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37TH GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK – The Future Of Your Business Begins Here

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. The exhibitions held in the Middle East have attracted numerous participants. In 2009, when Microsoft released Windows 7, around 160,000 people were present.

The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT (Information and Communications Technology) retailers and suppliers like Gateway Group, 50 Cent, Etisalat, Red Hat, and Dell etc. The participants to this exhibition include IT professionals, a technology aficionado, regional traders, students, and consumers.

Glorious History

The GITEX show was first launched in the year 1981 and was named GITE. That time, it occupied the Hall One of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

GITEX gradually expanded to two halls when it first launched the MacWorld series at the 1988 exhibition.

Now the GITEX has filled the entire Dubai World Trade Centre complex, consisting of 10 exhibition halls and a million feet of exhibition space in its territory.

GITEX, 2016 marked the 36th year of GITEX that was held on 16th-20th October. The focus was completely on cutting-edge technology in the field Robotics and drones.

The Middle East IT is set to spend a whopping $213 billion in 2016, which marked a 37 percent increase from the previous year. Approximately 22,000 CEOs from top IT companies attended the event last year.

GITEX 37th Technology Week

This year GITEX is organizing its 37th GETEX Technology Week that will commence from 8th October 2017 and last until 12th October 2017. The opening day will be flagged by Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com. Like always, this will be held at Dubai World Trade Centre. Registration of the exhibition has already started and one can visit the Official Website of GITEX.

Industries Where GITEX deals:

  • Marketing – GITEX in the field of Marketing has made the key people driving and engineering a change in the world of marketing. It will cover all the topics of Digital Marketing by organizing conference including, Web Design and development, SEO etc.
  • Health Care – GITEX for Healthcare will elaborate on how technological advancement is helping us to live healthier. The world’s leading physicians, med-tech startups, investors and people redefining health affected by this digital age will share knowledge on smart systems and robotics for healthcare, developing systems and treatments for personalized medicines etc.
  • Smart Cities – GITEX gives a part to government leaders and industry experts for Global Smart Cities that will create a platform to address liveable and sustainable city challenges. It will discuss the topic 5G networks.
  • Retail – GITEX for the Retail industry will gather those at the forefront of the individuals, startups, and large established companies and help them to explore the future of retail by covering the topics like the frictionless payments, virtual reality, 3D printing, drone delivery, etc.
  • Finance – GITEX has a role in the finance sector in making it more reliable and error free. Starting out new banking methods and removal of traditional financial systems.
  • Smart manufacturing – GITEX will give an insight for Smart Manufacturing Systems and provide a roadmap in the assembly in Factory through new technologies and robotic systems.
  • Tech leaders – The tech leaders’ session will look at important factors such as education, entrepreneurship and advanced training that will formulate the backbone of any industry in fostering healthy leadership.
  • Transportation –GITEX will explore intelligently and automation in the field of transportation, regulation, with complete safety to human, pedestrians, and nature.
  • Education –GITEX will help the education system in gathering technologies that will aid the process. Those at the forefront in the industry like individuals, startups, and large established universities to explore future of education by covering topics like data analytics, 3D printing etc. 

37TH GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK - The Future Of Your Business Begins Here

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Briefing it up:

GITEX has come up with a great initiative to provide information related to the major technologies evolving and thus created awareness to the mass related to such topics. GITEX has also made the process of web design and website development to grow to the next level by making it better than before. So join hands with the GITEX and make yourself much more progressive.

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