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What you can do to Improve your Google Speed Score

Google page speed insights are an effective tool to assess the speed of your website across all digital medium. Creating a web design with great visual appeal and informative content is the basic part. If the website does not have a good loading speed, it is of no use. Slower speed leads to lower conversions. And speeding up is no mean task. First, you need to diagnose the cause and then fix the condition with immediate effect.

Page speed insights

Why is Page Speed So Important?

Anyone trying to access a site would want a fast loading and clear images. Research shows that slower speed rate increases the chances of people leaving the site. This clearly indicates a loss of viewership and hence conversions. The top ranking websites on Google have loading speeds of less than 3 seconds. Also having a higher speed earns you a high ranking on search engines bringing maximum viewership p to your site. So the loading speed of a website is of utmost importance for a successful online business.

Compressing Large and Heavy Images

You can optimize the page speed insights of your website by considering some factors. The largest concern for slow websites is large images which have a huge impact on the website speed. By using image fixing techniques of compression you can increase the speed by a substantial margin. Free plugins are available which help you to compress 50 images at one go.

Minimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Google page speed insights often send alerts for CSS and JavaScripts which can be minimized to increase the speed of the website. You also need to minify your HTML coding space without affecting its processing. Various tools like shortening the code, formatting, fixing and removing unused code are the ways to achieve this.

Using Browser Caching for Faster Loading

Every time a person loads a particular site, it requires the loading of the images, content and also deals with the HTML and coding. By browser caching you can reduce the task of reloading all of these elements when a visitor surfs through other pages. Plugins are available which work by remembering the data, logo, footer, etc. This results in an increase in the speed of the page as it saves the reloading of the same content.

Web Design City assures you 100% Google speed score with an effective web design to escalate your business prospects. The optimisation of speed brings in higher search engine ranking which is a good sign for your digital visibility.

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