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Make Your SEO Campaigns SMART in Year 2018

As now Year 2018 has arrived and each SEO in every business is thinking about which new campaign strategy to embed in their approach to maximize the results on Google search engine in terms of Google #1 rank, Traffic on website, Leads, Conversions etc.

SMART in Year 2018
Being an SEO, we always work towards making the campaigns and activities success, but not every time we able to achieve even though we work hard. Our goal should be clear and reachable, and each one should be SMART (S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Relevant, T- Time-bound) to ensure that our SEO campaigns and activities are yielding results. We will now see how we can use the SMART approach in SEO to achieve the aggressive businesses goals without being unrealistic.

S- Specific: Your goal has to be significant and specific otherwise you work will be clumsy. Digital Marketing can help the business to achieve the Google Page# 1, but precisely what we want to yield out of it whether we are looking for more traffic or signups or leads. If we are clear on these perspectives, then it becomes easy to strategies your campaigns and works towards to it.

M- Measurable: It is essential to measure and track your progress. As rightly said anything which is measurable is achievable. We embed Google analytics on the website to monitor websites performance but is that enough? No, we need to know specific Goal dependent parameters to track to ensure we are moving on the right path.

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Instance, if you want to see the conversions for your informational website, then we should especially track the number of sign-ups, e-book downloads; visitors time spent for the website.

A-Achievable: Your goal has to be attainable and realistic at the same time. Setting the realistic goal will require the great understanding of search engine and target keywords. A pre-analysis should be done on target keywords to understand its SEO feasibility also, whether available resources are enough to achieve the goal or not.

R- Relevant: When you are creating content and targeting keyword it has to website specific. As we understand that Content relevancy plays vital role in Google page ranking factors. If we keep on writing the content without receiving any views on them, then we might not reach the desired outcome. In case of blog the content should be in-line with the topic.

T – Time-bound: In SEO, results are derived organically which takes more extended period as compared to PPC (Pay Per Click) where we achieve results instantly. So it becomes vital to know your timelines and though it is not easy to determine the specific time to complete your set goal in SEO, because your campaign keeps on changing depending on the kind of efforts required to achieve the goal. So we can only estimate the timelines based on the target keyword searches, website analysis and by tracking the KPIs and the progress for the set goal.

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The SMART does not end here, to make your website compete in the Year 2018, we should also focus on the Great user experience which increases the chances of user engagement for the pages that user has visited. This helps search engines understand how relevant the page is and which page to give more priority over others. In the year 2018, the Google will be keeping a close watch on the natural link building also, as more users are making voice searches with long tails keywords your website has to be optimized to make it Voice search friendly. SMART SEO can help you to continue your position in Google #page 1 and to bring more traffic to the website.

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