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4 things SEO professionals should do consistently

As an SEO professional it is our duty to provide what client expect from us regardless of what kind of business or operation he has. Being an SEO expert is a big responsibility as the client will completely depend on you to get their website on top through your techniques.

Never intentionally put client at risk

Marketing is all about evaluating the risk factors. It is about risk vs reward. One thing to be careful about is that the marketing techniques which were useful earlier or add value to your business might get your website penalized today. So, be careful about the tactics you use as the algorithms of the Google keeps on changing.

But it’s not only about algorithm change. Clients being unaware about the problems they have to face, insist on using the techniques which will provide them early profit as they have less to loose and a lot to gain. As an SEO professional it is your responsibility to not to put your client at risk as you know the aftereffects of the following black hat SEO practices. Instead make them aware about the complications and encourage them to move forward with white hat SEO techniques.

Work with transparency in all matters

Mostly SEO techniques consist of three components:-

• Technical SEO
• Original, high quality content
• Getting editorial links from relevant websites

SEO is a long process. It takes time for a website to perform. These techniques have long lasting effect on the website, so it is the right of the client to know what we are doing on the website in the name of SEO.
Next question would be if we will tell them what we are doing in SEO, they themselves can do it. But the answer to this query is SEO is not about optimization only, it is about content management and getting it promoted along with the techniques which would allow the websites to be ranked on search engine. It is not possible for the businessman to understand these things as they do not have that much of time to implement these techniques.

Ensure that the client owns their properties, content and data

There is a big problem which is now a day’s very prevalent and that is the company do not have clients account in clients name. This prone the client to a big fraud as the company can any day simply disappear or the designer gone out of business. This will have huge impact on the client as he has to start from the scratch as he has nothing left with him to move on.

So make sure that the company has clients account in the name of the client and the client has complete access to each and every credential.

Work with specialists when necessary

When you start feeling that the concerned SEO experts is now out of practice do not hesitate to tell them. It is mark of pure professionalism. Put your ego aside and seek assistance from more qualified specialist who can give you better SEO results.

There is nothing wrong in this. I have seen so many experts seeking advice from other experts who possess different specialization.

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It is the duty of the SEO professional to have healthy relationship with the client. This will help the client in clearing the things out but also help in understanding your way of doing work. The relationship creates a strong bond of trust and reliability between you and the client. So, these are the things which SEO professional must do.

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