What you can do to Improve your Google Speed Score

Google page speed insights are an effective tool to assess the speed of your website across all digital medium. Creating a web design with great visual appeal and informative content is the basic part. If the website does not have a good loading speed, it is of no use. Slower speed leads to lower conversions. And speeding up is no mean task. First, you need to diagnose the cause and then fix the condition with immediate effect.

Page speed insights

Why is Page Speed So Important?

Anyone trying to access a site would want a fast loading and clear images. Research shows that slower speed rate increases the chances of people leaving the site. This clearly indicates a loss of viewership and hence conversions. The top ranking websites on Google have loading speeds of less than 3 seconds. Also having a higher speed earns you a high ranking on search engines bringing maximum viewership p to your site. So the loading speed of a website is of utmost importance for a successful online business.

Compressing Large and Heavy Images

You can optimize the page speed insights of your website by considering some factors. The largest concern for slow websites is large images which have a huge impact on the website speed. By using image fixing techniques of compression you can increase the speed by a substantial margin. Free plugins are available which help you to compress 50 images at one go.

Minimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Google page speed insights often send alerts for CSS and JavaScripts which can be minimized to increase the speed of the website. You also need to minify your HTML coding space without affecting its processing. Various tools like shortening the code, formatting, fixing and removing unused code are the ways to achieve this.

Using Browser Caching for Faster Loading

Every time a person loads a particular site, it requires the loading of the images, content and also deals with the HTML and coding. By browser caching you can reduce the task of reloading all of these elements when a visitor surfs through other pages. Plugins are available which work by remembering the data, logo, footer, etc. This results in an increase in the speed of the page as it saves the reloading of the same content.

Web Design City assures you 100% Google speed score with an effective web design to escalate your business prospects. The optimisation of speed brings in higher search engine ranking which is a good sign for your digital visibility.

What you should do with your old blog posts

Apart from having an user-oriented website design, the best way to drive more traffic to your website is by generating high-quality content. To do so you need to come up with innovative and new ideas regularly. This means a lot of work and pressure but an easy way out is by repurposing your old blogs. If you have been blogging for a while, you would have a ‘treasure trove’ of blogs. With a little effort, you can reuse those blogs for driving new visitors.
Old Blog Post

Here are ways as to how you can use the old blogs to drive more online visitors

Generate a Couple of Spin-Offs from the ‘Old Blogs’

Generate a Couple of Spin-Offs from the ‘Old Blogs’

You can brush up your old ‘blog posts’ and make them look new with a few tricks. You can take an idea from your old blogs and create fresh new content by expanding on that idea. Before you begin to write you need to keep in mind certain things. One of the key aspects to consider is the audience you are writing for.

Make sure to define your blog’s topic in a simple sentence. You should remember to establish a good connection between the introductory paragraph and the heading of your blog. Another way of brushing up your old posts is by looking at them from a whole new angle.

Display Your High-Quality Blogs to Drive More Traffic

An important aspect of web development and design is content. With quality content, you can generate high web traffic to your website. It is a good idea is to repurpose your best write-ups for generating new visitors. You need to pull out the best blog posts from the archive to give them a brand new look. It is quite obvious you would want to showcase your best write-ups for the new visitors to your website. You could even create a webpage dedicated solely to displaying your best quality write-ups.

Give a Spin to Your Blog Posts for Generating Web Traffic

With a few tips, you can upgrade your old ‘blog posts’ for alluring visitors to your website. You can add graphs, screenshots, images or different kinds of ‘visual content’ to your old posts to make them look them new. The other things that you can do are replace or remove the outdated information including visuals, create ‘content upgrade’ for adding value to an earlier old ‘blog post’. You could even think of reformatting a post to make it look better, add fresh new examples, tips, and information and improve on the overall readability.

With a competent website design professional, you can improve the look and user experience of your website and drive more traffic to it. You can find some of the best web development professionals at Web Design City. They have the expertise to develop user-oriented websites for luring more traffic to it. If you want your website to rank high up on Google contact them right away.

Best Secrets to Digital Marketing Success Updated 2020

With progressions, the online marketing platform is garnering immense popularity. It has even replaced the traditional way of the print marketing platform. In simple words, digital marketing is nothing but marketing through the means of digital media. Increasing the sale of any product by promoting it on digital media, has thus become, a piece of cake. In the world of science and technology of today, digital marketing has taken a leap. And this has become the driving force for the progression of any company.

Top 5 Tips to Progress in Digital Marketing

Top 5 Tips to Progress in Digital Marketing

To make a successful business in the field of digital marketing, one has to perform certain things. To have a brief idea about the secrets behind a successful digital marketing business, keep reading on.

1. Survey and Research, Upon Knowing Your Audience

Digital Marketing Research

Getting a brief idea about the type of audience makes the overall difference. Similarly, in the field of digital marketing, one has to know the audience. Digital landscape enables you in targeting a specific type of audience. So, you can narrow the message to the individualised groups.

2. Stay Up-to-Date with the Current Trends in the Field

Stay Up-to-Date with the Current Trends in the Field

One has to keep in mind that the trends come and pass off fast. While some like tech brands or fashion, others remain unchanging months after months. If you fall under the former queue of folks, then you should stay mindful about the changes. One has to think twice ahead of using any reference. Also, one needs to double check the current offerings from the media ahead of any campaign launch.

Moreover, if you own a website, you must create unique website design. Since this field always gets evolving, one has to stay up-to-date with every possibility.

3. Use Social Media and Make Two-Way Dialogue

Use Social Media

Suppose there are two companies – company A and company B. While company A can run its product X, it can’t measure the success until and unless the campaign is done. In such a scenario, a non-linear approach enters. Digital marketing gives you the allowance to engage consumers in conversation. In this way, you aren’t the brand anymore. Instead, you’re allowing them for responding. This is how you can create a conversation in an effective manner.

4. Utilise the Multiple Marketing Tools

Multiple Marketing Tools

Sticking to one medium would not be a proper idea if you want progression in digital marketing. Instead, one must utilise email marketing, social media, SEM, SEO, augmented and virtual reality. People have become tech-savvier, for they are well-familiar with the use of smartphones and tablets. So, engaging them with the multiple platforms would enable you to maximise the potential reach.

5. Make a Memorable and Unique Brand Experience

Brand Experience

One must remember to stay current on both current digital offerings as well as the requirements of the clients. Now that the marketplace is currently over-saturated, your business in this field must be unique with a memorable brand experience.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips would maximise your digital marketing. Thus, this compiles the factors depending on a successful digital marketing business.

How to Boost Your Visibility on Google Images

Google is one of the most well-known platforms for organic and targeted search in the internet today. The multibillion-dollar company employs a vast range of optimisations in their search engines to aid in a proper organic search that shows relevant data. Therefore, it is important that your website and the promotional image you post show up on a relevant organic search.

Why Should You Optimise Your Images For An Organic Search Result In Google?

Boost Your Visibility on Google

Currently, Google is one of the most widely used platforms used to search content all over the world. This requires Google to analyse and categorise all pictures into an organised package that shows relevant search results for those looking for it in Google Images. To get the most out of this, it is essential that you optimise your image with the relevant information. It can greatly boost your ranking and aid Google to categorise your images accordingly in the image search page.

What Are The Tips You Can Use To Have An Optimised Image?

Image optimisation

Image optimisation is one of the most overlooked strategies that often fail to exploit its potential. Therefore, you can use the following tips for a better-optimised image that can add to your conversion rate. They are as following:

Make Sure to Post Good Quality Images for Your Website– While it is the most basic instruction to follow regarding posting content on any webpage; it is also the most important. Poor image selection can greatly affect your viewers and also generate little or no views from organic image search. Data shows that good quality images often attract the attention of 63 per cent of viewers online. This can greatly boost your ranking on Google image search page.

Optimise Your Image to Consume As Little Bandwidth as Possible-It comes as a no surprise that large file size images take up an excess time to load. Therefore it is essential that you reduce in the file size to an optimal level without sacrificing quality. You can do so with the help of many online software tools that strips your image of the excess data.

Allow Access to Your Webpage by Search Engines and Googlebots– It is important that you offer free access to search engines and Google bots to accumulate pictures from your website. Having restricted access can result in your image in not turning up under any image search at all.

What Are The Advantages You Get Out Of A Proper SEO Optimisation For Your Images?

SEO Optimisation For Your Images

Any responsive web design has a number of images that are relevant to the topic of the content. Google often crawls through these WebPages and accumulates the image for its search results. Without proper optimisation your image has the potential to get lost in the sea of pictures. With the relevant optimisation, Google can categorise your images to a specific organic search initiated by a browser.

A well optimised image has the potential to reach the right viewers when they perform such and an organic search. This can greatly boost views to your webpage and increase conversion rates that positively affect your site’s ranking.