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How To Decide Your Website Design Budget

The most content attractive and engaging websites tend to receive more potential customers, and Google also rank those sites well in search engines being more viewers friendly. Building a website most of the times look expensive and tedious and the question that appears is How much budget should I allocate to the website designing?

We have been seeing how website designing has advanced in the last couple of years from being just limited to desktops to becoming responsive (which runs on any devices and remains device friendly).

A website is a face of your business, and if you have not created or updated your website yet, then you will be left behind by your competitions. Here we are sharing some tips which will help you in deciding you’re spent on the website design.

1.) Type of Website you need:
First and foremost, you have to decide what type of website you need, and typically the kind depends on what you want your website to do, it could be an e-commerce website or could be brochure website.

Types of websites broadly fall into below category:

  • Non-editable brochure website or a static website: this is a most basic type of website and as the name suggests these websites have fixed content and are most comfortable to create.
  • Editable brochure website requires CMS (content management system) to makes changes in the content.
  • Dynamic website: A dynamic website is self-managed through a content management system. In these websites, you can create more user engagement tabs (like logins, forms etc.), here the website information changes depending on the viewer’s native language, time zone, and other factors.
  • E-commerce site supports the sell and purchase of online goods and is integrated with payment gateways like Paypal and banks like Barclays or HSBC or HDFC. Again under e-commerce website there categorization like, B2B, B2C B2A etc.

2.) Domain Name purchase:
Now that you have decided the website type and now, you have to choose and buy a domain name which will be your business address. You can purchase your domain name from WordPress, go daddy and from any other domain name provider websites. You have to very careful while buying your domain name as it will directly impact your brand.

You can purchase your domain name based on the domain name extensions, like .com, .net, .org depending on your business type and reach. If you try to buy the common domain names, you will find that they might be taken or expensive. You can also use domain name generators tools available online to generate cheaper ones. The domain name will cost from 12 dollars to 1000 Dollars, and you have to renew them every year to continue the services.

3.) Deciding On The Hosting Fees:
Website hosting is understood as you are buying a space on the server to launch your website on the internet. When a user wants to see your website he can just type your domain name in the search and then the computer will reach out to the dedicated server and fetch your site and present in front of the user.

You can buy hosting services from websites like Bluehost, HostGator, Godaddy and other hosting sites. These websites provide you with multiple package options available from single hosting to multiple hosting per month or yearly basis, which can cost you from 16 dollars to hundred dollars. Again, here also you have to renew the plans depending your medium of purchase could be a month or year basis to continue using the services.

4.) Choosing A Template:
Here comes most exciting part of the website design, where you have to choose a template to showcase your product and services. Either you can select a template which is available for free on sites like WordPress, or in case you want a template with better functionalities then you have to purchase one.

The purchasing of the templates will vary from provider to provider, and some might cost for $49 and others for $1,000 (or more). So, if you’re going with the sophisticated design templates, then it might ask you to shed extra dollar from your pocket.

5.) Support and Maintenance:
Some owners feel that if you have created a website you work is done, but it doesn’t work that way. Now as we discussed above that to continue your website services you would require to renew the domain and hosting plans. Additionally, keeping your website up to date with engaging content and design you would need to pay for the support and maintenance services.

You can either invest in hiring people or agency to will create and maintain your website design.

Now that you have the clear idea of factors where the money needs to spend, So now you can allocate your budget accordingly. Your website will not just require money but your time too. You have to keep on eye on your target potential user to find what services and answers they are looking for and then optimizing your website as per their needs will boost your ranking on the search engine results. Improvement in ranking will eventually bring more traffic to your website, leading to leads and later conversions.

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