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10 Ways to Measure Video Marketing ROI

In online marketing, use of video content plays a very vital role in creating a business demand. With the rise of internet use, video content has dominated the web and, with its user engaging nature, most of the big brands follow this marketing strategy. The video content has the power to increase the reach of businesses, build brand image, boost followers in social media and thus generate ample leads to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).

In this article, marketing metrics are explained in brief in order to establish Return on Investment (ROI).

Video Marketing

1.) Search Rankings

Monitoring how well your content in the website is ranking for all the listed short tailed keywords should be considered as a top priority, especially. Your video content should aim to help your target audience resolve their issues and queries.

In order to ensure that your content is being seen by right people, ranking at a good position will help to increase your reach and boost a variety of other key areas that will generate important data for further enhancing and altering the planned digital strategy.

2.) Views

Views are considered as one of the most important as well as easiest to find out. It is mostly said that higher the views of the videos, the higher would be the rate of conversion.
The total views will provide you with a fair knowledge about what your video has achieved from when its uploaded, but that doesn’t mean people are watching your videos till the end.

3.) Play Rate

Play rate, is the percent of page visitors who clicked on play button and started watching. This is a great metric for measuring whether your video is the best based on its context and is fairly relevant.

Understanding the play rate figures is crucial for ensuring your videos are well-positioned on your website as, if this figure is lower than expected, you will be able to efficiently ascertain whether additional attention to placement is required.

4.) Watch Time

Watch time exactly shows how much time your viewers are spending on watching your video content. It is a medium to judge the engagement rate of a particular video they are viewing.

This metric will be displayed as a percentage and, the higher the percentage, the more successful the video has been in engaging and entertaining your audiences.

On the contrary, if you discover that your viewers aren’t fetching your content to be engaging, closely reviewing both format and length is important, especially if your call to action is positioned at the end.

Video Marketing Sydney

5.) Subscribers

Establishing a strong subscriber base is a key contributor to the success of your regularly produced video based content.

Expanding your subscriber base will help you to increase your reach, but it will also provide you with important data that you can analyse in order to ascertain the demographics of your existing audience.

From here, you can look at whether your video content is gaining attraction from the target audience, or whether your approach needs adjusting in order to do so.

6.) Social Sharing

Monitoring your social shares will give you an idea of how well your audience are getting engaged with your videos on social media.

If you’re making videos specifically for social media then this is obviously a very important metric.

Alongside increasing your reach, views, and subscribers, the knowledge you will gain about the types of content your target audience wants to share with their friends and followers on social media should form a key part of your video content strategy moving forwards.

7.) Back-Links Generation

Video marketing is essential part of SEO. Video is typically a type of content that can be shared countlessly by the people who might think the video to be worthy for sharing and are likely to link to it.

Although video isn’t necessarily the best method for building lots of backlinks, keeping an eye on this metric will help you assess how your video content is playing into your SEO strategy.

SEO metrics are often far more tangible in terms of ROI, as rankings increases ultimately lead to more onsite traffic which can be closely assessed through Google Analytics.

It’s also worth noting that more back-links to your videos mean higher rankings in Google and, more importantly, YouTube, meaning more views and more exposure.

8.) Click Through Rate (CTR)

This data will provide you with a clear indication of how persuasive your video content is at encouraging viewers to follow your calls to action.

If you want your audience to click through to a specific page on your website for further information, sign up to your mailing list or follow you on social platforms, it’s important to understand what percentage of your audience is following through and how you can improve these figures to achieve your goals.

video marketing tips

9.) New Lead Generation

The golden ticket of all marketing data; keeping a close eye on your lead generation and sales figures will always give you the most comprehensive understanding of the levels of ROI your video campaigns are achieving.

The trouble of course is that new leads generated from individual videos can be difficult to measure when you have multiple campaigns and tactics playing out across multiple platforms.

A lift in leads and sales figures are the most important indicator of good ROI however and so must always be closely monitored following the launch of a key video campaign.

10.) Adjusting Your Video Strategies to Improve ROI

Digital marketing is in a constant state of fluctuations, with video marketers needing to adjust their approach towards the expectation of the audiences, the marketing landscape and seasonal changes and trends of the audience.

Like any marketing strategy, accurately measuring ROI is very important in order to ensure that you are consistently investing time, efforts and resources into the areas that will yield the most positive results. This means regularly and accurately reviewing your data to ensure your tactics and campaigns are working in the expected manner.

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