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PHP VS JAVA: Which is the most favorable language?

For website development, developers prefer the best-suited programming language. Both Java and PHP are the most widely used languages for developing robust websites. However, before opting for either, you should understand their features, specifications, and benefits.


PHP Features

PHP is a preferred language that web developers use. PHP developers prefer this language because of various reasons:

• Easier to learn
• Professional coding language
• Open source
• Excellent support

Programmers familiar with syntax or having experience with C and Pearl find it much easier to learn PHP. Because PHP is an open source programming language, PHP developers have access to a large community for instant support. Moreover, when written properly, PHP provides better scalability and allows developers to create applications effortlessly.

Java Features

Java provides a host of benefits such as:
• Ease of learning
• Platform independence
• Object-oriented

For beginners, Java is easier to learn and write, compile and debug. You can create modular programs and reusable codes with java. The platform also provides independence, which means you can move the language from one computer to another effortlessly. It provides flexibility to web developers.

Java & PHP: The Differences

Execution of Codes
You can execute PHP codes in various ways, as they are easy to embed in HTML code using a script tag. You can also execute the code through CMS.

However, Java secure code has certain limitations. It is compiled into bytecodes and executed on the Java virtual machine (JVM). Furthermore, the CPU executes JVM based on which Java bytecode runs successfully.

Language Tools
Java gives you the best editors like IntelliJ, Netbeans, and Eclipse. These tools are effective in enlarging the productivity of large product management. Likewise, PHP features plug-in for Netbeans and Eclipse.

Java allows debugging to all editors, while PHP only debugs using Print statement.

PHP developers can use only files without packaging, whereas Java uses packaging tools like Maven, ANT, Web start, Editors, etc.

Programming Support
A server-side scripting language, PHP can be used for website development. However, it did support object-oriented programming features in the past but supports now. As a result, many websites use PHP as an object-oriented programming language too.

On the contrary, Java is a completely object-oriented programming language that also supports certain functional paradigm like lambda expression as well as anonymous functions. As such, web developers prefer Java for building enterprise applications instead of PHP, as Java provides benefits of latest programming.

Data Security
Even though both the languages provide security to users, PHP lacks certain integrated security features when compared to other programming languages. Therefore, programmers choose a language that provides security features for an enterprise application.

However Java has advanced security and ensures full security of data. It allows programmers to make client-server data exchange over a secure transfer protocol. As a result, most enterprise application developers prefer Java to PHP for website development.

As PHP is an open source language, it allows users to code without any charges. Programmers use PHP for website development and enterprise application development without paying a fee.

However, Java is not free. It gas open JDK, which costs more than any PHP project.

Web developers choose a programming language they prefer could be Java or PHP. It depends on the problem and the result. Therefore, it would not be right to glorify one and put down another.
While Java maintains industry standards, PHP is free with plenty of resources.

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