future of digital marketing: Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning is now the future of digital marketing. But only few of the SEO experts are showing their inclination towards it. Experts primarily use the on-page and off page SEO techniques as machine language is still a name and not so much to think about. Machine language has not even changed the landscape of SEO. But if the same trend of negligence is taken forward by SEO experts and they remain blind eye at it, they will definitely be left behind. Usage of machine learning algorithms on site’s visibility will only increase with time.

Future of digital marketing

Before moving further, we must know what actually is machine learning?

According to Wikipedia “machine learning is from computer science field which gives computer the ability to learn without using programming language or coding. It is actually a sub field of artificial intelligence. In AI, machine learning teaches the machines to perform an activity which needs human intelligence.

So, given below are certain areas to play close attention to:-

1.) User Search Friendly Content
The driving force of search engine optimization will be Content, where more concern of the SEO professionals would be for User experience than other factors links, on-page factors, and technical issues.

Search Friendly Content

First and foremost efforts of Google Search is for satisfying user intent and like digital marketers and content marketers SEOs has to be at the same platform as they will all share a similar goal —to provide best UX and get ranked on search engine accordingly.

In the near future what you need to focus more on is the quality of content when AI knows to get the access to page quality at an instant.

Responsibility of the SEOs will be then to check if content:

  • Must satisfy user intent
  • Positive user experience
  • Useful content to move users forward to a conversion
  • Contentis of high quality and relevant to website

If they fail to know that all the data used has been understood by the machine now, they need to get it right otherwise their website will end in lower ranking.

2.) Links Creation and On-page Optimisation
With the advent of machine learning algorithms conventional methods will take the place over traditional on page optimization technique. Meta descriptions, Title tags, URLs, and alt texts will have their roles to play, but they would not be the factors which will act as deciding factor of a website make or break.

Links Creation and On-page Optimisation

Creativity will be the driving factor for SEOs… Strategies that will not be addressed now can be addressed with the help of AI algorithms along with SEO professional who consistently modify their methods to make strategies.

Black hat optimization and gray hat optimization will be the terms of past. If anyone found guilty in webmasters and website owners will be punished.

Organic links will hold less importance too. After the Google updates with machine learning techniques it will be able to verify and check the website without relying on link building techniques or methods. Goggle will understand with the help of Deep mind whether the link provided has been correctly placed within the content or not and analyze the users behavior on that particular link. If Google found no relevance and zero value to the link it will not link the value to give high SERP to the webpage.

Google will be smarter then and rather than focusing on organic baclinks or it will focus more on looking the baclinks cloud. If the back link cloud found to be in organic and manipulated the site’s SERP will be lowered. Non organic linear link building will not be appreciated.

3.) Technical Side of SEO
Expertise and Technical knowledge will hold less importance in SEO. Robots.txt files, Sitemaps, and scripts will be decided and analyzed by.

Technical Side of SEO

In the coming future, website management will require least human engagement and interaction. But this doesn’t mean that SEO will be completely out of the picture.

Google focuses more on the usage of AMP, structured data and do optimization for Alexa, voice search as the website needs to analyzed by AI and will then be able to rank it as well. Without input and output data, setup AI would be of no use.

4.) User Experience is Important
User experience is one factor which has and which will always hold importance for SERP ranking unlike on-page optimization, technical aspects of SEO like Links and others. Great UX will be the driving factor for a website that will be used to rank a website.

CTR and user engagement are they best indicators of a healthy web page which has lived up to the expectation of user. Google will definitely brush up its machine learning algorithms to make sure that they are able to experience a website’s page as a human interaction. UX ten can be easily judged by AI and hence can be ranked easily.

User Experience

Thus, SEOs, along with designers, developers, digital marketers, and business analysts, will have to scrutinize their websites to make sure that all weak UI/UX spots are covered, and that a site’s load speed is up to snuff.

Thus designers, developers, SEOs will have to make a check on the WebPages as to whether the page is providing UX and UI up to the mark or not. It will be collective team effort.

Thus Google is all ready to make a shift to AI and machine learning making SERP not an easy task for each and everyone associated with the task whether it is an SEO or web designer, developer, analyst.

Dos and Don’ts of Online Reviews

It is true that customer reviews can increase both site traffic and conversions, while improving your business’ reputation. Whether the reviews are positive or negative impacts your online reputation significantly. The best thing about online reviews is that they are authentic and more trusted by current and future customers.

Some Do’s of Online Reviews

  • Incentive customers to write reviews. You can offer a discount, coupon, or future benefit for filling a particular survey. This is an easy way to encourage future sales and get feedback.
  • Embrace your product. It is essential for you to stay focused on all the key benefits of your product or service. Doing this would increase positive reviews by managing expectations.
  • Act and react. Always respond to reviews no matter positive or negative with openness, detailed rhetoric, and enthusiasm. It is the best way to boost good comments and squash the bad ones.
  • Try to simplify the process. You can use online platforms to make it simple for your customers to leave reviews. It would be easy for you to manage them. The resources such as customer lobby, power reviews, demand force, etc. would contact your customers for you.
  • Always send the right message. Craft the copy in your reviews and messaging statements fully so that your customers feel empowered. Cater automated responses to customers and be friendly. Take the help of an expert web design company.

Some Dont’s of Online Reviews


  • Annoy customers by forcing them to write reviews.
  • Try to be something you are not.
  • Overreact to negative reviews.
  • Post fake reviews.

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Hire Top SEO Companies for Genuine Reviews

It is always advisable to hire a web development company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is truly instrumental in making your business gain online visibility. Search engines are considered as the heart of the internet. Your business needs SEO services as they are helpful in maintaining a better position of your website. They even help you to generate good sales. It is better to hire SEO companies because they track the exact position of your website. They offer you different methods to improve your website.

SEO Companies for Genuine Reviews

The perfect cost-effective SEO services would offer you interactive features such as on-page and off-page services. On-page services include content development, on-page optimisation, content optimisation, etc. Off-page services deliver article/blog submission, link popularity building, directory submissions, etc. Fake reviews can mar your online image to a great extent so it is better to contact the experts for genuine and worthy reviews.

Why is UX Focus as Important as SEO for a Website?

User experience or UX is undeniably a key factor that guarantees the success or failure of a website. User-friendliness is synonymous with the user experience. A user-oriented website not only increases user-engagement but also pulls more web traffic. Users would most likely stick to a website that easily navigable, has fast loading time and has well-organized quality content.

A website that offers enriched user experience ranks higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Thus user experience impact SEO greatly and thereby UX is considered as important as SEO for the success of a website.

SEO for a Website

Here are the reasons why UX is considered to be as important as the SEO services for a website

Ever-Changing Selection Criteria of Search Engines: Success or failure of a business depends on brand recognition. The higher a website ranks on the search engines, the more visibility it gets. Earlier search engines considered just two criteria for ranking pages. They ranked pages on the basis of the relevance of page content to search queries and the number of links a page had.

SEO and UX

Though these factors are still considered for ranking pages, Google’s algorithms have become more sophisticated now. The search engines now take into consideration greater number of factors such as time spent on the pages, page-layouts and much more. For instance, recently Google has declared that from February 2018 onwards the canonical and the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) should match or otherwise would not be considered for the ‘search features.

However, Google has not declared the various criteria it uses for ranking pages, but in various publications, it has hinted that UX is a key criterion for ranking pages.

Fast Loading Website: It is quite obvious that in a world so pressed for time, users do not have either the time or the patience to wait for several seconds for a web page to load. With the rising popularity of the mobile internet, the loading speed of a website has become an important criterion for ranking.

Fast Loading Website

The user experience (UX) is affected by the loading time of a web page. The faster it is the more rewarding would be the UX. It is, therefore a key criteria search engines use for ranking pages. Thus, a web development company considers this factor while designing a web page to ensure more visibility and success to a website.

The Success of a Website Depends on the Customers: Ultimately, the success and failure of a website depend on the users. If users are happy to visit your website, you would get more potential customers, which would help you to generate more profits in the long run. You can make your online visitors happy by giving them an enriched user experience. The essentials of UX are a navigable website, visually appealing page layout, well-structured content and fast loading pages.

Website Depends on the Customers

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BLACK HAT Techniques in SEO that can Really Dump your Website

What is Black Hat in SEO?

Black hat is basically derived from a famous movie where the ‘Bad Guy’ is named as ‘Black Hat’ whereas the ‘Good Guy’ was named ‘White Hat’. Black hat refers to the use of deceptive and spamming techniques in order to rank a website on the top of the SERP. This can really damage your website by getting de-indexed in search engine databases.

Black Hat in SEO

As more and more users demand for highly relevant and quick information when searching online, Google continues to change and update its search algorithms for the best possible result which can further enhance the user experience.

Thus if SEO is done in a genuine and correct way, only then it can yield some positive results. One must stay away from illegal and unethical ‘Black Hat’ SEO Techniques and use only the lawful ‘White Hat’ SEO techniques for a better ranking in a long run.

Below are some of the Black Hat SEO Techniques that a digital marketer must know to safeguard their website:

  1. Content Plagiarism/ Duplicasy
  2. Keyword Stuffing
  3. Hidden Text
  4. Link Farming
  5. Unnecessary redirects
  6. Cloaking

Lets know more about these unlawful techniques in detail

  1. Content Plagiarism/ Duplicasy

Content Plagiarism/ Duplicasy

Copying content from another website which is also called duplicate content is considered as one of the biggest black hat technique. Google disapproves this technique as it deploys regular and newer updates in its algorithm to take care that none of the website is using duplicate content. A unique content only gets indexed once in search engines. If the website uses duplicate content then the algorithms will automatically de-index the website in the spam-box. Therefore, the focus of the websites must be on writing fresh, new and unique content for a better engagement of the users.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing
This techniques worked many years back and was considered popular. Keyword stuffing means unnecessarily overusing the keywords, important words or phrases repeatedly in content. This can really very annoying and can harm both the user experience as well as can make your website getting spammed.

3. Hidden Text

Hidden Text
The Highlighted Sentence is HIDDEN
Hidden texts are the texts that are not visible to the user or the visitor. It looks just like the white text on a white background that makes it easy to stuff extra keywords on your site.

We as humans cannot track the same colored text on same colored background, but Google’s crawlers can. Bots/crawlers is an automated system that scans your source code in the back-end of the website to trace such errors. If Google finds such malpractice on your website, then you will be penalized for it. Hence it is better to ensure that your website is ‘hidden text’ free.

4. Link Farming (Reciprocal Links or Link Exchanges)

Link Farming
There are large numbers of site or a group of sites that serve the purpose of increasing the link popularity of another website through the link exchanges. This practice is commonly called Link farming.

In this practice, the website will have numerous hyperlinks and anchor texts that are basically irrelevant. Google does not prefer unrelated links, linking to a website. By following this practice, your website will most likely be rooted out and penalized. Hence one must not get involved in Link Farming as it can definitely ruin the user experience thereby hurting your rankings.

5. Unnecessary Re-directs

Unnecessary Re-directs
Unnecessary redirecting can be a bit irritating for a visitor visiting your website. In this situation, a website automatically gets redirected to another website that is either irrelevant or useless.

Google bots get to know the URLs of such re-directs and according sends the websites to spam box. This technique was prevalent long time ago. But now this has been completely banned. A website can only use these redirects:

  • 301 Permanent Re-direct.
  • 302 Temporary Re-direct

6. Cloaking

Cloaking is most widely used and is a popular Black hat technique. Cloaking is the practice of mis-leading the Search Engine by showing different content to Google and taking your websites visitors to a different web page, after having clicked the search engine link.

For example
Your website makes Google think that you are directing visitors to a live football match update site. But your website is actually publishing information about sales on Men and Women’s apparels and accessories.

Google uses its search algorithms to locate such fraud and mis-leading activities, and if detected, such websites are subjected to penalty.

Basic Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Do you think, just by designing your website will make it rank good at SERP?

The answer would be a clear NO. Website design and development alone is not enough in order to make a website rank a better position in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Therefore, we have framed few important fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that would help you to bring more and more traffic to your website.

But, to make it more successful, one must have a certain level of knowledge about HTML.

Page Meta Title

Meta-Title is the title that you give to your webpage within the meta-tags. It helps the people to know the page where he is about to visit. An attractive title will attract more and more visitors to the website.

As per the search engine point of view, in order to crawl a website, the crawlers make use of the Meta-Title and the keywords placed in it.

Page Meta Title

It must be kept in mind that the meta-title must be relevant to the URL linked to it. The meta-title should not be too long.

The title should be kept under 55 characters including spaces and punctuation which is best for display in the search engines. It is a recommendation that the keywords and phrases must be used only once in the title.

Your page Meta-Title must be:

  • concise.
  • Longer than 40 characters.
  • Take the form of a sentence rather than a list of keywords.
  • Repetition of the word must be avoided.
  • Unique to every page’s content.
  • Company name must be at the end, not the beginning.

The HTML code for Meta-Title tag must be

<title> Basic Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- Web Design City </title>

Meta – Description

Meta Description

Meta – Description is a concise description of the content of the page and must be different for every page of your site. There is no limit for the length of the Meta – Description, however, a good rule of thumb is a maximum of 150 characters.

Your description should be in sentence form rather than just a list of keywords.

This description will appear as the description of your site below the title in some search engine result pages.
Again, many sites make the mistake of having the same description on every page in their site or omitting these tags altogether.

<meta name=”description” content=” we have framed few important fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that would help you to bring more and more traffic to your website.”>

Proper Usage of Heading Tags

Heading Tags

Heading tagsare part of the HTML coding for a Web page Designing and development. Headings are defined with H1 to H6 tags.

The H1 tag is defined as the most importantheading which is mostly the largest or boldest in a web page, whereas H6 indicates the lowest – level heading tag.

The six different HTML headings those are included in a web page:

  • <h1>This is heading 1</h1>
  • <h2>This is heading 2</h2>
  • <h3>This is heading 3</h3>
  • <h4>This is heading 4</h4>
  • <h5>This is heading 5</h5>

Use Neat URL

SEO-friendly URL

Many sites, particularly sites that are mainly driven by databases system or Content Management System, tend to use long (Uniform Resource Locator) URL’s also called Web Addresses to provide their content.

If you look in the address bar or your web browser, you will see the address of the page you are currently visiting. It is very important that the URL must be neat because it is easy to remember and is also easy for the Search Engines to follow.

Many website URLs are not at all optimized, which leads to inconvenience to the visitors. These sorts of addresses are not only difficult, for your visitors to remember, but they can also stop search engines to track your website.
If the URL’s on your site is long as well as clumsy without the presence of any keyword, you could be preventing Search Engines from even finding your page, indexing it and listing it in their result pages.

10 Ways to Measure Video Marketing ROI Updated 2020

In online marketing, use of video content plays a very vital role in creating a business demand. With the rise of internet use, video content has dominated the web and, with its user engaging nature, most of the big brands follow this marketing strategy. The video content has the power to increase the reach of businesses, build brand image, boost followers in social media and thus generate ample leads to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).

In this article, marketing metrics are explained in brief in order to establish Return on Investment (ROI).

Video Marketing

1.) Search Rankings

Monitoring how well your content in the website is ranking for all the listed short tailed keywords should be considered as a top priority, especially. Your video content should aim to help your target audience resolve their issues and queries.

In order to ensure that your content is being seen by right people, ranking at a good position will help to increase your reach and boost a variety of other key areas that will generate important data for further enhancing and altering the planned digital strategy.

2.) Views

Views are considered as one of the most important as well as easiest to find out. It is mostly said that higher the views of the videos, the higher would be the rate of conversion.
The total views will provide you with a fair knowledge about what your video has achieved from when its uploaded, but that doesn’t mean people are watching your videos till the end.

3.) Play Rate

Play rate, is the percent of page visitors who clicked on play button and started watching. This is a great metric for measuring whether your video is the best based on its context and is fairly relevant.

Understanding the play rate figures is crucial for ensuring your videos are well-positioned on your website as, if this figure is lower than expected, you will be able to efficiently ascertain whether additional attention to placement is required.

4.) Watch Time

Watch time exactly shows how much time your viewers are spending on watching your video content. It is a medium to judge the engagement rate of a particular video they are viewing.

This metric will be displayed as a percentage and, the higher the percentage, the more successful the video has been in engaging and entertaining your audiences.

On the contrary, if you discover that your viewers aren’t fetching your content to be engaging, closely reviewing both format and length is important, especially if your call to action is positioned at the end.

Video Marketing Sydney

5.) Subscribers

Establishing a strong subscriber base is a key contributor to the success of your regularly produced video based content.

Expanding your subscriber base will help you to increase your reach, but it will also provide you with important data that you can analyse in order to ascertain the demographics of your existing audience.

From here, you can look at whether your video content is gaining attraction from the target audience, or whether your approach needs adjusting in order to do so.

6.) Social Sharing

Monitoring your social shares will give you an idea of how well your audience are getting engaged with your videos on social media.

If you’re making videos specifically for social media then this is obviously a very important metric.

Alongside increasing your reach, views, and subscribers, the knowledge you will gain about the types of content your target audience wants to share with their friends and followers on social media should form a key part of your video content strategy moving forwards.

7.) Back-Links Generation

Video marketing is essential part of SEO. Video is typically a type of content that can be shared countlessly by the people who might think the video to be worthy for sharing and are likely to link to it.

Although video isn’t necessarily the best method for building lots of backlinks, keeping an eye on this metric will help you assess how your video content is playing into your SEO strategy.

SEO metrics are often far more tangible in terms of ROI, as rankings increases ultimately lead to more onsite traffic which can be closely assessed through Google Analytics.

It’s also worth noting that more back-links to your videos mean higher rankings in Google and, more importantly, YouTube, meaning more views and more exposure.

8.) Click Through Rate (CTR)

This data will provide you with a clear indication of how persuasive your video content is at encouraging viewers to follow your calls to action.

If you want your audience to click through to a specific page on your website for further information, sign up to your mailing list or follow you on social platforms, it’s important to understand what percentage of your audience is following through and how you can improve these figures to achieve your goals.

video marketing tips

9.) New Lead Generation

The golden ticket of all marketing data; keeping a close eye on your lead generation and sales figures will always give you the most comprehensive understanding of the levels of ROI your video campaigns are achieving.

The trouble of course is that new leads generated from individual videos can be difficult to measure when you have multiple campaigns and tactics playing out across multiple platforms.

A lift in leads and sales figures are the most important indicator of good ROI however and so must always be closely monitored following the launch of a key video campaign.

10.) Adjusting Your Video Strategies to Improve ROI

Digital marketing is in a constant state of fluctuations, with video marketers needing to adjust their approach towards the expectation of the audiences, the marketing landscape and seasonal changes and trends of the audience.

Like any marketing strategy, accurately measuring ROI is very important in order to ensure that you are consistently investing time, efforts and resources into the areas that will yield the most positive results. This means regularly and accurately reviewing your data to ensure your tactics and campaigns are working in the expected manner.

9 easy ways to Increase Your Business Authority

Everyone in the digital marketing space is looking forward to become an influencer and gain authority in one way or another.

In order to gain authority amongst the prospective clients, one should speak at the conference, publish a book on your own or get into a healthy publicity to build your overall authority, influence and thus create awareness among the masses.

Henceforth, here are the nine pointers which has to be followed to maximize the authority and influence being a marketer.

Build Connections And Relationships

1.) Write About News Or Features

If you are into writing a blog, or a third party site like LinkedIn or Medium, I strongly believe writing is one of the core ways to build your influence and create a market presence.

It’s vital to write about cover news and review features from various sites, tools, or communities. Not only does it keep your name visible in the most current of topics, it also allows you to provide one of the most valuable aspects of an influencer; the cliff notes we all care about.

Tips to improve your success:

  • Try to follow the Developer and Support departments of all the platforms or services related to your business genre or expertise. This allows you to identify areas of discussion where people are looking for counseling and helps in showing the articles which would be helpful.
  • Make sure to write about a Specific News Event but also try to add a Personal Expert Commentary, benefitting your readers.

2.) Build Connections And Relationships With Real Influencers

A person is known by the Company he keeps. Hence, take time to build real friendships with influential people in your space and related area, as it will result in your influence increasing as well as helping you to earn few cool friends, which can be of great benefit.

Tips to improve your success:

  • Identify influencers you want to be friends with. Find some common interests, listen to their interviews or speeches, read their comments on posts and articles and find areas of similar interest or expertise to potentially connect around the globe.
  • Try to lend a helping hand to the new friends first and not asking anything in return.
  • Interact with influencers frequently, through commenting, replying, contacting, prior to the first meet.

3.) Make Yourself Heard

Once Sarah Smith, a SEO expert at Web Design City said to me, when I asked her what she thought about growing your influence; “The road to influence is paved in generosity.” So its good to be generous and humble in sharing the expertise with others

Best authors believe in giving their knowledge generously, with honesty and empathy for the needs and burdens of their audiences. True authorities know that you can only earn authority from generously helping others.

So the road to influence is paved with generosity. Help others in any way and in any format you can — via blog posts, questions, videos, Facebook Lives, or wherever un-answered questions are present.

More Leads For Your Business With SEO

Tips to improve your success:

  • Review the sources you would like to get quoted in, identify which authors tend to include quotes in the reviews.
  • Make attempt to connect with the authors that you feel are more likely to get connected.

4.) Quote Influential People
When you reach out to experts and influencers around a topic which you are writing about, you not only improve the quality of the article and the information it contains but in your readers’ eyes you also elevates your level of authority and influence.

Even the ability to acquire a quote from an influence, says something to your influence.

Tips to Improve Your Success:

  • Once you have received a quote from a selected expert or influencer, get connected with them on any social channels.
  • When your article is published, send it to the people you have quoted in the same article, as they are likely to share it with their followers, improving your influence and visibility on a whole.

5.) Share Your Expertise

If you are really looking forward to increase your influence, then you must have at least a couple of skills and valuable experience you are worthy of being an influencer, so start showing off your skills wherever possible.

Podcasting is a great way to build targeted influence, especially if you are creating a solid, interview based show. Answering smart questions of well-known guests helps in positioning you as a relevant player in the field.
Tips to improve your success:

  • When answering the questions on Q & A sites, it is acceptable and often helpful to link back to the resources that you have created. This can definitely help in increasing your influence.

6.) Speak At A Conference

Public speaking is likely one of the most effective ways to increase your influence as a marketer, providing you dedicated time in front of other influencers and audiences, as well as providing the opportunity for interviews, media coverage and other public speaking opportunities.

Tips to improve your success:

  • Go through previous conference sessions to determine what types of topics are being provided. This will help you in your pitch to be within a realm of interest while suggesting a slightly current or different angle on the topic.
  • Identify the conference staffs and hosts, so that you can engage with them. Impress someone associated with the conference as it will aid in getting selected as a speaker.

7.) Understand The Psychology Behind Influence

One of the best things that you can do to really help in improving your influence as a marketer is to really understand how influence works.

There are a number of videos on a similar topic that you can watch on YouTube, courses to be taken, books that you can read, such as the best-selling book “Influence“, That would help you understand the aspects of influencing people.

Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website

8.) Be Truly Remarkable

One of the most effective and effortless ways to build an influence is to do something truly remarkable or a unique achievement. For example, cure some deadly disease, build the next billion dollar unicorn company, or come up with truly new and innovative ideas, etc. People like Elon Musk or Bill Gates didn’t have to do influencer hacks to build their influence. They’re experts because they’ve accomplished amazing things.

The truth is we are all capable of finding something remarkable to do within our industry and if you want to increase your influence in marketing, then start finding that one thing that will help you to set apart.

9.) Go Forth & Influence

Call it a drive, grit, or whatever you like, if you want to be a marketing influencer then you can do it, so long as you keep driving forward and never stop trying or looking back!