Parents, Apple has launched a new tool for you

Apple has launched a new website. This web design of this site is done in such a manner so that it aims at providing parents with the necessary tutorials and tips to monitor the activities of their children on the Apple devices like the iPads and iPhones. This is a website which has been launched only recently. This is a breather for most of the parents who were worried at the increased engagement of their kids on the aforementioned devices.
Apple has launched a new tool

The Damages Come From Early Age

The consequences of children getting addicted to such devices at such an early age take a really bad toll on their health. Staying glued to these electronic devices hampers their concentration and makes them moody and erratic. The effects of this are endless. This is what drove the researchers at Apple to make a website like this. Apple, as a company, is concerned about the welfare of the children. This motivated it to address this excessive use of mobile phones by the children.

Apple, as a company

A Boost To Company Development

This move will also help the company to boost its reputation and increase its sales. This will also help with web designing tips for other websites. Its products will become more saleable as it will be able to make a mark as a concerned company. This website, names as Families, provides the parents with a number of tips. One of them includes teaching the parents how to restrict or block sites so that their children will not be able to reach them. They can track their activities on the iPads or the iPhones. They can also prevent their children from downloading unnecessary content from the online store of Apple.

A Boost To Company Development

Know Where Are Your Kids

Another tip which is provided by Apple is to track the location of their children on the map with the help of their smartphones. This will reduce their hassle of texting their child repeatedly throughout the day to know their whereabouts. The “Find My Friends” feature allows them to see the present location of their child and the distance of that location from home. The site also notifies the parents when their children enter or leave a particular place.

Know Where Are Your Kids

Apple’s Initiative To Better The World

The company also provides a number of options that are quite helpful in tackling adverse situations. This is Apple’s initiative to better the world. This philanthropic zest will not be beneficial for the children but also give a major boost to the sales of the products of Apple.

Apple’s Initiative To Better The World

This clever move from Apple comes as a welcome development in the world of technology. If you are in Australia and are searching for tips on web designing, you can always approach Web Design City Agency by visiting their website. We have a team of experts who are proficient in this field of designing.

Is There Any New Innovation In SEO Marketing?

It is quite evident that the technological scenario of the industries is changing at a rapid speed. With new technologies and upgradation, all the basics of marketing strategies are taking vigorous turns. SEO have been a marketing tool for a long time. But the main point of focus is whether this extremely popular strategy manages to stay strong in this rapidly changing technological scenario. With the same old basic technicalities and advances, it is possible that the SEO process might appear stagnant and outdated. Therefore, we need to note down, whether there has been any change in this process or not.

Innovation In SEO Marketing

What Kinds Of Changes Are We Looking For?

According to the definition of Search Engine Optimisation, it is the process to enhance and upgrade the rank of placement for websites with the help of various techniques and principles. With this definition clearly portraying the insight of SEO, the main question is whether any changes in this tool are possible or not. To be honest, this process had technically gone through a lot of changes throughout its existence.

Search Engine Optimisation

Therefore, on a small scale, it is the job of the various marketing agencies to provide the changes according to the needs and wishes of their clients.

The Basic Idea Is Still the Same

When we are talking about SEO, we need to keep in mind that the fundamental idea and job of the SEO is still the same. The rank of placement of the websites solely depends upon the search index process, the individuality and quality of the content of the website and the advancements of evaluation of the link.

SEO Rankings

These three factors are the sole basics of search engine optimisation and no technological advancements could change them. The various companies simply help your websites to reach the levels of these factors in order to upraise the placement of your website in the search engines.

Will The New Techniques Result In Changes?

In the context of SEO process, the introduction of new techniques would not create any changes in the SEO process. This is because it is still dependent upon the content of your website domain and various agencies like the Web Design City help your website to match the criteria.

SEO process

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Need for Website Designing in Today’s World of Competition

In the advent of the growing competition, all the companies are in a race to increase their market value. The importance of an official website has now come up to be a necessity, rather than just a PR tool. Moreover, only having an official website for the company would not be enough for enhancing the market value. The design, structure, and maintenance of the website are also a major factor.

Website Designing

Therefore, to understand the growing need of web designing, we first need to understand the basics of it.

An Insight on Web Designing

Website designing is basically a mixture of various skills and techniques that are used in the making and maintenance of various sites. It mostly includes the areas of graphic designing, authoring, interface, SEO, propriety software and user experience design. Usually, there are a number of individual designers who come together to work in a team and cover the broad areas of web designing to produce the ultimate result.

Insight on Web Designing

Why Is It So Important?

Web designing services have a number of benefits for a new as well as an established company. A vibrant and extensive design gives a boost to the business in the various search engines by changing the game in the search engine optimisation process. Quality content, along with a catchy template and required designing makes the website noticeable and easily accessible. Moreover, if the website is easily navigated and responsive on the mobile phones, it creates a different impression on the audience.

Importance of website

A well-planned website page also gives you the analytical data about the audience is reacting and interacting with your website. It would eventually help you to make the required changes or create improvements.

Make It a Brand

After making a website for your agency, it is the end of the process. In fact, it is just the beginning. The website needs regular maintenance for better results. Therefore, use this tool to create the extraordinary brand value for your company.

Brand design experts

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Search Engine Ranking Signals that Really Matter in 2020

Google tends to offer brand new rating sign every year. In the year 2014 HTTPS became a new rating sign. In the next year i.e. in 2015, mobile usability became the new rating sign. Next in 2016 Rank Brain came onto the scene, and in the year 2017, the HTTPS websites experience an essential push.

Now in this year 2018, mobile page speed tends to be the next massive ranking sign that demands focus. The good news is that the rating indicators are going to proceed to adapt to the user.

Search Engine Ranking Signals

Let’s focus on some of the ranking factors that can actually matter in this year, 2018.

  • Publish Standard Content: The quality of your weblog content material and website remains to be significant for the year 2018. The content material in your website demands to offer relevant and valuable information as having pages with no worthy information can come back to harass you. Top quality content is about having pages that lower the bounce rate, increase time on page and offer relevant and useful content to the visitor. Consult any renowned agency for a better result.

Content is King

  • Have A Mobile-Friendly Website: When it is all about website ranking, Google recommend a format for a responsive website, despite the fact that Google stated of not publicly favoring Google has acknowledged that responsive web design helps their algorithms precisely assign indexing properties. Hire quality search engine optimisation services for having a quality mobile friendly website.

 Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Create A Safe Website: According to DR. Pete J. Meyers, 30% of page-1 Google outcomes have been utilising HTTPS. Whereas not shifting to HTTPS would not harm your website as several modifications took place since Google first declare HTTPS as a rating sign back in the year 2014. The Chrome browser was announced not to be safe from the URL bar starting in July 2018 by Google authority in the year 2017 once they are not HTTPS.

Create A Safe Website

  • Develop Your Expertise: User experience impact on SEO. You will lose user traffic if your website carries irrelevant content in an unattractive manner. You cannot deny the fact that to magnetise huge customers in Australia you must have a well maintained and well designed website. And if you do not have so you will gradually lose targeted clients and thus your website will end up in a trash.

Develop Your Expertise

Some of the remarkable ranking factors have been given above only for you. For top class Search Engine Marketing please Contact ​​Web Design City and experience business growth.

30% of All Websites Now Run On WordPress

According to data from web technology survey firm WordPress now powers 30% of the websites. If you look at the market share ups from 58.7% in November 2015 WordPress actually claims 60.2%. If you compare, you will found Joomla- the nearest rival has experienced its usage jump from 2.8% to 3.1%, whereas Drupal is up from 2.1% to 2.2 %. Another worth highlighting point is that it refers to hosted platform as well as the on-hosted open source blogging software that you download.
WordPress Website

As determined by Alexa rankings, 3Techs scans the top 10 million websites, in terms of methodology. And after that, it takes a three-month average. From this fair sample, it is confirmed by the firm that near about one-third of the websites are now running on it, being a web design solution.

What is WordPress?

It is an online web publishing software and perhaps the simplest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in today’s world. It has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms among the website designing experts since it was released in the year 2003. It is gaining popularity rapidly and thus now powers near about 30% of the entire web. It allows you to manage and build your own website just by using your web browser and the great thing about it is that this highly flexible content management system or CMS is absolutely free.

What is WordPress

Remarkable Reasons WordPress Is A Brilliant Choice For Creating Your Blog Or Business Website

Open Source: As it is an open source, there are a number of people across the globe who is constantly giving efforts to develop it. And as it is an open source it is absolutely free.

Flexible and Extensible: There are a number of themes and plugins that allow you to change the entire appearance of your website. Except for this, it also introduces new features such as a photo gallery, mailing list or an online store.

SEO Friendly: It involves every detail that you require to make sure that your content is optimised for search engines.

You Can Control Your Own Content: Last but not the least it allows you to import our content from other systems such as Tumblr or blogger, and you can also export your information to move away.

WordPress Web Design

Web Design City is a reliable web designing company that would give you a better tour of WordPress.

Design Thinking – Why is it an Imperative Business Strategy?

Many people tend to undermine the design of a website. Let me break this for you. The design and aesthetics of a website are as important as the content in terms of SEO flow. Web designing companies can help you out in this context. Judge it from your perception. Don’t you automatically get attracted to something which looks good? People tend to think what design can possibly do in terms of web content. That’s not the only aspect. Our mind-set should be re-oriented in terms of both design and proper content. This article tells you why a proper design is imperative for your website traffic. Read on to know:

Good Web design

1. The Key Is To Define A Problem Well: Since our childhood, most of us have had the perception that solving a problem rapidly is rewarding. Often, this leads to erroneous. This is where many organisations fail. They waste a lot of resources, time and energy trying to solve the wrong problem. Most of the solutions are created based on assumptions and past experiences.

design a website

2. Have Proper Knowledge: Our brains are hardwired into thinking in the same manner. So this is what which needs to be changed. One needs to know the stakeholders, the impact that the solution of the problem will have and what the motive behind the source of the problem is. This is key to designing.

designing experts

3. Put Yourself In Their Shoes: The key here is to understand how they feel. This is the foundation on which website designing experts design a website. One needs to walk in the shoes of the customer to be able to design the perfect website. This will help you provide the customers with solutions as per their needs. Trust me on this, resorting to such a technique will definitely prove to be a game-changer.

web designing experts

4. Be Empathetic: Don’t you ever think why a particular website is more visited than the other or a specific cab service is more availed than the other? The solution is this. The makers are highly empathetic which is what brings them closer to the customers. These answers will help you in proper introspection.

Why is it an Imperative Business Strategy

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