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Reasons to Choose Python for eCommerce Development

Physical selling of products is a thing of the past. Today, online stores constitute a significant proportion of total sales every year, and it is still in the early phase. A growing number of people fancy to shop online; this is motivating retailers to setupe-commerce stores to sell their product where most buyers are heading.

After you have decided to build an e-commerce website, there are certain things you need to choose, such as the ecommerce website design and the programming language that runs in the background to power the site. Two of the most used languages for e-commerce website development are Python and PHP. In this blog, we will help you decide why Python stands ahead of others when we think of e-commerce websites.

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Why is Python better for E-commerce Website Development?

Unlike other types of website that can operate with minimal functionality, an e-commerce website requires to be highly functional. Python is a language that can accomplish this; it is easy to read and simple language, which a beginner python developer can program proficiently. The code readability in Python is one of the easiest among all programming languages. With python, the scope of improvement is immense with minimal usage of codes. Apart from the above advantages python has over other languages, the language is compatible with most systems without any restrictions.

Reasons to Choose Python for Ecommerce Website
Choosing python has a wide range of benefits from ecommerce website design to development and coding. Let’s us discuss in brief the benefits of python for e-commerce website.

Good for Security
For an e-commerce website, security is one of the primary aspects because you will be handling the credit cards and other financial details of millions of customers. A secure payment system is critical for the business to flourish. Any compromise with the system can lead to severe financial loss for the customers. Python integrates with Satchmo, a program based on the Django principles. Due to this program, the website does not store the CCV number of the customers making the data of the customers secure.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Different customers have different preference when it comes to payment. Satchmo easily integrates with a wide range of payment gateway, ensuring that the customer can pay conveniently for the purchase made on your e-commerce website.

An Array of Shipping Features
Python framework comes integrated with shipping options built-in, which includes top courier companies such as Canada Post, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. There is also the option to add customised shipping with various configurations. With the use of Satchmo, Python makes ecommerce website design robust and secure.

Maintaining the Database
E-commerce website built with Satchmo makes it very easy to maintain the updated database of the customers. You can view the order history of the customers even after the customer has left the session. The customer is offered a wide range of features like multiple billing and shipping addresses. Python also makes searching for a product on the entire site very powerful.

Python has been around for a long time. Within this time, the programming language has witnessed a lot of changes which has made it a robust language preferred by python developers for its ease of usage and a wide range of options. Python is the ideal programming language if you are looking for an ecommerce website design Sydney. It ensures you have all the features necessary for an e-commerce business, and the maintenance is easy.

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