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Why is UX Focus as Important as SEO for a Website?

User experience or UX is undeniably a key factor that guarantees the success or failure of a website. User-friendliness is synonymous with the user experience. A user-oriented website not only increases user-engagement but also pulls more web traffic. Users would most likely stick to a website that easily navigable, has fast loading time and has well-organized quality content.

A website that offers enriched user experience ranks higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Thus user experience impact SEO greatly and thereby UX is considered as important as SEO for the success of a website.

SEO for a Website

Here are the reasons why UX is considered to be as important as the SEO services for a website

Ever-Changing Selection Criteria of Search Engines: Success or failure of a business depends on brand recognition. The higher a website ranks on the search engines, the more visibility it gets. Earlier search engines considered just two criteria for ranking pages. They ranked pages on the basis of the relevance of page content to search queries and the number of links a page had.

SEO and UX

Though these factors are still considered for ranking pages, Google’s algorithms have become more sophisticated now. The search engines now take into consideration greater number of factors such as time spent on the pages, page-layouts and much more. For instance, recently Google has declared that from February 2018 onwards the canonical and the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) should match or otherwise would not be considered for the ‘search features.

However, Google has not declared the various criteria it uses for ranking pages, but in various publications, it has hinted that UX is a key criterion for ranking pages.

Fast Loading Website: It is quite obvious that in a world so pressed for time, users do not have either the time or the patience to wait for several seconds for a web page to load. With the rising popularity of the mobile internet, the loading speed of a website has become an important criterion for ranking.

Fast Loading Website

The user experience (UX) is affected by the loading time of a web page. The faster it is the more rewarding would be the UX. It is, therefore a key criteria search engines use for ranking pages. Thus, a web development company considers this factor while designing a web page to ensure more visibility and success to a website.

The Success of a Website Depends on the Customers: Ultimately, the success and failure of a website depend on the users. If users are happy to visit your website, you would get more potential customers, which would help you to generate more profits in the long run. You can make your online visitors happy by giving them an enriched user experience. The essentials of UX are a navigable website, visually appealing page layout, well-structured content and fast loading pages.

Website Depends on the Customers

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