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Five technologies that could change digital marketing forever

Being an experienced professional marketer makes you understand the market much better than others. You understand that throwing all your resources at trendy and a new social platform from the point of view of investment is bad. You cannot really do this without even judging the factors which can affect your business.

Digital marketing technologies

But the technologies that serve the real need might do slow work but will be result oriented. This makes the real technologies, which will change the entire industry for good with new paradigms it introduce.

Given below are some technologies which have the capability to transform digital marketing:

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

These are the examples of voice assistants. Currently, people use them primarily for voice controlled functions like playing music or voice controlled music functions. More the people get familiar with that, more advancement will be noticed in these resources. SEO specialist are keeping a close look on how voice user interface is going to change the life of the people and how search engines particularly, Google is using snippets to give answers to common questions.

With more than 10 million Alexa enabled devices sold, to get top results in Amazon search engine will be more important. When people find the deal suitable to them, they do not look at the trash items or what they are purchasing as they trust the algorithms associated. With this kind of trust issues, Amazon and Google has to create a balance between their margin on items, customer trust and ad revenues. If the trust breaks or the quality deteriorates, people will then switch to other services like Wal-Mart or Bing.

Formerly, it was Google’s self driven car project. This means with the advent of this technology, more people would be looking forward to the devices that would drive them to their destination. This means boost for to the digital ads which will be the key factor to draw the products in the market. This might be a slow process as approval to the self driven car project has many hassles. But Alphabet’s Waymo is working on it.

Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift

Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift

 It is the first self, holographic computer which will enable you to engage with holograms around you in the world and with digital content. This can be used as an eyewear.

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality company which has been sold to facebook. Its price has been dropped to make it easy for the people to purchase it. So, rather than being at price of $2000 it has been taken down to $200. So, this can play a major role in transforming the digital marketing industry to some extent with its new proposals.

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Futuristic companies have been using robotic helpers for the advertising purposes as well for advising their customers. These opportunities have been taken up in the form of facebook messenger and Chatbots. This has really changed the scenario of the service and advertising. Bots that answer via messenger are become smarter to handle more complex situations. Companies that engineer this are sprouting up to handle this technology demands.

IBM Watson and Deep Machine Learning

IBM Watson and Deep Machine Learning
DML is applied to the methods based on data representation rather than using algorithms. This can be used to extract the data and other information related to the patents, studies. This technology can lead to find new technology solutions for the future.

What is the main concern for digital marketing technology
Main point of concern is the evolving technologies that might lead to mass adoption. This will have major affect on the brands associated. But, does that mean that the people will only be associated with the current trend?

I don’t think so. The main point to consider is mass population will only be associated with the technology that has long term goals. People do believe in digital marketing technology rather than the current trend.

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