Future of digital marketing: Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning is now the future of digital marketing. But only few of the SEO experts are showing their inclination towards it. Experts primarily use the on-page and off page SEO techniques as machine language is still a name and not so much to think about. Machine language has not even changed the landscape of SEO. But if the same trend of negligence is taken forward by SEO experts and they remain blind eye at it, they will definitely be left behind. Usage of machine learning algorithms on site’s visibility will only increase with time.

Future of digital marketing

Before moving further, we must know what actually is machine learning?

According to Wikipedia “machine learning is from computer science field which gives computer the ability to learn without using programming language or coding. It is actually a sub field of artificial intelligence. In AI, machine learning teaches the machines to perform an activity which needs human intelligence.

So, given below are certain areas to play close attention to:-

1.) User Search Friendly Content
The driving force of search engine optimization will be Content, where more concern of the SEO professionals would be for User experience than other factors links, on-page factors, and technical issues.

Search Friendly Content

First and foremost efforts of Google Search is for satisfying user intent and like digital marketers and content marketers SEOs has to be at the same platform as they will all share a similar goal —to provide best UX and get ranked on search engine accordingly.

In the near future what you need to focus more on is the quality of content when AI knows to get the access to page quality at an instant.

Responsibility of the SEOs will be then to check if content:

  • Must satisfy user intent
  • Positive user experience
  • Useful content to move users forward to a conversion
  • Contentis of high quality and relevant to website

If they fail to know that all the data used has been understood by the machine now, they need to get it right otherwise their website will end in lower ranking.

2.) Links Creation and On-page Optimisation
With the advent of machine learning algorithms conventional methods will take the place over traditional on page optimization technique. Meta descriptions, Title tags, URLs, and alt texts will have their roles to play, but they would not be the factors which will act as deciding factor of a website make or break.

Links Creation and On-page Optimisation

Creativity will be the driving factor for SEOs… Strategies that will not be addressed now can be addressed with the help of AI algorithms along with SEO professional who consistently modify their methods to make strategies.

Black hat optimization and gray hat optimization will be the terms of past. If anyone found guilty in webmasters and website owners will be punished.

Organic links will hold less importance too. After the Google updates with machine learning techniques it will be able to verify and check the website without relying on link building techniques or methods. Goggle will understand with the help of Deep mind whether the link provided has been correctly placed within the content or not and analyze the users behavior on that particular link. If Google found no relevance and zero value to the link it will not link the value to give high SERP to the webpage.

Google will be smarter then and rather than focusing on organic baclinks or it will focus more on looking the baclinks cloud. If the back link cloud found to be in organic and manipulated the site’s SERP will be lowered. Non organic linear link building will not be appreciated.

3.) Technical Side of SEO
Expertise and Technical knowledge will hold less importance in SEO. Robots.txt files, Sitemaps, and scripts will be decided and analyzed by.

Technical Side of SEO

In the coming future, website management will require least human engagement and interaction. But this doesn’t mean that SEO will be completely out of the picture.

Google focuses more on the usage of AMP, structured data and do optimization for Alexa, voice search as the website needs to analyzed by AI and will then be able to rank it as well. Without input and output data, setup AI would be of no use.

4.) User Experience is Important
User experience is one factor which has and which will always hold importance for SERP ranking unlike on-page optimization, technical aspects of SEO like Links and others. Great UX will be the driving factor for a website that will be used to rank a website.

CTR and user engagement are they best indicators of a healthy web page which has lived up to the expectation of user. Google will definitely brush up its machine learning algorithms to make sure that they are able to experience a website’s page as a human interaction. UX ten can be easily judged by AI and hence can be ranked easily.

User Experience

Thus, SEOs, along with designers, developers, digital marketers, and business analysts, will have to scrutinize their websites to make sure that all weak UI/UX spots are covered, and that a site’s load speed is up to snuff.

Thus designers, developers, SEOs will have to make a check on the WebPages as to whether the page is providing UX and UI up to the mark or not. It will be collective team effort.

Thus Google is all ready to make a shift to AI and machine learning making SERP not an easy task for each and everyone associated with the task whether it is an SEO or web designer, developer, analyst.

Dos and Don’ts of Online Reviews

It is true that customer reviews can increase both site traffic and conversions, while improving your business’ reputation. Whether the reviews are positive or negative impacts your online reputation significantly. The best thing about online reviews is that they are authentic and more trusted by current and future customers.

Some Do’s of Online Reviews

  • Incentive customers to write reviews. You can offer a discount, coupon, or future benefit for filling a particular survey. This is an easy way to encourage future sales and get feedback.
  • Embrace your product. It is essential for you to stay focused on all the key benefits of your product or service. Doing this would increase positive reviews by managing expectations.
  • Act and react. Always respond to reviews no matter positive or negative with openness, detailed rhetoric, and enthusiasm. It is the best way to boost good comments and squash the bad ones.
  • Try to simplify the process. You can use online platforms to make it simple for your customers to leave reviews. It would be easy for you to manage them. The resources such as customer lobby, power reviews, demand force, etc. would contact your customers for you.
  • Always send the right message. Craft the copy in your reviews and messaging statements fully so that your customers feel empowered. Cater automated responses to customers and be friendly. Take the help of an expert web design company.

Some Dont’s of Online Reviews


  • Annoy customers by forcing them to write reviews.
  • Try to be something you are not.
  • Overreact to negative reviews.
  • Post fake reviews.

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Hire Top SEO Companies for Genuine Reviews

It is always advisable to hire a web development company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is truly instrumental in making your business gain online visibility. Search engines are considered as the heart of the internet. Your business needs SEO services as they are helpful in maintaining a better position of your website. They even help you to generate good sales. It is better to hire SEO companies because they track the exact position of your website. They offer you different methods to improve your website.

SEO Companies for Genuine Reviews

The perfect cost-effective SEO services would offer you interactive features such as on-page and off-page services. On-page services include content development, on-page optimisation, content optimisation, etc. Off-page services deliver article/blog submission, link popularity building, directory submissions, etc. Fake reviews can mar your online image to a great extent so it is better to contact the experts for genuine and worthy reviews.

Google Demands Canonical Pages to be Compliant with the AMP By Sep 2020

Google has announced on the 16th of November, 2017 that it would be implementing a policy according to which canonical content should be in accordance with the accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Google claims to make this announcement to enhance the user experience. AMP has become an inherent part of the different domains and thus Google believes it had to take this step to boost the UX. The deadline has been set on the 1st of February, 2018.
Google will require AMP
Google said that it had to make this announcement as many of the websites have the canonical content that does not match with the AMP page and as a result, the user experience is affected. With the rise of the tablets and the smartphones, more users are now accessing the Internet through several electronic gadgets. As a result, Google wanted to come up with a system which would provide the mobile versions of the various web pages.

It wanted to take this step to boost the number of Internet users. For increasing user engagement faster-loading pages are mandatory. At the same time, a close parity between the mobile content and the original content is a must for augmented user experience.

Consequences for not Abiding by the Policy

Google has announced that the web design sites which do not comply with the policy would be excluded from the search features which require AMP. This policy even applies to the ‘Top Stories Carousel.’

search features which require AMP

Another consequence for the defaulters is that the users have to visit the non-AMP site and as a result, the user experience would be affected. The web development company who does not have its content and web pages optimized even after February 1st, 2018 can visit the open source-site of AMP for making its own accelerated mobile pages.

Significance of AMP

Google states that it does not affect ranking factors directly but there isevidence that shows Google indirectly impacts the ranking factors. As a result, the accelerated mobile pages would become the standard for the SEO services all over the globe.

Significance of AMP

Key Message

Google is focusing on the widespread use of AMP and not just its usage in limited contexts only on the teaser pages. This gives the message of AMP becoming an integral part of the SEO in the forthcoming year 2018.

SEO in the forthcoming year 2018.

The aim of taking this step is to safeguard the AMP initiative apart from providing an enriched user experience.

Google believes it is taking a great initiative for the benefit of the Internet users all over the world.

Why is UX Focus as Important as SEO for a Website?

User experience or UX is undeniably a key factor that guarantees the success or failure of a website. User-friendliness is synonymous with the user experience. A user-oriented website not only increases user-engagement but also pulls more web traffic. Users would most likely stick to a website that easily navigable, has fast loading time and has well-organized quality content.

A website that offers enriched user experience ranks higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Thus user experience impact SEO greatly and thereby UX is considered as important as SEO for the success of a website.

SEO for a Website

Here are the reasons why UX is considered to be as important as the SEO services for a website

Ever-Changing Selection Criteria of Search Engines: Success or failure of a business depends on brand recognition. The higher a website ranks on the search engines, the more visibility it gets. Earlier search engines considered just two criteria for ranking pages. They ranked pages on the basis of the relevance of page content to search queries and the number of links a page had.

SEO and UX

Though these factors are still considered for ranking pages, Google’s algorithms have become more sophisticated now. The search engines now take into consideration greater number of factors such as time spent on the pages, page-layouts and much more. For instance, recently Google has declared that from February 2018 onwards the canonical and the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) should match or otherwise would not be considered for the ‘search features.

However, Google has not declared the various criteria it uses for ranking pages, but in various publications, it has hinted that UX is a key criterion for ranking pages.

Fast Loading Website: It is quite obvious that in a world so pressed for time, users do not have either the time or the patience to wait for several seconds for a web page to load. With the rising popularity of the mobile internet, the loading speed of a website has become an important criterion for ranking.

Fast Loading Website

The user experience (UX) is affected by the loading time of a web page. The faster it is the more rewarding would be the UX. It is, therefore a key criteria search engines use for ranking pages. Thus, a web development company considers this factor while designing a web page to ensure more visibility and success to a website.

The Success of a Website Depends on the Customers: Ultimately, the success and failure of a website depend on the users. If users are happy to visit your website, you would get more potential customers, which would help you to generate more profits in the long run. You can make your online visitors happy by giving them an enriched user experience. The essentials of UX are a navigable website, visually appealing page layout, well-structured content and fast loading pages.

Website Depends on the Customers

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Cutting-edge web design trends for 2020

Working with the flow of time is a necessary and crucial aspect of being successful. For any business to succeed it is important to be up to date. When you think of getting a new gadget? It is not according to the trend. The same is with web design. Various trends come and go. Your website needs to be up to date according to the trend to make it successful. A website is the face of the company and hence needed to be according to the business. Your website must showcase what your business possesses in terms of products or services.

Top web design trends for 2018

Talking about 2018, it will be about rich experiences. Read on as we go further to know what all 2018 web design industry has kept for us in coming year.

  1. Clean Layouts: in 2017, developers and designers were focused on creating websites which are clean and simple for providing good user experience and for better mobile performance. This trend will continue as mobile usage is going upward and the trend has been settled for long term. But for 2018- New Web Design Technologies is the jargon!
    In 2018 web design trend, website will have interactive animations, augmented reality, chat bots and much more.
  2. Internet of things: This uses technology to connect devices available with you to internet.eg: apps for tracking your lost keys and much more. In 2018, we expect to have IOT interface on websites to make it easier to interact with smart devices. This will definitely be a task for web developer to keep you connected and create an interface for better performance and simple to use.
  3. Typography: This is concerned with the design part. While 2017 is about keeping the website clean and simple, 2018 will see the transformation in website trend with more focus on typography. We expect to see more text based links on the websites rather than call to action buttons.
  4. Virtual reality video: In 2017 we saw rise in videos being posted on websites. It is about posting the videos about the company and the products we use in daily life. There was rise in applications and services that makes it easier to create those videos. But now 2018 is about making virtual reality videos. Virtual reality has gained the market in few spheres and is still moving ahead in other domains as well.
  5. Simple animations: With the rise in technology search engines are now much capable of handling animations than they were in past.2018 will unleash the idea of using simple and easy animations with the perspective of information. Designers then will focus more on the content to be highlighted rather than the animation by keeping it faded.
  6. Chat bots, machine learning and AI: 2017 was all about chat bots and artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has made facebook to know us so well. Social media websites know what kind of stuff we want to read and go through. All thanks to AI and machine learning. 2018 will be about improved user experience by incorporating this technology in websites. With this the websites will become smarter and will get to know more about us with our past interactions.
  7. Security: Security is the primary concern when we think about web design or development. When you think of your web design, make sure that the customer information security is not at stake. Keep your pages security certificate up to date. This increases the websites credibility.
  8. Take risk: Building a website according to the new technologies is a bit risky. But, take risk and make your customer feel special this year. In 2018 give your customer all the way a new technology website which will give him experience of his lifetime.

Hiring a professional web designer

Taking note of these upcoming web design trend will definitely help you in getting your websites or your customer website and business on board. Hiring a professional web designer would help you in getting ideas about the upcoming trends you can follow to create your up dated website which can prove to be a game changer for you. Website designing industry is all set to come up with new features to give user the best experience of his life while going through a website.

Five technologies that could change digital marketing forever

Being an experienced professional marketer makes you understand the market much better than others. You understand that throwing all your resources at trendy and a new social platform from the point of view of investment is bad. You cannot really do this without even judging the factors which can affect your business.

Digital marketing technologies

But the technologies that serve the real need might do slow work but will be result oriented. This makes the real technologies, which will change the entire industry for good with new paradigms it introduce.

Given below are some technologies which have the capability to transform digital marketing:

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

These are the examples of voice assistants. Currently, people use them primarily for voice controlled functions like playing music or voice controlled music functions. More the people get familiar with that, more advancement will be noticed in these resources. SEO specialist are keeping a close look on how voice user interface is going to change the life of the people and how search engines particularly, Google is using snippets to give answers to common questions.

With more than 10 million Alexa enabled devices sold, to get top results in Amazon search engine will be more important. When people find the deal suitable to them, they do not look at the trash items or what they are purchasing as they trust the algorithms associated. With this kind of trust issues, Amazon and Google has to create a balance between their margin on items, customer trust and ad revenues. If the trust breaks or the quality deteriorates, people will then switch to other services like Wal-Mart or Bing.

Formerly, it was Google’s self driven car project. This means with the advent of this technology, more people would be looking forward to the devices that would drive them to their destination. This means boost for to the digital ads which will be the key factor to draw the products in the market. This might be a slow process as approval to the self driven car project has many hassles. But Alphabet’s Waymo is working on it.

Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift

Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift

 It is the first self, holographic computer which will enable you to engage with holograms around you in the world and with digital content. This can be used as an eyewear.

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality company which has been sold to facebook. Its price has been dropped to make it easy for the people to purchase it. So, rather than being at price of $2000 it has been taken down to $200. So, this can play a major role in transforming the digital marketing industry to some extent with its new proposals.

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Futuristic companies have been using robotic helpers for the advertising purposes as well for advising their customers. These opportunities have been taken up in the form of facebook messenger and Chatbots. This has really changed the scenario of the service and advertising. Bots that answer via messenger are become smarter to handle more complex situations. Companies that engineer this are sprouting up to handle this technology demands.

IBM Watson and Deep Machine Learning

IBM Watson and Deep Machine Learning
DML is applied to the methods based on data representation rather than using algorithms. This can be used to extract the data and other information related to the patents, studies. This technology can lead to find new technology solutions for the future.

What is the main concern for digital marketing technology
Main point of concern is the evolving technologies that might lead to mass adoption. This will have major affect on the brands associated. But, does that mean that the people will only be associated with the current trend?

I don’t think so. The main point to consider is mass population will only be associated with the technology that has long term goals. People do believe in digital marketing technology rather than the current trend.