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Improve SEO with Page Speed Optimisation

In 2010, Google announced that the speed of a page would play a significant role in the ranking of websites on SERP. This refers to the time a website takes to load when the user is directed to a website from the Google search. Ideally, the time it should take for a website to load is 3 seconds; however, on average, it takes 7 seconds for a website to load. Page speed optimisation helps you decrease the load time of a page, which is good for SEO. It is also recommended that you implement strategy to increase the loading speed of a website during the website development stage. A web design company can help you effectively achieve this.

Page Speed Optimisation Company

The speed of a website also impacts the user experience and revenue. Users would abandon a website that is slow to load and you will lose potential customers. A slow website is also bad for SEO. Google penalizes websites with slow speed by dropping their ranking.

Google compares your website with other websites in the same industry or niche and rewards websites that are faster. Google also considers the country, device, or network before rewarding a website. Therefore, to successfully rank in the SERP and attract massive traffic page speed optimisation is necessary.

Factors that Reduce Page Speed of Website

Here are some factors that influence the speed of a website.

Choose the Right Host – As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Getting lured by an attractive offer can cost you in the long-run. Hence, choose the host carefully.

Large Images – The number one reason for slow websites is large images. Images that occupy a lot of space can be slower to load which can have a significant impact on the speed of the page. It is ideal to use PNG images over formats such as JPEG.

External Media – We know that external videos are invaluable for a website. However, they can heavily impact the load speed of a website. Instead opt for hosting videos on your own server.

Excessive Ads – Too many ads does not just hamper the experience of the user, but it also slows the speed of the website. It may take the website more time to load which can slow the website.

Theme – Over the counter WordPress themes are great for websites; however, ensure that the theme is optimized for speed and does not slow your website. Some themes are badly coded and can slow your website substantially.

Unnecessary Codes – Often websites have too much code that do not serve any purpose. It might have accumulated over time. Unnecessary codes might be slowing your website. Eliminate all the unnecessary codes from the website.

These are just a few things that can slow your website. Consult a web design company, they can help you identify the areas that may be slowing your website.

Things you can do to Speed Up your Website

When we think of increasing the speed of a website, there are a wide variety of things you can try that will instantly optimise your page speed. Some of things you can do are optimizing the images, update the site script, use CDNs, enable browser caching, reduce HTTP requests, eliminate redirects, and get a fast web hosting.

We hope that you have understood the importance of page speed optimisation after reading this blog. If you need help with any of the steps, seek a web design company.

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