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10 Website Design Tips to Convert Visitors into Customers

Regardless of what’s your business, your prime objective like every entrepreneur is to convert your visitors into customers and drive sales.

The time your lead converts into a consumer is called a conversion.

In a real-time scenario, however, it’s not a cakewalk.

Most businesses (you’re not alone) face the issue of not getting enough conversion, though they are getting substantial traffic.

This problem can be sorted out by choosing the high-end professional web designing agency that can build an insightful web design to attract the chockfull of visitors to make a purchase.

In this post, we’ll talk about the 10 website design tips that’ll certainly help you convert visitors into potential customers.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

1. Simplicity is Key: When it comes to increasing your conversion, make sure you go with a flat minimalist design. In this way, your design and content will contain only the imperative elements. To make your web design cleaner, consider avoiding gradients, dramatic drop shadows, and other visual effects.

A well-structured layout and two-dimensional approach will help you radically optimize conversions. When you successfully incorporate simplicity, you’ll have significant space for a call to action strategy because you’ve already eliminated non-essential elements.

2. Play with Colors: You must choose the right kind of colors that you really want to incorporate in your website should be associated with your brand and its vision. You must, however, avoid sticking to two common colors that are red and green. You can try out different colors and they might grab users’ attention.

For instance, an apparel company has changed the color of its call-to-action button from green to yellow and has witnessed a significant increase by more than 6%.

It doesn’t mean you will choose any color you want.

Always keep your customers in mind.

You can choose the colors according to the preferences of your target audience.

For example, if you are targeting an audience of females, focus more on colors like blue, purple, and green. On the other hand, use blue, black, and green colors for males.

3. Captivating Videos: Videos can be incredibly beneficial to increasing sales. Also, it would be a lucrative decision for B2B companies to incorporate them through which they can share their stories or talk about the USPs of their brand.

Recently, as per the study conducted, “A visitor who watches the product videos is up to 150% more likely to add that item to their cart in comparison to a consumer who doesn’t watch any video”.

4. Effortless Navigation: Most businesses make this grave mistake of neglecting the navigation aspect.

When building a website, make sure you adjust it as per the interest of your customers. You must navigate your visitors to the service you provide.

If you are a prominent consulting company, you need to make sure your visitors can easily get in touch with you; consider placing contact forms or a chat button in the best possible way.

5. Prioritize Social Media Engagement: If you’ve been relentlessly ignoring social media, you’re probably going to miss the chance of getting customers. Considerable tweets and shares are rapidly propagating the information like none other. You must provide your visitors with an opportunity to tell about your website online.

Amongst all, it is the most effective promotion for any project. Consider linking your social media accounts to get substantial links that lead to your website.

6. Use Customers’ Testimonials: Before converting your visitors into customers, you must increase your website’s credibility. Make sure you use trust badges from popular review sites like Yelp or PayPal’s certification logo on your website.

Remember that your website must look credible to grab users’ attention.

Consider using a security seal or other industry-related symbols to get a special place in your visitor’s heart.

For a commendable impact, try to incorporate testimonials from past customers that have given positive feedback about your organization. This would certainly trigger the users to get involved with your business.

The prime objective should be to promote the visitors to completely rely on you to provide them with a quality product.

7. Don’t Leave the White Space: Also called negative space, Whitespace is the emptiness between all the elements of your website design.

You might have seen loads of websites that are filled with vibrant colors around or a video-background. There’s no denying it is a great way to grab visitor’s attention.

However, it can distract users from viewing the relevant product or service.

You must use that whitespace to place call-to-action and sign up buttons.

8. Incorporate Typography: Big and bold letters, over the past few years, have been a popular trend in the era of web design, and the trend continues to dominate in this tech-dominating world.

For those who don’t know, typography is one of the effective ways to boost your brand.

You might have heard that big bold typography on your website is feasible.

There is the reason behind that.

Big bold typography can be easily understood by any user and will surely grab their attention.

Once you’ve successfully drawn people’s attention, there are significant chances that they will try to know more about your brand/products/services. And consequently, you will get more conversions.

9. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices: Most of website templates and websites, these days, are highly responsive by default.
They can be adjusted to the screen of any device they are being viewed at.

On the other hand, if you have absolutely no idea about the responsiveness of your site, Google’s mobile-friendly test would help you out.

Most website traffic, nowadays, comes from smartphones.

Now the question arises, what does this mean in terms of your design?

This means that your visitors will get a chance to fill in the information, click interactive buttons, and read text on small screens.

For that to happen, you must ensure that your website is both functional and comfortable for the smartphone audience.

10. Don’t Forget to Bring Value: If you’ve been wondering that using the phrase “buy this product now” or “shop now” would certainly get more attention and get considerable sales then your answer is not affirmative.

As a matter of fact, doing such a promotional campaign usually discourage by its annoyance.

That’s the reason; your prime motto is to provide the audience with an informative/interesting/ entertaining piece of content.

Make sure you deliberately don’t monetize every single move of yours.
When you build a website to push a product, though, make sure you avoid doing its promotion.

Try to focus more on creating fascinating content that you can share with your visitors.

Final Thoughts

Well, in this post, we have tried to cover some of the most effective web design tips that will certainly help you increase your website conversion rate. Many businesses have already used them and witnessed significant results and so should you.

Start using them in the best way to exponentially boost up your website. Once you will properly implement these tips, you will definitely see a huge increase in visitors and conversion rates.

If you’ve got any questions regarding any of these tips, please feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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