Why Should You Shift To HTTPS From HTTP? Updated 2020

The additions ‘S’ in https stands for ‘SSL’ stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This technology helps to encrypt the connection to a website. The purpose of this is to prevent the hackers from intercepting any of the data.
New Sites Should Go HTTPS From The Start

The additional ‘S’ is actually a security measure of the internet and an almost foolproof method to secure any sensitive information that might be present on your website. Things like account login information and customer payment details are kept secure in this manner. In this article, we will give you an insight as to why one should switch to a secure site.

HTTPS Can Aid With The SEO Optimisation: One of the major benefits of this is that if your site is essentially competing with another site on the basis a particular keyword, then the tiebreaker of this security approach can be made by the addition https in your domain. This could help you secure the highest spot by providing you with the necessary edge. This specific algorithm makes Google provide the user with one of the best user experience. Obviously, the user will always prefer a more secure experience over a non-secure one. This is why it is a favourite among SEO consultants.

HTTPS Can Aid With The SEO Optimisation

Resorting To HTTPs Help To Secure Your Website: There is a common misconception that exists about https. The misconception is that only those websites are in the need of https which are dealing with information which is sensitive. This is not true.

Resorting To HTTPs Help To Secure Your Website

Every HTTP which are unprotected can reveal potential information about the identities of the various users and their varied behaviours. This “security protocol” helps to secure the website’s integrity by the prevention of intruders who tamper the communication between the visitor and the site. The chief SEO strategy here is the promotion of a mobile-first technology.

HTTPs Is Required By AMP: If you are serious about selling, searching or making a statement online, it is required to jump on this bandwagon of the mobile revolution. A lot has already been written a said about the requirement to make the websites mobile friendly and responsive on the mobiles.

HTTPs Is Required By AMP

To add to this, technical factors like speed of the page loading are at par with the course. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP has initiated the mobile-friendly initiative for Google. Google has developed AMP because they want their content to get loaded rapidly on the mobile platforms.

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Should Number-One Rankings on Search Engine be a Priority?

Number one ranking on search engine, this is the goal for which every business runs and optimize their website using various tools. But are you the only one in the race, there are multiple businesses who all running to attain the finite space available on the SERP.

Page 1 Ranking

The new era of SEO may be modifying this priority. It becomes vital to understand whether the number-one rankings are as important as they used to be.
Do you remember last time you had clicked on the 1st positioned website on the SERP to seek the answer to our query? Today, when you put the search query in Google, It will provide you with the abundance of information regarding Knowledge graph, local 3pack business listings, rich snippets set apart from organic search results. These new types of search entries have weakened the organic search engine ranking.

Keyword targeting has become more difficult after the hummingbird algorithmic update which brought semantic searches. Today Google doesn’t provide weight to the content base on the exact match keywords instead it matches the user queries to the most relevant content.

Keyword Targeting

Rich Content: Today everything revolves around quality content, thanks to the semantic searches. As long as you are producing high-value content, you will rank accidentally for many relevant keyword and phrases without even targeting them.

Quality Content

Click Through Rate (CTR) works in co-relation with the higher page ranking. As the more click you receive, the more relevant you will appear, and so higher you will rank.But sitting in position one doesn’t guarantee you that you will receive more clicks, as your competitor sitting a position 2 with better offer might receive more clicks more than you. So, it necessary to optimize your metadata to appeal to your potentials.

Click-through rate

Visitor visit: Consider you are receiving massive traffic on your website but due to irrelevancy or any other factor, users are bouncing off the website, without taking any measurable action on your site. But, along with the important SEO tactics you need to also focus on several other non-SEO factors like conversion optimization, branding, and high-quality, user-friendly design, without these components in place, your SEO strategy won’t hold any value. You need to allocate the resources to achieve the balance between the quality and quantity of the visitors to the site.

Bounce rate
To end:

It doesn’t say that you should throw away your old strategies, as targeting keywords can still work for some small industries. But today SEO is about looking at the broader picture we need to diversify our approach and strategies that will be successful for our brand.

Top 4 Social Media Trends for 2018

Remember the time when social media was just the mean for sharing holiday pictures, random post and reaching out to the long distance peers and loved ones, but today it has evolved more than that.

Social media and people

Now brands are using social media as an excellent channel for promoting and creating awareness regarding their services. It has become a significant asset among the marketers for building relationships with the customers.
Today’s customers are more vocal and using the social media channels for venting their frustration on brands.
“I remember one incident where my peer was frustrated with one of the company’s services, and he posted his problems on the brand’s social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to seek the solution, and you won’t believe his problem got resolved within two days.”

Social media is becoming an asset to the industries for generating traffic and leads for their business. Using social media, you can understand your consumer’s likes and purchasing behavior. The importance of social search is also gradually increasing as the consumers are using it for more new brands experience and are relying on social proof as displayed in their peer network for making the purchase.

As the years go by as marketers, we all wait for latest trends. It has already been a month we have entered in 2018, and we are sharing here certain trends that brands need to the focus upon this year:

  1. Power of Instagram :Power of Instagram

We all are aware of Instagram, don’t we? And we all spend minimum 15mins of our time on a daily basis in checking out the latest stories and updates.

You will be surprised to hear, that researchers have found 200 million people are using Instagram stories per month and it is expected to grow more by the end of the year 2018. It has also been found that after the addition of Instagram stories the average time spent has increased up to 28mins on a daily basis.

Which says brands should look and focus on utilising Instagram stories for creating the broader audience for their services, and there is also good news for the brands that even if users are not following you, they will be able to see your brand stories.

2. Influencer Marketing:
Influencer Marketing
An influencer is the one who just doesn’t bring the audience to your brand but also builds the awareness.

Influencer marketing is becoming a great tool for generating the traffic to the website and brings in more clients, as an influencer along with his audience also brings his audience’s network to your site.

Today’s consumers are smart and self-sufficient, they don’t trust on what the brand says about itself, but instead, they want to hear about it from someone they trust. Many marketers are utilizing it for generating 11 times more ROI for their business.

3. Live Streaming :

Live Streaming
Videos are the best way to share and deliver your thoughts in short span of time. It has already been spoken in many blogs via experts that by 2020 videos will take 80% consumer internet traffic.

YouTube has already been a pool of videos, and it has been found that over 500million hours of videos are watched every day Facebook videos receiver more 135% more traffic as compared to the photos.

Looking at the power of the videos, many social channels are providing live streaming features for more consumer engagement.

In 2017 we already saw the use of live streaming videos by people and movie stars promoting their movies and creating their fan followings.

With the rise in the technology in the smartphones, people are looking for better experience. Brands need to incorporate live streaming as a marketing strategy to connect directly with their customers.

4. Social Listening:

Social Listening
Social listening is a method of extracting opportunities and creating better and rich content for the consumer by tracking conversation around the keyword, phrases, brands, etc. across social media channels.

Social listening is more than engaging with your audience via commenting and responding their views and queries.
By tracking your consumer’s actions, you can track your brand’s health and can create compelling engagement strategy. You get the opportunity to develop the better experience for your target audience by providing the content what your consumers are craving for. Which not just improves your brand image and but also build trust among your audience.

Today people are relying on social media for learning and experiencing the new trends, products, and services. So, it becomes essential to monitor, design and create content that directly fulfills the target audience demands and needs.

To maximize your outcome through social media channels, you can either hire social media marketers who will improve your social media presence. Or you can reach out to the agencies who not only understands the criticality of the social channels and but also serves you with the right mediums and resources to expand your business audience across the multiple channels.