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Collection of Great Cheat Sheets for Developers and Designers

None of the web developer or web designer can able to remember everything including whatnots, structures, arguments, function names and function shortcuts when it comes to accomplishing WordPress design, development or publishing work. As a result, they must continuously consult for some cheat sheets or websites.

Today, we have compiled a wide range of cheat sheets, docs, and guides to save efforts and time for the users. With the aid of WordPress cheat sheets, everybody can get benefit from it extensively especially when you are struggling to recall things. By having a good cheat sheet, one can easily acquire twice productive than ever before.

Cheat Sheets for Developers

To make your job easier, we have collected comprehensive lists of about 120+ great web development cheat sheets, WordPress cheat sheets, design cheat sheets and many more. It is sure that you will find at least a few of them to be quite useful in your daily task.

WordPress cheat sheets
The WordPress cheat sheet comprises of a detailed list of important keyboard shortcuts & PHP snippets for the sake of WordPress website development.

CSS cheat sheets
The CSS cheat sheet comprises a set of plug & play, present animations for your web projects. The thing which you need to accomplish is to include the stylesheet to the site & apply premade CSS classes for the elements which you want to be animated. This Cheat sheet employes CSS Keyframes & work well on recent browsers.

HTML cheat sheets
Do you want to learn HTML? If so, then having HTML cheat sheet is considered to be the right option. Keeping a proper cheat sheet will create your life highly easier. If you are a savvy web developer and want to experience a little with web development task then you can feel free to make use of this HTML cheat sheet.

Design cheat sheets
With the release of design cheat sheets, the designers and developers will able to cater to their requirements by making use of icons, iconography, typography and other commonly used elements.

PHP cheat sheets
Another cheat sheet included for the website development is PHP cheat sheet. It has keyboard shortcuts to make your task quite easy than ever before.

JavaScript & jQuery cheat sheets
With the aid of JavaScript & jQuery cheat sheets, you can able to cater to your personal workflow in a trouble-free manner.

MySQL & database cheat sheets
The MySQL and database cheat sheets come with useful shortcuts which facilitates you to bypass the requirement for mouse clicks & movements and let you carry out your task in a quick way.

Development Cheat sheets
One of the simplest features of web development and coding is recalling all the coding needed during the website development task. In such cases, you can make use of development cheat sheet to get massive benefits.

Miscellaneous Cheat sheets
The miscellaneous cheat sheets included in this page is found to be quite useful for the novice developers.

Overall Verdict
Thus, we hope that you will find this detailed list to be quite useful & hence print some of the WordPress cheat sheets for your development. It will be quite handy when you want to place them somewhere at your desk.

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