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Should Number-One Rankings on Search Engine be a Priority?

Number one ranking on search engine, this is the goal for which every business runs and optimize their website using various tools. But are you the only one in the race, there are multiple businesses who all running to attain the finite space available on the SERP.

Page 1 Ranking

The new era of SEO may be modifying this priority. It becomes vital to understand whether the number-one rankings are as important as they used to be.
Do you remember last time you had clicked on the 1st positioned website on the SERP to seek the answer to our query? Today, when you put the search query in Google, It will provide you with the abundance of information regarding Knowledge graph, local 3pack business listings, rich snippets set apart from organic search results. These new types of search entries have weakened the organic search engine ranking.

Keyword targeting has become more difficult after the hummingbird algorithmic update which brought semantic searches. Today Google doesn’t provide weight to the content base on the exact match keywords instead it matches the user queries to the most relevant content.

Keyword Targeting

Rich Content: Today everything revolves around quality content, thanks to the semantic searches. As long as you are producing high-value content, you will rank accidentally for many relevant keyword and phrases without even targeting them.

Quality Content

Click Through Rate (CTR) works in co-relation with the higher page ranking. As the more click you receive, the more relevant you will appear, and so higher you will rank.But sitting in position one doesn’t guarantee you that you will receive more clicks, as your competitor sitting a position 2 with better offer might receive more clicks more than you. So, it necessary to optimize your metadata to appeal to your potentials.

Click-through rate

Visitor visit: Consider you are receiving massive traffic on your website but due to irrelevancy or any other factor, users are bouncing off the website, without taking any measurable action on your site. But, along with the important SEO tactics you need to also focus on several other non-SEO factors like conversion optimization, branding, and high-quality, user-friendly design, without these components in place, your SEO strategy won’t hold any value. You need to allocate the resources to achieve the balance between the quality and quantity of the visitors to the site.

Bounce rate
To end:

It doesn’t say that you should throw away your old strategies, as targeting keywords can still work for some small industries. But today SEO is about looking at the broader picture we need to diversify our approach and strategies that will be successful for our brand.

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