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6 Ways To Grow Organic SEO Traffic Without Link Building

There are many ways to get backlinks, the easiest way to get backlinks is to run a competitor study, figure out which sites connect to them, and hit those sites to link to you.  read this blog to find out how to rank website without backlinks !

This may or may not work and may not fit in some niches for some businesses.  Backlinks for the most part is one of SEO’s most tedious and challenging aspects. According to Brian Dean a backlinko owner, he clarified a seo 2020 seo guide.

So can you drive traffic without building links?  Technically yes. When ranking a page for a specific keyword, it is generally accepted that it is important to build backlinks to that page (with at least some of them containing the keyword in the anchor text).

But that’s not necessarily the case; I would like to prove you. I’ll teach you how to rank without backlinks in this post.

1.Implementing Schema

Schema gives meaning to words (or numbers) on your website.  Tell Google what it means.  According to Search metrics, over one-third of the websites that appear in Google rankings use some kind of schema markup, but only 0.3 percent of all websites on the internet use Google-approved schema markup.

Google has increasingly become more and more rigorous in presenting a user’s search experience with the most important and possible results. 

Websites with schema will definitely return to the top of the results as they give specifics on certain things such as your location, you’re pricing, user reviews, and your website’s main topic: All things that would make the customer appreciate what you’re all about before they tap on your page.

You can mark up things such as name, author, date of publication, main photo, url, and a section highlighted for a post.

2. Content Promotion

If the content is king, then the queen is the distribution.

Conducting some market research, competition analysis and finding where to promote your content will surely drive you traffic.  On your website, on a list of forums, social media, your email list, webinars, conferences, anywhere your content could look good, you should advertise your content on those platforms. 

Sometimes the people are going to do the back linking for you.  They see your material and share it on your their own site or their own network.  All you have to do is bring the material in a place where there are many users.

It’s not really necessary to make content. In only a limited amount of blog posts, you might succeed. The trick is to spend a lot of time ensuring that the material is very good with intent and then promoting your blog post or article. Read here actionable full stories by Neil Patel.

3.Rich snippet Optimisation

The rich snippets, also known as the meta description, help describe what a user’s website is about.  It’s like a free website advertisement and you have complete control over it.  Bring into your snippet all your top focused keywords without making it look spammy and make it look enticing. 

The higher your ranking will be, the more users will click on your page.  But clicks are not the only ones.  The longer you stay on your website without bouncing off your website, the higher you rank the website.

4. Be the first to post on upcoming trends and updates

Whether it’s an update on old material about breaking news which none know about, be the first person to write and post it.  There is an explanation why Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch and Wordstream are always at the top of the search results for any news and software improvements relevant to Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon.

Admittedly, these are high-level domain authority and page authority websites. But the main reason these pages tend to score strongly in Google for various search queries is because they are always at the forefront of breaking news from SEO. By fact, they were SEO’s CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and Forbes.

You can go to authoritative websites, look at trending topics, or search for a topic you know many people ask questions about.  Investigate the subject and try to find a convincing storey. 

Look at current or previous articles and see what kind of headline you might make for your post and then create your content, which will guarantee increase your organic traffic as you will be the one of the first people to post about it.

5. Infographics

Info graphics are one of the 15 content types that generate heavy traffic.

“On average, 73,000 + qualified visitors and over 900 backlinks from 89 unique domains have been generated by each info graphic I have created so far. Info graphics also generate decent social shares; each generated nearly 900 tweets and 400 + Facebook likes. “If your info graphic is high-quality and helpful, it will be linked to by people. The use of photos will make the difference even in social media marketing.

6. Getting clicks via social media

As research has shown, another way to drive organic traffic is to create a great post, then tweet it.  If you have a lot of followers, you’ll get a lot of clicks (depending on when you post the tweet). 

If you don’t have a lot of followers, get in touch with someone who’s doing it and ask them to tweet your post (if your post refers to someone that would be even better).  So remember, don’t underestimate social media power and the power to create relationships with people.

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