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Author Archives: Sarah Smith

About Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith has more then 6+ years of experience in the field of promoting brands and developing new strategies of maximizing results for businesses worldwide. With the help of expert brand development strategies suggested by Sarah, you can make your business more visible among your potential customers.

AI Revolution in Web Design & Development 2019 Marketing Trends & Prospects 2027

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science field which focuses on creating smart machines that function and behave like humans. Some of the functions of artificial intelligence systems are planned to include: speech recognition reading and learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a system without an option for what the future seems to unfold. Digital modern […]

How to change WordPress password from database

Most of the times, you may lose your password and username of your WordPress account. What with so much information to process, it is a common thing that may happen to anyone. If you don’t have the username and password, there is no way you can access your WordPress website. In that case, you can […]

Importance of Web designing in today’s world

In today’s Era, having a website is very important for any business. Everyone wants everything on their fingertips today. Many people are running companies in today’s globe by selling their products online. In this situation, website design enables a lot. In selling your products online, it plays a crucial role. A website reflects the business […]

Improve SEO with Page Speed Optimisation

In 2010, Google announced that the speed of a page would play a significant role in the ranking of websites on SERP. This refers to the time a website takes to load when the user is directed to a website from the Google search. Ideally, the time it should take for a website to load […]

Front end tools for web development

The rate at which technological developments are taking place, it is becoming challenging for the website developers and the business verticals to get the appraisal with every evolution. Front-end and back-end development tools are popping up in the market every year. With the help of these tools, the web developers can build the apps and […]

How to figure out your pricing for your small business

If you are in the service business, then it might be a little hard to determine the price of your services ad compared to products. Pricing a product is easy as you would have to pile up the manufacturing cost, raw materials cost, and all the other cost. However, pricing service is somewhat of a […]

CMS Will Make Your Life Easy – Part 2

Every time you add new content to your website, you can refresh the page to see the changes. But why would you refresh your page if you could use the test mode choice? With this choice, you can see any modifications in your material you have created before at any moment. Just press the “Live […]

How CMS Will Make Your Life Easy – Part 1

Let’s clarify what a CMS (Content Management System) is effectively. It’s about a strong instrument generally produced by designers of software and web. CMS ‘ primary aim is to handle, generate or manipulate digital content (writing, pictures, videos, etc.). WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. are the most popular free CMS you can find on the internet […]

PHP VS JAVA: Which is the most favorable language?

For website development, developers prefer the best-suited programming language. Both Java and PHP are the most widely used languages for developing robust websites. However, before opting for either, you should understand their features, specifications, and benefits. PHP Features PHP is a preferred language that web developers use. PHP developers prefer this language because of various […]

Best Steps to Lightning Page Speed

Page speed is an important factor when we consider the SEO of a website. Google uses the page speed of a website as one of the majorfactor for ranking. Hence, as a website owner or a marketer, improving the speed of the pages on the website is essential for a good SERP result. You must […]

Reasons to Choose Python for eCommerce Development

Physical selling of products is a thing of the past. Today, online stores constitute a significant proportion of total sales every year, and it is still in the early phase. A growing number of people fancy to shop online; this is motivating retailers to setupe-commerce stores to sell their product where most buyers are heading. […]

Top 25 Viral Videos of All Time (Web Design City)

The video sharing platform, YouTube, has taken the world by storm! Every day millions of people share videos on this platform. Celebrities and great YouTubers have accounts to which millions of viewers subscribe. When an interesting video is updated, viewers feverishly share it across every social media platforms, and to their friends and family. All […]

Impact of Google Mobile Page Update on the Websites

The technology has been changed a lot and the use of mobiles to browse the internet has been surpassed by the use of personal computers and laptops back in 2014 only. So it is important for you to update your website and make it mobile friendly. No just being mobile friendly is not enough, it […]

Collection of Great Cheat Sheets for Developers and Designers

None of the web developer or web designer can able to remember everything including whatnots, structures, arguments, function names and function shortcuts when it comes to accomplishing WordPress design, development or publishing work. As a result, they must continuously consult for some cheat sheets or websites. Today, we have compiled a wide range of cheat […]

Latest web design technology to attract new users

The website provides plays an important role in the success of every business. In the modern world, the website is used media for major online marketing. Modern Web Designs mainly implements with adding the art graphical input and attractive features. Web design mainly covers themes, graphics, layout and many more on the website. Web development […]

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