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Content Distribution Strategies in 2018

“Content is King” the most overused line that we all have been hearing for a couple of years and many experts’ time, on time are imposing lights on how content can be leveraged for business success. Content is a massive tool that allows you to build a strong relationship with your audience. But, If your content has not reached the target audience, and has not been able to make his presence felt on the internet and then it is doing no good. No matter how great, informative and innovative that content is. To present your content online your strategy should be using both free and paid channels, under this, you pick those channels which are working best for you and helping you in achieving your business goals.

Content is King

Most important that we emphasize is presenting content in different forms to grab the attention of the audience of each category, the ones who like reading, like watching videos for information, or don’t prefer complicated post instead appealed by graphics.

While creating content, it is essential to define your buyer persona, who are they? Students, or executives, shoppers? Are they a prospect or an existing customer? Ask yourself, other questions like whether it is just the information you want to present? Or Want to generate leads? Or want users to sign up for ebooks? There could many goals depending on the industry and the time needs. And last but not the least is speak the language that your customer speaks. This makes the customer more comfortable with the content and makes him consume more. These pre-assessments provide us the path to create the impactful content that will directly connect us with the readers.

Content Distribution

As we said earlier, Not just writing an impressive content is going to help, but we should find the best channels to distribute it. Here we are mentioning some prominent ways of reaching the consumer on multiple channels.

1.) Video Marketing: If you haven’t started promoting video content yet, then better gear up now. Videos are the best way of putting your thoughts and engaging the viewers. There are great tools available online like Lumen5 and Content Samurai, where you can convert your blog post into videos, you can add images, add narrations and once you’re ready with the video start promoting on YouTube channels and other channels like Vimeo.

Video Marketing

2.) Infographics: It is a way of representing the complex content most appealingly and straightforwardly to your audience. Business who uses Infographics grows their viewer traffic by 12% more than the firms who are not. As there are many tools available online, I would like to share the name which I have used myself and loved the most, Piktochart and Canva are among them. Here you can be as creative as possible with the content, and ensure to make it shareable by adding social sites to it.


3.) E-books: It will excite you to know that you can now create e-books of your blog post yourself. Yes, you don’t have to run behind the designers and agencies anymore. There are various tools available online like the Blogbooker, Designrr, Fastpencil etc. where you convert the post into e-books in a few simple steps. We would also stress to add the social site to your e-books which will allow people to share it with their friends and colleagues.


4.) The Power of Email: Email has been a great medium of reaching to the prospects, and every big brand like Amazon, and Flipkart, are using this medium to promote their products and offering to drive more customer engagement. Using an email is a no-brainer, we just have to use some strategies to multiply the outcomes. You can use email to let the brands know that you are talking about them on your blogs or you ask them generously if they can share links to your post which will help you to create inbound links. Also, in your day to day activities whenever you’re communicating with emails try to add the content or post link in your signature. Using these techniques, you will be able to earn more traffic to your post.

Email Marketing

5.) Reddit: You must have heard of Reddit if you’re a digital Marketer and if not, then Reddit is a social news sharing and discussion website and is a great way of promoting and telling your audience that you are online. In Reddit you have to create a link post to let the user read and see your content in the most appropriate subreddit (category). Posting your content on such sites can help in indexing and ranking of the post.

Reddit Marketing

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