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Monthly Archives: January 2020

10 Most Popular Search Engines and directories in Australia’s [Updated 2020]

Search engines are the most common means of finding information, and while Google dominates the market, there are other players in the field. Search engines classify websites by algorithms and have different features that distinguish them from each other. Thus they can be used in various ways to promote your business.

Directories, which categorize and connect to different types of websites, are also significant in helping to create an online footprint for a company.

Thus this article will explain the top search engines and directories in Australia.

Google:- As predicted, Google rates by a significant margin as the number one search engine and eventually controls the internet market. It currently holds a market share of over 94% in Australia. Unlike Twitter, the company began as a university project before becoming one of the most recognized global brand names (most popular dictionaries now even make Google a verb).

Before Google, ancient search engines such as AltaVista and others mostly rated pages based on the number of times each keyword appeared on a particular page. PhD students Larry Page and Stanford University’s Sergey Brin theorized that if sites were rated according to the website authority, it would be more convenient for consumers.

Early search engines might easily be duped into exceptionally rank sites using a keyword-filled content, and also not that beneficial to the consumer.

Google’s PageRank technology introduced the notion that a site’s quality or value could be set by the number of related pages and the significance of these pages. Backlinks still play a vital part in the Google search algorithm, which can be adjusted periodically to boost user experience.

Google has introduced a range of other items closely related to the quest since its creation in 1997. These include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, My Business Google, etc.

Bing:- Microsoft’s Bing search engine was formally established in 2009, although it existed under other titles such as MSN and Live search. The search engine has continued to see its market share growth since it was branding itself under the new name, but it’s still far behind Google. Bing has marginally more than 3.5% market share in Australia at the beginning of 2019, with an extra 0.72% search volume generated by MSN Australia.

Yahoo Search also is operated by Bing. While Yahoo is not very successful as a search engine in Australia (only 0.52 percent market share), this partnership has enabled Bing to grow significantly in other countries, notably in the US. On the other side, Google was replacing Bing as the default search engine for Apple, which is a big set back for them.

DuckDuckgo: Launched ten years ago, amongst top search engines, DuckDuckGo is relatively new. In Australia, it currently has a market share of 0.54%, placing it ahead of Yahoo (0.52%t) and Baidu (0.08%).

DuckDuckGo is popular with users concerned with privacy because it does not log user data or track user activity. It’s pretty good for regular searches but still lacks the challenge of Google or Bing’s popularity.

Yahoo: Founded in 1994, Yahoo has been viewed as a market leader in web search market share. While it is still Australia’s fourth-most-used search engine, its popularity has dwindled, and Google has lost much territory. Since 2009, Yahoo’s search was mostly powered by Bing. It currently has a market share of 0.52% in Australia.

Yahoo initially did not crawl or index webpages, but prefer to submit questions through Inktomi and Google. It supplied the outcomes of the pursuit with Yahoo branding; however, it didn’t concentrate on other suppliers. In 204, Yahoo established its very own initial web-crawler technologies, combining the capacities of numerous search engines previously obtained by them. Seven West Media also controlled 50 percent of Yahoo Australia (also known as Yahoo 7) through March 2018.

Top Australian directories

There’s some disagreement about the effectiveness of using directories as a means to enhance a site’s rankings, but there isn’t any doubt they are nevertheless a significant part of any internet advertising campaign.

Search engine algorithms are putting less emphasis on low carb backlinks through time, which may explain listings in several directories.

1. Yelp Australia:- With more than 1.5 million visitors per month, Yelp Australia is one of the largest directories in the world. Part of the popularity of Yelp is its review feature, which can be of great help to potential consumers. Together with the Australian version found in 2011, it may be utilized to hunt for everything from nightclubs and restaurants to physicians and data about it.

2. True local :- The TrueLocal has similar features to Yelp, and many Australians search every month for a total of 1.1 million. It makes it possible for users to search for companies in their area, and it is’ Australia’s most extensive confident collection of local companies.’ If Sensis is owned, companies can also advertise more information on the website.

3. Yellowpages:- Yellow Pages still receives more than 9 million searches per month, even though usage figures for both print and web media have dropped.

4. Whitepages:- White Pages is one of Australia’s most respected databases containing not only corporations but also individuals and governments.

5. Hotfrog:- Hot Frog works in 32 countries worldwide, with its headquarters in Sydney. It is one of Australia’s high-quality free sites. More than two million visits per month are made to Hotfrog Australia.

6. Aussieweb:- AussieWeb is a favorite local directory of Organizations It is easy to list the business here free of charge. Before adding, you check each listing application. Up to 9 images and videos can also be included.

7. Womo:- Womo or Word of Mouth claims the number one site of business review in Australia.

8. Searchfrog:- Search Frog is a quality corporate directory with several different features. First and foremost, they have a blog on-site that is not common to early customers for business listing sites. They provide the best user experience through call and report tracking, Google review integration, and the manual listing verification.

9. Local.com.au:- For about two decades, Local.com.au has been a successful commercial site. They are one of Australia’s first online corporate directories.

10. While global search engines drive the Australian site, local business databases are, as predicted, very populated. It is safer to get the support of an SEO department specialist if you are trying to market your business online

11 Best WordPress Themes: Free & Premium You Should Follow in 2020

A brief look at the past and we would see that the need for better coverage has influenced most of our culture. This is why the majority of the radio and tv broadcasts are liberated. The marketing sector has however grown to a level beyond the reach of medium-sized companies. When we were to put apart newspaper advertisements and bus-stop signals, there’s not much you could do with a few hundreds and thousands of dollars.

The Net has come up with an unlikely alternative. Originally developed as a means for scientists to interact with their colleagues around the world, it has evolved into a global foreign network that has yet to be charted to the full. The offerings are mostly liberated or dirt-cheap, enabling entrepreneurs to contend with the wealthiest businesses. The internet can basically be a huge billboard that the entire planet can see if it’s used correctly. As a pattern that this is a golden chance. In spite of a rather limited budget an individual could buy a theme, make a web site and start to conquer the particular activity market.

WordPress Themes

These themes are not just skins but useful kits similar to the Swiss Army knives. To prepare the application for any scenario, each developer attempts to include as many plugins and enhancements as possible. As a creative artist this plenty of applications will send you a blank canvas.

You’ll have the opportunity to design and shape your website, tailoring every detail to suit your needs. This really is a luxury that previous generations of entrepreneurs have yet to be able to manage, and the price is negligible as stated previously. If you manage to design an impressive web page for your agency or business, it will skyrocket your viewer numbers and multiply your customer base.

When you think about public view, you truly can not afford to get a crappy site, particularly if you’re a designer. Want to have a badly dressed tailor? The same holds true for your website. Don’t hurry to make a telephone, since WordPress supplies an impressive variety of topics accessible to all. Try to plan your profile, and find the apps and plugins you’ll need. And with that let’s look at some of the latest WordPress template themes:


Jevelin is a new WordPress theme for artists that are easily customisable.

Through a fully visual interface, you can easily configure Jevelin to match your most exacting needs, as well as an advanced admin panel that allows you to easily modify your header and footers designs and templates, fine-tune your color schemes on each page or individually animate each of your individual elements to your preference.

Jevelin is perfect for innovative delivery of a multitude of short codes, while advanced history features for each segment include Parallax and Visual backgrounds that make the websites vibrant and lively and attract and interaction the audience.


Adios is a sleek and sensitive design portfolio theme for the WordPress website. A new and beautiful style designed to create exclusive, innovative websites. Adios is nothing if not versatile, ideal for all kinds of applications. It takes no coding skills to make the most of Adios. Simply select and fine-tune your preferred demo web site within minutes.

Customisation is purely drag-and-drop, from all contexts open to webmasters. Combined with the SEO enhancement and lightning-fast coding, it makes Adios very competitive.

To get high-end results with Adios you do not need a big price tag. There are sophisticated features and plugins at your disposal, sprucing up your pages in a flash. Introduce your team, highlight your goods or showcase Adios off your portfolio. Lightweight, smooth animations make the pages fun and entertaining. Your audience should engage in a memorable way with your content. This is why Adios likes the musicians and imaginative webmasters.

In a few simple steps, it’s the best medium for them to channel their own artistic vision on the web. The tool’s range and versatility are incredible. But comprehensive documentation will take you by the hand during the entire procedure.


Divi is also a WordPress theme for artists thanks to its wild simplicity and 100 per cent adjustable web design. With the canvas, you’ll have your portfolio up in just minutes. Nevertheless, you may always do the excess measure, add Divi for your signature fashion, and forge your fantasy site. You will render the website beautifully with the awesome drag and drop web editor, without the need to get behind the scenes and access the source code. To beginners as well as experts this comes really handy.

There’s endless list of apps Divi comes with. You get it all and a lot more with Divi, from ready-to-use formats and RTL functionality to smartphone and retina connectivity, excellent security and top notch support. You’ll have a product website up and ready to grab new customers easily without losing a single drop of sweat.


Uncode is a WordPress theme innovative and mobile-friendly to programmers. To try it, Uncode includes the superior WPBakery Page Builder, significantly simplifying the design and building cycle for novices of any expertise or ability level in create professional-quality outcomes.

The magnificent premium Slider Revolution app also will come with the bundle at no extra cost, as does the clean-cut Isotope maze grid upgrade, which basically gives you power over every nook and cranny of your website’s look and texture, without writing one line of code.


Together with the huge assets of functions and features, you will readily utilize Webify as a WordPress theme for most artists. In reality, it even includes a lot of ready-to-use sample content which requires a fast start to something fresh. Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced author, for both cases a website is almost a must. You don’t really need to be tech-savvy when doing the job for Webify in order to be able to create an online presence like the pros does. Above all, no encryption will be included. It’s the drag-and-falling strategy that saves the day. Webify comes with lots of extra material, lovely collections, interesting portfolios, headers, footers.


A well-constructed WordPress theme for innovative artists , that is currently running on version 2.2.1. Along with some screenshots, the developers added a live demo to this style. If you have problems during the installation process, some informative video tutorials have been included by the developers along with some impressive online documentation. Pile is flexible, making it ideal for showcasing portfolios and personal projects. This amazing style may be used by typographers, design agencies, models, and fashion illustrators. You need to demonstrate experiments and demos and, fortunately, Pile has everything you need to get that done.


Corpus combines the power of vibrating and pulsating the text, with Retina-ready graphics that will make colors pop out of the screen. It also has fast, cutting edge CSS animations that perk up every part of the navigation experience of your customer.

Get in the driver’s seat using all the powerful admin panel selections for your Redux program and WPBakery’s WPBakery Page Builder.


Calafate is a colorful, responsive creative portfolio for WordPress and the theme for the WooCommerce website. It’s a resourceful platform for easily building unique websites, crafted for creative freedom of expression. Without any coding job, you can form your pages in elegant style in just minutes. Calafate is perfect for clever presentation of your contents to your audience. It is also a special portfolio board, capable of enticing your guests with your achievements. Also at your disposal are convenient masonry wall and standard element grid layouts.h


Now, you’re on the lookout for designers with the latest WordPress themes. You have come to the right place, to your misfortune! Bridge is an exceptionally beautiful, effortless and fully adjustable device which will get the brand out there. With it, you’re not going to have a problem winning over new customers and getting the job appreciated and enjoyed globally. After all, you can touch all corners of the world with a quick website, and get everyone to see what you’re excelling at.

Ingenuity knows no boundaries when it comes to Bridge but maybe your mind does not work at full whack. Think outside the box, add your trademark touch, and you can promote your template on an impactful website.


Are you ready to make a difference, creative minds? Here’s Sahel, a stunning, sleek, designer WordPress theme. You will create a web space that will take away the breaths of everyone with its many innovative, impressive and appealing-to – the-eye demonstrations. Your portfolio should stand the test of time, always in a special and inspiring manner moving your works and projects forward. You may even enlarge your job with Sahel to an online shop, selling your art and other things which can allow you to move your career to new heights. A host of formats, short codes, plugins and other important elements are available and put to use.


If you are searching for a complex, contemporary, and designer-friendly WordPress theme subsequently VIM is a fantastic selection. Building an outstanding website takes everything you need to the table. Use it to advertise your service style, and carry your company to a new level. You truly don’t need to be more tech-savvy to find an opportunity to work with VIM. Anybody, even a entire novice, can set off things just like a VIM champ and each of the models and tools which include this.

Responsive Web Design Trends You Should Follow in 2020

At cloudcone, we believe that responsiveness and device compatibility are important criteria that must be included in your web design checklist. Most web developers struggle to create a responsive web design that can be fully customized to fit different screens.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to become more intelligent in 2020 with responsive web design. Responsive web design refers to the process of using various CSS and HTML encoding tools to render websites in a way that is ideally compatible with the device that accesses the website.

Some developers create multiple versions of a site to maximize device compatibility.At least there should be a desktop and a mobile version. Currently and until 2020, mobile optimization is one of the main focuses of responsive web design.

Responsive web design is certainly an activity to improve the user experience by adapting the page layout of the website via access to the website

Web design trends are very important as they depend heavily on the traffic on your website. We have also already entered an era in which mobile web traffic in several regions has clearly overtaken conventional desktop traffic.

Web design is basically the process of creating websites with different aspects and their landscape as they evolve. Therefore, the web design industry undergoes new changes every year to stay inspiring and relevant.

On the other hand, users demand three parameters from developers, which means that the website should be interactive, personal and relevant.

This also means that web designers are now faced with the challenge of developing a website that meets the needs of their users. Advanced machine learning is beneficial for web designers and web developers because it provides insight into user data and activity.

In this way, web designers and developers can create more targeted and personal landing pages based on these useful insights. Although AI is not new to web development and design, it will dominate this technological landscape in the coming years.

Web designers, developers, and companies must be at the forefront of modern web technologies and practices over time.

34 Overlapping design elements, spaces, typography, broken grids, parallax scrolling, etc. are all essential web design practices, but web development is how these elements work.

We need to recognize that technologies have redefined web development as we know it.

If you want to serve your target audience better and offer the best experiences, you need to fundamentally revise your web design idea and focus.

For AR, AI and digital interface tools constantly being used in web development, designers and developers are at a conceptual crossroads.

Whether you are a web developer yourself or are skilled in content creation and eventual search engine optimisation, the way you do your job depends on developments in the market.

What these users say is more than just an eye-catcher, as their surfing habits and expectations at the time of research are determined directly by the prevailing web design trends.

Knowing what people like and understanding what works on the web is crucial to stand out from the competition. 26 With this in mind, it is beneficial to stay up to date with web design trends.

The web design trends of 2020 build on the current trends, which will certainly have a huge impact if they are well integrated into your website.

Webby giants experts focus on the latest web design trends related to responsive web apps and websites to maintain brand identity in the market. Some facilities, however, are a continuation of existing trends, while others incorporate the latest functions and features into the mix criterion.

Then we addressed 10 notable examples of responsive web design in this article which will influence your online presence in 2020.

The use of user interactivity is becoming increasingly popular, and this move in UX design will remain the subject of responsive design trends.

Consumers spend more time using responsive apps on websites that encourage users to engage with the interface.

The challenge to such developments in Ui design is the upfront cost of sophisticated interactivity functionality.

Discover a great example of user interactivity in this denim report from Lyst, a designer fashion marketplace. If the bright color trend is an answer to the move away from color minimalism, the 3D design is probably an answer to the flat material design.

Clean and minimalist design will remain a central trend in website design in 2020.The development of 3D technology has made this trend more accessible than ever.

Designers are now exploring 3D design elements in website design to increase dimension, depth and tactility. In addition to being fun to watch, the 3D design gives the designs a unique depth to create an immediate visual interest and a more intense experience that questions the static charge of the 2D graphic design.

One of the trends in web design in 2020 is making websites more accessible to all. Design magazines and blogs now offer tips for accessible web design.

Designing an interactive website requires extending your outlook and a bit of work. But, if you are dedicated to doing so, extend your website to a previously excluded audience.

People around the world use different types of smart devices to access our sites. Companies should therefore ensure that their websites look good and are easy to use, regardless of the type of smart device they use to access them.


  1. iform
  2. cloudcone
  3. devrik

Future of Voice Search Optimisation An Ultimate Guide for 2020

Working to take advantage of the new opportunities can be a challenge in digital marketing with new technological developments that shift business boundaries every year. One of these market changes was caused by the widespread adoption of voice search technology and its effects on internet use.

As a consequence, this has had an impact on search engine optimization, where it is important for most companies in the current era to adopt best SEO practices. Internet voice search could be set to disrupt SEO conventions, so businesses would be well advised to keep up-to-date with the changes and plan accordingly.

The rise of voice technology

The launch of IBM’s Watson in 2010 paved the way for computers with speech technology. Watson is a versatile question-answer device of voice recognition that has shocked the world as a super-intelligent, reasoning and communicating robot that has been able to beat Trivia grandmasters on the tv quiz show,’ Jeopardy.’ Google launched its Voice Search in the same year, and Apple introduced the first robotic personal assistant, Siri, for the iPhone 4S.

This was followed in 2014 by Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon Echo, a personal assistant-powered voice speaker, Alexa. Google Assistant, as well as the Google Home smart speaker, was launched in 2016. Initial figures showed that Amazon Alexa is the market leader, although Google Home is expected to take the lead by 2020. Alice from Yandex and AliGenie from Alibaba are other popular robotic assistants on the global stage.

Since its inception, voice recognition technology has improved significantly. Google estimates 95 percent accuracy and 98 percent accuracy of the Chinese iFlytek speech recognition system.

Voice technology has also spread to devices falling under the umbrella term, the Internet of Things (IoT), such as a smart TV, a smart thermostat, or a home kit. While it may be feasible, Internet voice search for most of these apps does not yet have direct applications, and the largest share of searches is actually being done on either a smartphone or a smart speaker.

Twenty percent of queries on Google’s mobile app and Android devices are voiced, while at least once a week, according to Statistica, 31 percent of smartphone users use voice.

Media analytics firm Comscore predicts that by 2020, half of all online searches  will be conducted by voice, while Gartner predicts that 30% of online searches will be conducted on devices without a screen in the same year. It indicates a huge increase in voice search, as well as improved smart speaker acceptance. Juniper Research estimated earlier this year that 3.25 billion voice assistants would be in operation–a number expected to reach eight billion by 2023.

Effects of voice search on SEO

Voice shapes our approaches to technology and the internet, but what effect does it have on the search engine?

Natural language

Through advanced and efficient voice recognition technologies, voice processing is well suited to the everyday use of words, enabling users to give orders as if they were listening to a human being. Emerging technologies are looking to improve the user experience for any areas of potential confusion. The 2018 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker, venture capitalist and internet trends expert, showed that 70% of English language voice searches were done in natural or conversational language.

Keyword length

Usually spoken language is not as concise as the written word, so queries will be longer than the three or four keyword searches that are more common to graphical user interfaces (GUI). According to Backlinko, voice searches now equal 29 words in length. By using more long-tail keywords, SEO strategists will need to adjust, with the added benefit that the longer keyword phrases are, the higher the conversion probability.

Question Words

Voice searches will more often include the words of the question which are usually omitted in written searches, when, where   , and how. Marketers need to ensure that content can provide accurate and relevant answers to voice search queries and distinguish between simple and more comprehensive answers. Typically, queries that can be answered with very short answers will not generate traffic to a website because Google will often provide the required information through the search snippets featured.

According to SeoClarity (add outbound link for citation), only 25 keywords trigger 20% of voice searches. These include question words and other commonly used verbs like make, do and can, as well as key nouns and adjectives, including a recipe, new, easy, types and home. These can be worked on in SEO strategies, and to a higher degree, question-form queries can show user intent. Therefore, marketers can optimise content according to higher-value questions.

Semantic search

In contrast to lexical searches looking for literal matches of keywords, semantic searches try to find the intended meaning of the user within the terms used. User search history, global search history, user location, and keyword spelling variations can assist with this interpretation.

RankBrain from Google is an artificial intelligence system designed to identify words and phrases and boost the performance of internet searches. This independent quality of RankBrain’s thinking helps you take query handling to a more sophisticated level. Hummingbird is another Google technology that supports natural language queries.

Local Search

Voice search has accentuated the use of local search. When browsing by voice, users will be three times more likely to search locally. Research over the past year indicates that 58 percent of customers find local businesses via voice search, and 46 percent use voice technology to find local business knowledge on a daily basis. This change should be taken into account by marketing strategies and optimised for queries about “near me.”


In search engine results pages (SERPs), about 75 percent of voice search results will be ranked in the top three positions. Rich Answer Boxes shown at the top of the results pages respond to most voice searches. Thirty percent of Google queries contain featured snippets. These are extracts on the first page of SERPs from any website and brands are given credit in voice search as well as usual searches for GUI. Brands only need to be used in the featured snippets on the first page, rather than position zero.


Ecommerce is particularly affected by voice, as consumers are much more likely to make purchases by using voice. Sixty-two percent of voice speaker owners made purchases with their virtual assistant, and 40% of millennial used voice assistants (SEARCH ENGINE WATCH OUTBOUND LINK) before making purchases online. Therefore, digital assistants should be a priority for online retailers–and the best ways to optimise them.

Adapting to voice search

With voice technology having an impact on SEO in different ways, a few recommended steps can be taken by brands to adapt accordingly.

  • Google Voice prioritises websites that are loaded quickly, so brands should ensure that images are optimised, files are compressed, response times are reduced, and the site is fully responsive.
  • Long-tail keywords that represent common queries used in voice search will maximise material. Focus on the language of nature.
  • The snippets featured are summary responses from web pages that can be used in zero position. To optimise content for this, use H-tags and bullet points to include identifiable extracts to be featured and make content easier for Google to read.
  • Further information about a brand and drive traffic is generated by organised data and schema markup. We make pages appear in rich snippets, increasing the chances of being the first answer in voice searches.
  • In order to meet the increased search volume for local businesses with voice, local information for your brand should be provided–using Google My Business will help.
  • Increasing domain authority will help with search rankings–by including high-quality links, this can be improved.

There is no doubt about the impact of voice technology on SEO. Given the enormous increase in voice adoption and use, the impact on business will be significant. Those brands that can anticipate changes and stay ahead of them before they happen will surely reap the benefits in coming years.

Ref. Search Engine Watch

4 Best Ways to Beat Social Media Trends in 2020

It wouldn’t be an insult to say that most people spend a good portion of their day on social media. Not in the world of today. Research proves that 59 percent of entrepreneurs plan on boosting their influencer funding in 2020.

According to oberlo

  • 3.2 billion Social media users globally.
  • 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2%t of Baby Boomers are busy social networking consumers.
  • 73% of entrepreneurs think that social networking advertising has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” to their small business.
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to study solutions.
  • 74% of customers who’ve had a favorable experience with a new on social websites are very likely to recommend the brand to their family and friends.
  • 49% of customers rely on influencer recommendations on interpersonal networking.
  • 500 million daily busy Instagram tales are uploaded globally.
  • 91% of social media users accessibility social channels through mobile devices.

Social media has become an integral part of the daily routines and lives of people. Some are so hooked to it that they first scan their social media feeds when they wake up.

Given the importance of social media in the lives of users, advertisers and companies turn to social platforms in the expectation of communicating with their target customers. Nevertheless, there is an explosion of content on social media and the pressure is very high.

Staying up-to-date on the latest developments in social media will fuel your campaign and make you stand out in the crowd. You need to be aware of the eight social media developments for 2020 and beyond.

Social Media Trend #1 — Ephemeral Content Should Continue Gaining Popularity

Ephemeral content is something that can only be viewed for a short time and then disappears. Sources of this type of content are Facebook and Snapchat Stories.

The attention spans of people today are limited and the way they like to consume content has shifted as well. That’s why content forms such as Stories are becoming popular. In a way that people can spend hours scrolling through one story after another, they are short, engaging, and addictive.

Social Media Trend #2-Niche Social Sites Will Do Well

Facebook and Instagram as the largest and most popular sites have long dominated social media. Nevertheless, several other social media focused sites have not only increased in recent years, but have also grown to prominence dramatically.

For starters, TikTok is one such site that launched in 2016 and gained popularity with young people instantly. With their social media campaigns, B2B companies prefer Facebook, while the gaming community flocks to Twitch. Several such new social media platforms are gaining popularity and will continue to gain popularity in 2020 and beyond. 

Social Media Change #3-Instagram Should remove Likes

Instagram is one of the largest social networks that can form the social media environment with any major changes being introduced here. One such major change is Instagram’s decision to eliminate the posts like functionality.

Previously, Instagram implemented this idea in a beta test, and this move could eventually be introduced worldwide. The rationale it has provided is that it needs to assess the social value of a person and it is counterproductive to the emotional health of people to wait for such affirmation.

Nonetheless, there are many people who reject the argument outright and claim that Instagram wants to implement this change in order to gain money. To order to promote their products, marketers pay huge sums of money to influencers. None of this is going to Facebook. Yes, influencer marketing has become so prevalent that marketers shift away from traditional forms of marketing such as advertisement.

If Instagram removes likes then brands won’t be able to measure the direct impact of their campaigns as easily as they do now. This may encourage some brands to invest in Instagram Ads as they can track the ROI for them easily.

For social media marketing, a scenario where Instagram successfully removes likes and gets more marketers to move to their ad feature could be transformative. Not only will this affect influencers, but other social networks may also be encouraged to make these movements.

Social media trend #4 — Social trade will expand

social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have been used by brands to sell their products for a long time. Social trade has become a new brand retail avenue, and this trend will only get stronger.

Digital shopping is on its way to becoming a traditional retail outlet on an equal footing with other platforms such as blogs and physical shops. With more and more social networks adding pro-selling innovations such as shoppable messages, this trend will further intensify.

Social networks are constantly evolving from shoppable messages to Facebook storefronts to becoming shopping sites. These will be leveraged by companies and advertisers and will integrate social exchange into their selling campaigns.

Social Media Trend #5-Video Content Will Become Video Content is one of the most entertaining advertising sources and will quickly become a clear winner over all other content types in social media. Either short-form videos are common on TikTok or Stories, or long-form content on YouTube, videos are the future of advertising on social media.

According to a survey by Cisco, video content will be 82 percent of all online content by 2022. This shows clearly how important it is to continue using video content in order to remain relevant in the world of social media.

If you don’t make videos at the moment, it’s time to include it in your content strategy. Videos are going to dominate social media in the near future, and anyone who doesn’t know it will have a hard time.

You can start with features such as Stories for your content on social media as well as for ads. Even on platforms that have traditionally been dominated by image or text content, you can add videos to your social media posts.

Technology use will be at an all-time high

The use of technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) would accelerate in all-time high social media. As these networks expand, consumers will demand better and more immersive services, and that can be achieved by these technologies.

With the introduction of Horizon, their world of social virtual reality, Facebook is already taking huge steps in this direction. This is a kind of virtual world where people are able to connect, play, and explore. This is the next level of social interaction and the future of social media could very well be.

Although social media acceptance of VR may still be at an incredibly premature level, AR can not say the same. On several major platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, augmented reality filters are now being used. These have been introduced as a means of enhancing and popularizing the visual content shared on social media.

Influencer marketing will continue to dominate  

Infunecer marketing is the boom that has been rising for all these years. Influencers who are being paid exorbitant amounts to endorse brands dominate social media today.

It is important to see the acceptance of this pattern from both viewpoints. This can be seen from the overwhelming increase in the number of social media influencers. First, the rise in ad spending by companies on influencer marketing can be seen.

It is much cheaper to invest in influencers than running paid ad campaigns, and yet it delivers good results. In addition, influencers can help marketers achieve a range of marketing goals and not just generate leads.

Better Consumer Compliance and Legal Scrutiny

Although social media has many positives, there are some negatives that have come to light in recent years. Privacy and security of data are two of those issues that made headlines for social networks such as Facebook.

Social media can potentially be used to gather and manipulate information about anyone. Those social networks are rumored to even transfer their user data to other businesses.

With this in mind, social networks and regulatory bodies are going to tighten their standards and put in place more policies. Many people see social media as unsafe and changing that would be in everyone’s best interest.

Higher use of AR

Augmented reality improves our experience by adding multimedia components and changing the way things actually look. Social media platforms have noticed and have begun to exploit fascinating use cases for this technology in recent years.

Of example, for its various photo filters, Instagram uses augmented reality. Have you seen the filters that can cover up your face, or a sunlass or bunny ears? That’s nothing more than an enhancement for social media in augmented reality.

While heavily popularized by Instagram and Snapchat, this phenomenon will be followed in the coming years by other social media platforms. For example, before Instagram, Facebook introduced AR filters, but they became popular later. Facebook is also working with other functionalities of AR and VR and will create further future applications of these technologies.

AR’s social media applications are not limited to photo filters for posting fun posts and stories. Brands can also take advantage of augmented reality to provide their customers with better shopping experiences.

Sephora, for example, is a beauty brand that has been using AR for a long time to enable their customers to try makeup before buying. While this capability has been on their mobile app for a long time, they also launched it for Facebook recently.


These are some of the few major rising trends that in 2020 and beyond will dominate the IT landscape. Take advantage of these trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

Social media is a diverse and competitive environment and can help you ace the social media game with these patterns. So keep up with the latest trends around these topics and use them for your campaigns on social media.


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23 Best Ways to Build and Hire a Web Design Agency That Delivers

The international world is continuing to evolve in the dawn of a new decade. Social networking, web analytics, video/audio incorporation, along with other developments mean that you always adapt your strategy to the digital footprint of your business.

One element of contemporary sector, however, remains constant: the need for an enticing web site. While tens of thousands of totally free web site builders and countless aspiring web designers are yelling for the own consideration, if you would like to keep competitive in the digital area, you have to hire a web design company to create your site.

If you’re not sure why it matters, find these 35 reasons that as you move into 2020, a professional designer will be the best choice for creating and maintaining websites.

More Design Options

If you’re looking online, you’re sure to find dozens of websites offering free web design services through “easy-to-use” templates and ready-made shells. Although these models do not require much prior knowledge, the design options are very limited.

A web design firm will design a platform in whatever way you choose, so a stock template does not hinder your online ability. In practical terms, this means that you are not limited to the type of content you post, nor do you have to worry about restrictions on format.

“Website design isn’t only about producing pretty designs. It is about knowing the advertising challenge behind your business.”

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Unique Appearance

The other problem with using a web design service is that all their pages are beginning to feel the same. There are only so many options to reconfigure a design, and the more common the template is, the more often the style will look like someone else’s.

When you employ a web design firm, you know that from top to bottom, your website will be exclusive. There are plenty of ways to put your stamp on the project because of the exceptional design potential. What’s more, you have significant control over the look and feel of the website while collaborating with designers.

On Trend Designs

Have you ever been back in the late 1990s or early 2000s to a website? In the early days of the internet, flickering fonts and spinning images were all the rage, but now they feel obsolete and out of place. Even a website that is just four to five years old will seem obsolete because web design patterns are rapidly evolving.

You are recruiting someone up-to-date with the latest developments when you employ a web design firm, meaning that your site has a sleek, colorful look. With just seconds to catch your consumers ‘ interest, you don’t want a poor, obsolete interface to be the reason they’re leaving your site.

Digital Re-branding

For your website and your brand, creating images is 60% creativity, 40% science. To create a visually appealing image, you need to have a good understanding of art and lines. Furthermore, a good scientific awareness support can help you create an identity that resonates with your consumers ‘ psychological profile.

Sometimes, new business owners are surprised at how much quick alteration to their logo pictures will alter the view of their organization by someone. Through supplying the platform and other marketing materials with a modern, custom design that is all your own, a web design firm will assist you with rebranding and reimaging.

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Audience Targeted Designs

Not every website is appealing to any customer or group. Usually, a younger consumer wants to see more action and has no problem engaging with items on the screen that serve as links (like clicking a tire to take them to a page with tire purchasing information). On the other hand, older customers usually want to experience a more structured network, with straightforward menus and easy flow from element to checkout.

You have some insight into your company’s target group of buyers as well as who sells your products or services, but a web designer would know how those trends influence what people want on a website.

Eye-catching at First Glance

Business success is driven by the ability to catch the attention of the customer in a matter of seconds in the modern digital world. Statistics have shown that the average user chooses whether to continue on a site in the first 15 seconds of arriving on a web page or not, so you don’t have much time to make a great first impression.

A professionally designed platform means that every customer gets their best foot forward. The templates are fun to inspire consumers to discover the content.

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More Efficient and Effective Web Design

Having the right details and the best products / services are only the first steps of transforming a guest to a website into a customer. The need for an intuitive site layout is often overlooked in this process.

Customers don’t want to have to hunt for a “Contact Us” or “Checkout” button all over the page, nor do they want to see all their progress lost when they hit the “Back” button on their search or shopping cart. For almost every customer need, web designers will build effective and efficient pages with the right links and images in the right places.

User Experience

A poorly designed website stops acting as a platform for your company and acts instead to alienate your clients and frustrate them. Visitors are demanding intuitive designs from websites that naturally flow into each other and link together in an orderly manner.

If you’re recruiting a web design firm, they’re going to start with a simple sitemap for your entire website and develop from there. The sitemap provides a clear website framework that holds all new content created or extended in line with the rest of the website.

Better Customer Retention

It’s hard to retain a client who has a poor website experience. The sheer volume of online shopping choices offers customers with many other alternatives for the same products or services that you sell, and the customer will not fail to pursue other options.

You remove the most common reasons why consumers get annoyed or mad at your site with a properly designed website. In the long run, this will reduce the cost of customer acquisition if you employ a web design firm, generating more repeat customers for your company.

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Lowered Bounce Rate

The one indicator that shows that a platform is underperforming is the “bounce rate.” The statistical bounce rate measures the percentage of people on the site who only visit one page. Customers who “bounce” don’t engage with your material or browse the products you’re offering.

The main culprit for a high bounce rate is faulty designs. The customer gets from the site a wrong first impression, can’t see what they want on the landing page, gets confused by the menus, etc. Luckily, once you employ a web design firm, these problems can be resolved and will increase the conversion and bounce rates dramatically.

More Time on Site

The amount of time that a visitor spends on your website has several consequences for your company. First, spending more time means spending more time selling. Second, the longer a customer is on your website, the greater the likelihood that you will provide the user with valuable content. Second, time and time spent on the website will impact the ranking of your blog on Google and other search engines.

The two most important issues affecting your site’s time are the content you have and website design. Excellent content / products / services are things that you have direct control over as the business owner; however, website design is usually in your web designer’s hands. Through eliminating barriers that frustrate consumers and developing pages that cater to your company’s audiences that are most interested in attracting, you remove design elements that have a negative impact on your web analytics period.

Higher Browser Accessibility

Ten years ago, you were going to be able to reach your customers as long as your website was compatible with Internet Explorer. There has been an explosion in browser innovation since then, and it could be dangerous to customize a platform for a single user. Working with a professional web design team ensures maximum compatibility between industry-leading browsers as well as popular enhanced technologies that keep your site friendly to disabled people.

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Mobile Ooptimisation

Today, 51% of people can access the internet on a mobile device, and that number is expected to rise to 72% by 2025. It creates a unique challenge for web designers because it is very difficult to customize a website for smartphones than on a desktop or laptop. Failure to incorporate responsive design features into your website may cost you sales as the mobile market continues to grow.

Cross Platform Design

While demand for mobile-optimized websites continues to grow, more mainstream channels also need sites to be available. Highlighting one network at the expense of another places the company in a weak position and may alienate consumers. A web design firm will help you offer your website anywhere your customers use channels.

Creates the foundation of your Digital Presence

Beginning with your digital presence, you still return to your website. Social media pages and YouTube accounts will help speed up the dissemination of your ideas and get your content to a wider audience, but the website is the only location that consumers are constantly coming back to.

Changes to the rules and regulations of different site builders and social media platforms show that you never really have full control over your content on social media. You will be at the whim of third-party providers without a trustworthy platform to base your digital presence on, leaving your business and website unprotected.


Your business is your livelihood, and you want clients to know that you are taking it seriously. Your website is like your business card during the digital age. You wouldn’t use folded index cards and crayons to make business cards, so why take a casual approach to your website design? If you hire a web design agency, they will help you with a site that is visually appealing and secure to put your best foot forward.

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Improved Search Rankings

Optimization of the search engine, or SEO, refers to where the platform stands on search engines such as Google and Bing. Many customers never move past the search page’s third link, and less than 20 percent navigate past the first results page. To ensure that your website is visible to the customers you want to reach, it is essential to have a high website rank.

A web design company includes site design SEO strategies that raise your site’s profile organically. On-site SEO and content marketing improve the website’s overall rating, which puts your business higher on the results list for relevant keywords. Building the site from the beginning with the right SEO targets in mind will make your online marketing more productive and cost-effective.

“Being in the search result organically in Google is the fantasy of all website owners.”

Avoid SEO Killing Features and Updates

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the position of the site on search engines like Google and Bing. Most consumers rarely travel past the third path of the search page, and less than 20% click past the first page of results. It is important to have a high website rank to ensure that your website is accessible to the consumers you want to attract.

Increase Organic Traffic

A comprehensive digital strategy that includes all aspects of your digital footprint is the best way to see increased traffic to your site. Your website targeting social media and SEO feeds into your website, and your website content provides the material you need to fuel your social media.

A web design firm will ensure that all aspects of your digital strategy work in harmony with each other to boost improved website traffic and increase sales.

Gives Attention to overlooked Site Pages

Did you know that the “About Us” tab is one of the main pages on your website? This is where you will be highlighting the things that make your business special and educating potential customers about your project.

A bland “About Us” page gives customers the impression that your business is repetitive and lacks the human element that is all-important.

The 404 Error tab is another category that is often ignored. This page is shown when a customer clicks on links that are either no longer working or lacking the correct redirects.

At some point, each site needs the 404 Error page, but few take the time to create a page that serves a practical purpose, such as providing a search bar or a link to another part of the site.

Website quality also rests in the specifics, where a web design firm stands out. They will guarantee that you have all the right pages and material for your web, so that visitors to your site will always get the information they need.

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Make your Site more Credible

The website is the first interaction they have with the product for many people, and that first encounter decides whether they are going to do business with you or not. A customer who sees a dysfunctional platform with little guidance and irrational pages will start questioning the nature of the goods and services you are trying to sell.

The reality is that if you can’t convince people to buy what you’re offering, it doesn’t matter how good your company might be. Poorly designed websites not only make customers think that your website is wrong; they also contribute to conclusions about your business.

“We enjoy what we do and we do what our customers love and work to create positive and purposeful websites for fantastic customers around the world.” Sara Smith

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Greater and efficient eCommerce

Bad ads from a data breach is more than humiliating, and it can damage the bottom line dramatically. You are opening your company to lawsuits and at the same time eroding your business ‘ customer trust, losing your business income. Even with extensive security upgrades, recovering lost customers in this way can be nearly impossible for an SMB.

A task that requires experience and a professional touch is to secure customer data. A web design firm will provide security and back-end service to ensure that you do not reveal your customer data to those who threaten them.

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Social Media Integration

Operating in the 21st century without the use of social media has become challenging for companies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more often are the places where your potential customers receive their first company exposure.

That distinguishes a web design firm from an online web-builder example is the ability to use the designers to incorporate social media into your platform and develop a cohesive marketing strategy for social media. You need buttons on your website to “like,” “post,” “tweet,” “reblog,” etc. so that with a single click, consumers can spread information about your company. To have your designers incorporate these things effortlessly into your web pages, employ a web design agency to make it feel natural to share your content.

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Hire a web design firm to act as a partner for your company, enabling you to focus on providing your customers with the highest quality goods or services.

Over the years, online users have become more educated and experienced and expect a degree of consistency and reliability in the places they visit.

If these expectations are not met, even once, a customer will turn off to your company for good. Fortunately, many of these problems can be solved by a professional web design company for you.

Contact Web design City an award winning company of designers and digital marketing experts that can optimise your website to its full potential for traffic, conversions, and revenue.

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