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Moo Proving Business Etiquette still matters in Digital Age

Mobile phones, social media platforms, emails have changed way too far on how we communicate with each other. Technology has made our lives much easier and faster at the same time, but it also has created a different new ways in order to unintentionally irritate or insult. Following this policy, London based company Moo is making their sales double by following the etiquettes that has a wide importance.

Business Etiquette Still Matters in Digital Age

Hence, before you make use of these mediums, consider these etiquette tips for a better digital age:

The Golden Rule

The golden rule

Most of the people surf Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just to get some news updates or feeds from the friends and families, or their personal interests. You might also be probably chatting, sharing stories directly with your friends and family or commenting on the blogs or post updates. There is a fair chance of meeting someone whom you really don’t know. Then the communication continues in a healthy manner without disturbing each other sentiments or any sort of vulgarity.
It is very easy for you to land him in the trap of dangerous territory by offending someone on these social media whom you don’t really know. It’s very easy to forget that there is a person behind who is posting their opinion through a blog, or commenting on a news feed. Before you try to type out a scathing retort or insulting someone else’s views, take a moment to reconsider speaking those words to the same person if he is standing in front of you. Always treat others with kindness and respect, the same way you want to be treated, whenever you are communicating online.
Thus read everything that you have written a couple of times before clicking the “post” button. Because, once it’s posted, it’s nearly impossible to take back the words, so be nice and kind.

E-mail Etiquette

E-mail etiquettes

We’ve all might have received one email from a co-worker who has listed everyone in the ‘To’ column. Don’t be the person who has the habit to click “reply to all” and spamming with multiple replies. When you are communicating between two or three friends, who are planning for a surprise party or event, probably “reply to all” option is fine. But if there are more than five recipients, then your reply-to-all can be a irritating for the recipients. Therefore Click on “reply” instead to make your message available only to the sender.

Texting Etiquette

Texting Etiquettes

Group texting works the same way like that of email. Communicating with a large number of people at one time is great. But avoid using group text for mass communication. Even, I was a prey in such a situation when a text message from whatsapp was repeatedly being forwarded to me on my personal chats. The amount of notifications that I received, made me feel disgusted. So think what others might feel if you do such an activity.

Avoid Capitalisting Your Words

Avoid Capitalisting Your Words

First time when I started communicating in social media, I thus had no idea that caps lock is used to emphasize a word. In other words it meant that I was shouting at my friends.
We all might have received one or more messages from someone whose caps lock seems to be permanently in the ON position. If you’re typing a message, and suddenly look up to realize that your CAPS LOCK KEY is switched ON, then the polite thing to do is to re-type your message again in a normal way. If you notice it before, then please don’t click on “send” anyway. Your friend will have an assumption that you’re screaming at him, and that’s the most undesirable moment for everyone.

Emojis and texting abbreviations

Emojis and texting abbreviations

You might be very much aware of the abbreviations that are very much used by many like LOL, ROFL, ASAP etc. But on a professional front, it is advisable, not to make use of these abbreviations. This can make your boss feel offended and therefore create a trouble for you in future. So avoid such non-sense in all professional text and email interactions.
Making someone understand through a written medium like text or email can be bit tricky. Using emoji and abbreviations can help to know the meaning of the message much faster. But it’s always better if you use such things in appropriate places.

Respect the online privacy of others

Respect the online privacy of others

Smartphones and social media has encouraged a 24/7 documentation of our daily life. You might be having fun with your buddies so you click a picture, post it to Facebook, and tag everyone you know.
We all have done it perhaps!
Yet, according to a study more than 60% of Facebook users strongly dislike such behavior when people post their pictures without first asking their permission and thereby tagging them. It’s the best policy to respect your friends’ online privacy the next time you are tagging their picture.

Briefing It Up:

Now, every time you are going socially active, try to follow the steps that can really help you out from being anti-social. Even for any company or small business, social media etiquettes applies the same and thus the sharing of the content should be done by keeping the above points in mind for a healthy image of the website and will not put the work done by web designers and developers in website designing a futile attempt.


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