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The International GITEX exhibition show in Dubai has showcased world’s most progressive smart cities that are implementing the latest technological innovations to advance the efficiency and growth of their infrastructure system and delivery of public services in the most convenient way.

The technologies showcased at the GITEX have displayed one of the most advanced technologies that can be implemented by the Governments to make the cities more advanced and smart. This can lead to a healthy growth to every mankind. This has also benefitted the conditions of the small businesses and big companies.



The main aim of the GITEX show is basically focused on the making the cities smart globally and thus create a benchmark in the smart world. The implementation of technology by Governments is required to create future-facing nations develop. This is clearly reflected in the knowledge as national, federal and a local government worldwide is spending more on technologies, smart products, and services. It is forecasted that the growth would be from $434 Billion in 2017 to $486 Billion by 2020. Then we can clearly say that the era of Smart Cities has arrived.

  1. Visitors came from 32 countries to meet with Global Smart Cities.
  2. As of now, altogether 25,360 people have attended The GITEX Technology Week to gather information regarding the intelligence or network with Global Smart Cities.
  3. 14,194 of those were in a Senior Management, C-Level or Director position
  4. 6,085 visitors to Global Smart Cities were representatives of a Government department.

Technological advancement has grown to a great extent in different sectors like Education, Finance, Marketing, Automation, Retail, Digital marketing etc. take into consideration the Digital Marketing sector. The way of doing in designing and development has improved a lot more than was expected anyway. The way of doing SEO, web designing, website development has changed and is very much effective as how it was done before, try to hit the bulls-eye. It is very much necessary to create an impact.

Mr. Alexander McNabb

Mr. Alexander McNabb

GITEX in Digital Marketing

At the GITEX exhibition, Mr. Alexander McNabb took charge of the digital marketing, and for the second time in a row, he was chairing the  GITEX Digital Strategies Forum. The Forum took place on Sunday that is 8th October 2017 during GITEX Technology Week 2017 held in Dubai World Trade Centre. He was accompanied by the delegates through global digital marketing consumer trends, digital marketing strategy and planning, mobile marketing, web designing, website development, Search Engine Optimization, digital CSR, modern marketing and much more.

You can also find full agenda, as well as the list of speakers for the Digital Strategies Forum on the Official GITEX website and, can register if you are planning to attend the conference.

Connect to the speakers and panelists attending the Forum, through their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Our Digital Marketing Team of Web Design City was also present on the digital marketing conference meet for the insights and web designing and development tips by the experts. This really helped us to make ourselves updated regarding the trends and we are looking forward making an initiative to apply these into our entire project for a better performance and experience of our clients!

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