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Top 7 Trends in Responsive Web Design That Will Rule the Years to Come

With 2018 came new ways to explore website designing. Thanks to responsive design, the scope of designers has shifted from 800 x 600 pixel screens to anything from mobile devices to smart watches. And trust me, responsive design is here to stay as screens and devices evolve constantly.

Keeping pace with the changes, websites too are transforming rapidly, catering to varying user needs and interests. Whatever it may, here are the top 7 responsive web design trends that you should consider to offer an enhanced user experience.

responsive web design trands

Be Illustrative
Accept it or not, website users are a bit bored of stock imagery and stereotypes by now. Most websites look somewhat similar, and that is the biggest turn-off for the users. A great way to get rid of the monotony is to be more illustrative when designing your responsive website. To create modern design with responsiveness, use visual illustrations that connect to the users at human level.

Illustrations have the ability to make the website design eye-catchy and narrate the story in a visually pleasing manner. Top brands such as Google Doodle and Dropbox use playful, lively illustrations in their web design to grab user attention, and create a strong visual identity. It is best used to simplify complex ideas or showcase your brand strength. Here is an example of Google using captivating illustrations called Doodle:

Striking Typography
Typography plays a vital role in responsive website design. It has been there for years, but gained importance only recently with designers setting fine examples of using creative and bold typography to stand out across the screens. Irrespective of the device or screen size it is being viewed upon, typography gives your website a fresh and professional look. See the example below:

Use Vertical Menus for Better Viewability across Screen Sizes
On devices with smaller screen size, long-stretched horizontal menus may be difficult to navigate, and do not impress the eyes. Users do not like to pinch, zoom or scroll too much when using smaller devices such as Smartphones or tablets.

To deliver enhanced user experience, use a vertical layout that can fit a small screen size appropriately. This way the entire menu is made available to the users in a more readable manner. Creating drop-down menu in a vertical layout can enhance user navigation and experience significantly.

However, you do not have to worry about vertical layout making your page appear longer if you have few menu elements. In that case, a tabular layout works just fine.

Create Responsive Logos
As responsive website design gains importance like never before, brands should consider creating responsive logos that beautifully narrates their brand message across all devices and screen sizes. Here are some examples:

Use Fonts Responsively
This is one of the best responsive web design trends that will rule the years to come. It is all about resizing the pixels, percentages and rems in an optimum manner to make the same font appear equally visual across all devices. Resizing the font should be done effectively so that it does not affect the UX design.

Keep it Colorful and Bold
The attention span of a mobile website user is even less than 8 seconds. There must be something striking to catch their attention and engage them for long. Only easy navigation and bold typography won’t help unless you use colors intelligently for a responsive design.

Depending on the type of brand image, choose attractive color formations yet keeping it simple. Gradients add personality, and are one of the new techniques to keep your design fresh and corporate. Use bold duotones or keep the colors muted to create a more engaging experience.

Be Minimalist
The secret to responsive website design is to minimize clutter, enhance user experience, and simplify as much as you can. In a scenario where there are millions of similar websites vying for user engagement, only ‘simplicity’ will help you stand out. Right from the design to color formations to content to UI, be minimalist to make it more responsive for improved user experience across all devices.

In this constantly evolving web design scenario, responsive web design promises limitless creativity. Stay abreast with the latest trends that would bring a paradigm shift into the way we see website design in years to come.

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