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Excellent Guide to Website Design and Layout

Website design is the important factors that involve planning, updating or creating the website. While designing a website, there are many things to consider that includes the information architecture, user interface, website structure, website layout, navigation ergonomics, icons design and more. Whether you are updating an old website or designing a new one, it is important to consider the website layout that does not affect SEO. Do you like to impress your business or organization across the world with innovatively designed website? Do you want to make the first impression of your business with the proper website? A good designed with the complete layout reflects the website owner about your business and it enables the first choice for the viewer.

Website Design and Layout

We are living in a world where we could have landed on potentially billion websites for various needs. A good website mainly consistent with the design depends on the layout on the pages. Designing the website with the sense of uniformity mainly develops the good feel for increasing the inspiration. Designing a website is completely optimised for the usability with the better user experience. Below are the guide to website design and layout:

How To Design Good Website Layout:

Good Website Layout

The website needs to give a good and new look feel so that most of the visitors accessing the website would evaluate the slick design. Most people access the website for finding the specific piece of information. With adding the unnecessary design elements, the website would make it harder for the visitors to get the right information. Usability and UX perspective improves the simplicity.

Typefaces: Normally, the website typefaces need to be legible and least. It is not a good option to use too many colors while designing the website. Use maximum 3 different typefaces across 3 different sizes.

Colors: Website design must not be designed with too many colors. Using a maximum of 5 different colors for designing a website is prominent.

Graphics: To complete your task or performing the specific function, it is better to use the computer graphics while designing the layout.


Most of the web designers and webmasters tend to create the handsome templates used to design the site accordingly. The template is very helpful only when the website demands the specific layout. Normally, website related to the proper function or goal becomes important to add widgets and columns that mainly has images in the background.

Visual Hierarchy:
Normally, the Visual Hierarchy is importantly mixed with the principle of the simplicity and it efficiently entails organising the elements in the website of visitors to gravitate naturally on the website. When optimising the website it is better to use the UX and usability which mainly helps to attain the complete action. With adjusting the color, size, or position of certain elements on the website becomes much easier to structure the website of visitors. Visual hierarchy atop call-to-action mainly acquire the number one position in the search engine.


Having the intuitive navigation of website would ensure the visitors to easily find what they are looking for. The visitor arrives on site moves from point A to point B needs to be pain-free.

  • Keep simple website structure for primary navigation
  • Include navigation on footer site
  • Use breadcrumbs on the website
  • Include search box on top of the site
  • More navigation options

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