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Future of digital marketing: Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning is now the future of digital marketing. But only few of the SEO experts are showing their inclination towards it. Experts primarily use the on-page and off page SEO techniques as machine language is still a name and not so much to think about. Machine language has not even changed the landscape of SEO. But if the same trend of negligence is taken forward by SEO experts and they remain blind eye at it, they will definitely be left behind. Usage of machine learning algorithms on site’s visibility will only increase with time.

Future of digital marketing

Before moving further, we must know what actually is machine learning?

According to Wikipedia “machine learning is from computer science field which gives computer the ability to learn without using programming language or coding. It is actually a sub field of artificial intelligence. In AI, machine learning teaches the machines to perform an activity which needs human intelligence.

So, given below are certain areas to play close attention to:-

1.) User Search Friendly Content
The driving force of search engine optimization will be Content, where more concern of the SEO professionals would be for User experience than other factors links, on-page factors, and technical issues.

Search Friendly Content

First and foremost efforts of Google Search is for satisfying user intent and like digital marketers and content marketers SEOs has to be at the same platform as they will all share a similar goal —to provide best UX and get ranked on search engine accordingly.

In the near future what you need to focus more on is the quality of content when AI knows to get the access to page quality at an instant.

Responsibility of the SEOs will be then to check if content:

  • Must satisfy user intent
  • Positive user experience
  • Useful content to move users forward to a conversion
  • Contentis of high quality and relevant to website

If they fail to know that all the data used has been understood by the machine now, they need to get it right otherwise their website will end in lower ranking.

2.) Links Creation and On-page Optimisation
With the advent of machine learning algorithms conventional methods will take the place over traditional on page optimization technique. Meta descriptions, Title tags, URLs, and alt texts will have their roles to play, but they would not be the factors which will act as deciding factor of a website make or break.

Links Creation and On-page Optimisation

Creativity will be the driving factor for SEOs… Strategies that will not be addressed now can be addressed with the help of AI algorithms along with SEO professional who consistently modify their methods to make strategies.

Black hat optimization and gray hat optimization will be the terms of past. If anyone found guilty in webmasters and website owners will be punished.

Organic links will hold less importance too. After the Google updates with machine learning techniques it will be able to verify and check the website without relying on link building techniques or methods. Goggle will understand with the help of Deep mind whether the link provided has been correctly placed within the content or not and analyze the users behavior on that particular link. If Google found no relevance and zero value to the link it will not link the value to give high SERP to the webpage.

Google will be smarter then and rather than focusing on organic baclinks or it will focus more on looking the baclinks cloud. If the back link cloud found to be in organic and manipulated the site’s SERP will be lowered. Non organic linear link building will not be appreciated.

3.) Technical Side of SEO
Expertise and Technical knowledge will hold less importance in SEO. Robots.txt files, Sitemaps, and scripts will be decided and analyzed by.

Technical Side of SEO

In the coming future, website management will require least human engagement and interaction. But this doesn’t mean that SEO will be completely out of the picture.

Google focuses more on the usage of AMP, structured data and do optimization for Alexa, voice search as the website needs to analyzed by AI and will then be able to rank it as well. Without input and output data, setup AI would be of no use.

4.) User Experience is Important
User experience is one factor which has and which will always hold importance for SERP ranking unlike on-page optimization, technical aspects of SEO like Links and others. Great UX will be the driving factor for a website that will be used to rank a website.

CTR and user engagement are they best indicators of a healthy web page which has lived up to the expectation of user. Google will definitely brush up its machine learning algorithms to make sure that they are able to experience a website’s page as a human interaction. UX ten can be easily judged by AI and hence can be ranked easily.

User Experience

Thus, SEOs, along with designers, developers, digital marketers, and business analysts, will have to scrutinize their websites to make sure that all weak UI/UX spots are covered, and that a site’s load speed is up to snuff.

Thus designers, developers, SEOs will have to make a check on the WebPages as to whether the page is providing UX and UI up to the mark or not. It will be collective team effort.

Thus Google is all ready to make a shift to AI and machine learning making SERP not an easy task for each and everyone associated with the task whether it is an SEO or web designer, developer, analyst.

What factors can spoil your website design and SEO

While investing in online business, the organization has to be proficient about two things, a proper website design and the right marketing technique. Believe it or not, these two factors are inter-related and a mistake in the website design may have an impact on the SEO and marketing of the company. It is thus quite essential to choose the right website designer who will have the insight to the whole thing and will be able to deliver as per the requirement of the client. There are factors that can harm the SEO and if you can avoid the same, you can be rest assured about the website.

Website designers Sydney

Infinite Scrolling: You must have come across websites where a page has infinite scrolling option without anything to display. Scrolling is good for many website but not for all. However, grouped content makes more sense and websites with infinite scrolling often confuse the user about what to expect next. Make sure that scrolling is a requirement and stay away from it if you are not sure.

Lack of mobile compatibility: Most of the people use internet and related services through their smartphone. It is utmost important to make the website mobile friendly as that would have an impact on your traffic and SEO. The browser support is different from mobile from that of computer and that is where the mobile compatibility comes into picture.

Using Tables: While in many case tables may provide a collective view of the overall data, it may also make the website look complicated. The web design with tables doesn’t look good enough for the person viewing the website. Try to avoid the tables and go with a cleaner look for the website.

Choosing complex web design: There are many Website Design companies that will tell you to choose a design with loaded flash player. Static website design is simple but they are easy to load. The people coming to the website will have less loading time. In many cases, people leave the page because it takes a lot of time to wait. While flash may make a web page look good it would not make much sense if you are concentrating on SEO.

Website Design Sydney

Parallax Scrolling: There is no issue as far as impact of parallax scrolling is concerned. However, if you are using such a scrolling for your website, you will have lower SEO ranking for the search engines. The web pages with such scrolling and images take longer time to load too.

A Sydney website design company has the proper knowledge about the things that can have negative impact on the SEO. The website designers must be well aware of the SEO needs of the company in order to provide the right solution to the client.

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