Major Web Design Mistakes Leading to Millions in Lost Revenue

Are you done with all the techniques you need to follow for the website ranking on the search engine? The next steps is just wait and watch your performance of the website. But, you are not getting the results what you have expected. So, if this happens, then you must have missed something in terms of marketing your properly in digital marketing domain. You really need to focus on.

In most of the cases people while focusing on the major part leave those minute but crucial aspects of web designing which can either make or break a website. It is easy to focus on bigger picture. You need to focus on the vital part whether big or small which can prove to be pertinent for your business success.

Major Web Design Mistakes

To help you in getting your business on board, given here are some common mistakes which are often come across for the failure of business website. We will also discuss how to optimize your online strategy to hit the desired target:

  • Responsive behavior: having a website is not difficult but a website which are loved and appreciated by the one who visit it is difficult. For this you need to have responsive website means a user must be able to have enjoyable experience while visiting your website through mobile phone, personal computer, laptop or tablet.

Responsive behavior

Let’s take a look at some facts, on an average a visitor give 3 sec on webpage to load else will drive to other website or source, 94% of the user cited that unattractive and boring web design are the major reason they will reject the website all together, 48% feel that it is the crucial factor in determining the credibility of the website. So, for getting the traffic on the website you need to have attractive, faster and credible web design which caters to the need of the visitor.

  • Easy to click and read contact information: the main reason behind developing website is to make reach to the people and get business. So, making it easy for the visitors to contact you is pre requisite foe business success. Make your contact information easily available on the website.

Easy to click and read contact information

Visitor should not be lost on the webpage to find your contact details. Your business contact information- phone number, working hours, address etc should be provided in an easy manner to get the details easily.

  • Readily available Call to Action (CTA): We Design Website to get the visibility and conversions. Use call to action buttons so that people contact you or book an appointment, request a quote or sign up for newsletter. Depending on your business goal set a suitable CTA button throughout your website. Your website should be capable enough to take the visitor to the desired next level which helps the user in getting the information in the most convenient and easy manner.

Readily available Call to Action

Keeping these elements in mind would not only help you in building a website which would be convenient and attractive for the user. These elements will help in keeping the crucial aspects of marketing in line with the user expectations which would generally draw the result.

To explore some of the best web design tactics check out Web Design City Portfolio and contact us.

7 Essential elements of Modern Website Design to Inspire You Updated 2020

With every New Year we see some change in web design elements which give rise to new techniques. Some elements if used in a thoughtful way would help in explaining your company and its ethos. While some of the other elements work on the responsive website design part to make it more users friendly.

elements of Modern Website Design

But with too many options to choose from, it is a challenging task to which one is really going to work and is worth considering. You need to narrow down your focus and for the same we have some important elements of modern web design which can be incorporated in a website to improve its performance.

Important modern website design elements:

  • Unique and large typography: Most of the companies have a predefined font or typography. This particular font helps them to get identified by the customers and can be compared with the competitors. In recent years designers have got so many options to choose from. This makes the brands more comfortable as they get more means to express themselves in an easy and convenient way.

Unique and large typography

  • Large and responsive hero images: large images help you in expressing your business ideas and your components without relying much on text. Large images help you in expressing yourself in an easy way. People do like the images rather than just going through the whole text. It is an easy medium top get the business on board. Responsive images are an easy way to get the visibility as these are operational on any device.

Large and responsive hero images

  • Background videos: videos are the best medium to express your business. These videos can be used to tell a story and significantly reduce the amount of other content that is needed to explain the business. With the help of videos people will get easy access to the deeper look about the business. Background videos are an easy way to get the audience engaged and get better idea of the company.

Background videos

  • Semi flat design: flat design is a type which does not include any shadow or does not give the perception of three dimensions. Not only these images are easy to load without much technical elements but are easy to comprehend by the user. Flat images help the user to understand the content more easily and quickly. Regardless of using three dimensional elements for your website it is important to be consistent throughout your website.

Semi flat design

  • Hamburger menus: while going through numerous websites one thing has come into focus that is the menu bar where the options will directly land you to the page concerned but consumes lot of valuable screen space. The hidden or hamburger menu changes this. The pages of your website should have clear path for the user. Using this kind of menu design will make the navigation clear, easy and distraction free.

Hamburger menus

  • Giant product images: Now days each and every business is using giant images of the products they are focusing on to give user a better idea of what they are purchasing. It highlights the features or parts of the product. These types of images help the designer to focus on different features of the product in an efficient and effective way.

Giant product images

  • Card design: it has now become more prominent among B2B and B2C websites. This kind of designs helps in providing the information in small chunks to the user. With the usage of these kinds of designs your site can help highlight multiple products side by side.

Card design

With the above elements it is clear that not only a website is important to create market presence but it’s up to date elements are also a pre requisite for grabbing the customer’s attention. Though the elements we have discussed are very minute but are quite important for business success. Hiring as web design agency will help you in keeping yourself up to date according to the market trend and needs. Connect with us @citywebdesign

Website Design and Development Strategies to Flourish your Business

Web Design and development is that part of a business function that closely focuses and monitors the website starting from its beginning stage of hosting, to its development and finally, goes on to its designing followed by different testing techniques.

Website Design and Development Strategies to Flourish your Business

Web Designing and development is driven by two main principles:

  • Establish a set of strategic organizing principles that focus on decision making, supporting and translating a non-profit’s organizational strategy into an online experience
  • Prioritize cross-disciplinary collaboration and build a team culture together that leads to better choices, more efficient process, and more effective work.

To deliver the best results, below are mentioned some of the main Strategic Foundations of Effective Websites that builds essential elements of the brand strategy process into digital strategy and design. After all, branding is a translation of organizational strategy, and as I’ve stated, websites are critical to executing it.

So, briefly, how does each of the four core website strategies work together?

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy

The brand is that part of the business that helps to make a people identify your business or the service through your website. Brand strategy workshops uncover critical insights and questions, identify organizational goals, and clarify what mission success looks like. Brand strategy is the first move that must be done on a primary basis. Then it is followed by, specific goals for content, design, and technology development are then contextualized for how they will support organizational strategy. To make your brand to get maximum awareness, the focus of every website must be on creating their pages and accounts on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This can really help your website gain maximum attention for your products and services.

Content Strategy

Content strategy

Developing fresh and newer content for the readers may be the hardest part of most website engagements especially when it comes to content-heavy websites. Content strategy makes this tiring process easier by answering questions like “What content do we have?”, “How good is it?”, “What should be the content title?” and “How will new content be produced?” etc. But because content development will likely happen throughout the design process, it is much necessary to make sure what we are writing and will it impact the lives of readers. To make sure that the website is leading, the content must be informational rather than promotional. It should have some sort of spice to make your readers get addicted to reading your new contents.

Technology Strategy

Technology strategy

Online, it’s up to hardware, coding languages, programming and syntax to express the special feel of the websites. Websites are connected to the business systems that are needed to make websites run smoothly. Start with:

  • Core installation of the right CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla, etc. to meet yours as well as website needs,
  • Get actively engaged with the web development team throughout the design process of your website.
  • It is critical to making sure that the budget doesn’t get exhausted.
  • Web development is driven by design, and thus should not be taken lightly.

Design Strategy

Web design strategy

The web designing is the last part of all the strategies which specifies the layouts Designs that can help to make you make a visit, a customer in future. Building design strategies can really help in giving justice to our ideas, words, and coding. The design must be updated on a regular basis by everyone on the team to make sure that the website helping the business in achieving the strategic goals.

Last Day of 37th GITEX Technology Week.

Bidding Adieu to the 37th GITEX Technology Week

It’s good to see that; today the worlds’ most supreme and prestigious technology event GITEX Technology Week Dubai is coming to an end. It has left behind a remarkable experience in each of the minds of the investors, inventors, and the audiences as well. Our Website Design and Development Team Sydney got the insights of all the latest trends and the drift which the web designing, development and the SEO has really made to make a successful move. We are planning to alter our strategies accordingly in order to deliver a splendid website.

GITEX for Marketing – Explore the Future of Marketing

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual consumer electronics, computer and technology-based trade show, exhibition, and conference. It takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. The exhibition has managed to attract a lot of participants.

GITEX for Marketing has made the key people driving and engineering a change in the world of marketing. It will cover all the topics of Digital Marketing by organizing the conference.

Digital marketing

GITEX has given an opportunity to many Digital Marketers to express their views on various topics related to the Web Designing, Website Development, and SEO.

Explore the future of marketing

The Digital Marketing conference covered the following topics:

“How do industry giants such as Google and Apple market their all-encompassing platforms? What new platforms and tools are delivering the greatest ROI for your industry?”

“Can artificial intelligence and personalized marketing outperform creatives?”

“What is the next impact and potential evolution of online communities? How can marketing teams use video and tap into this popular channel of content marketing?”

“Is programmatic the future of native marketing? Is automation and personalisation as effective in B2B as in B2C?”

Also, the following topics were also covered which included:

  1. Harnessing the key marketing trends to accelerate your digital presence
  2. Fireside Chat: Waking up from a sleeper hold – How the WWE used mobile payments and Direct Carrier Billing to monetize it content and increase revenues of its international market given by Carlo Nohra, Vice President and General Manager, WWE. It was delivered by Hussein Dajani, General Manager of Digital Marketing at Nissan Motors.

Exhibitors At GITEX

Web design trends like new methods of mobile responsiveness, new technologies on data visualisation techniques, more focus on long scrolling websites, incorporating Micro-interactions etc. These can really create a mind-blowing effect on the existing trends and thus can help in making a website more and more successful in future.

These are to be readily adopted by our Website Design Sydney Team as we are present in the GITEX Exhibition to update ourselves to such latest trends and apply it to the websites to make sure that it performs accordingly and yield positive results for our clients to make them feel better.


GITEX Tech Week & GITEX Future Stars off to a Flying Start!

DUBAI: The worlds’ most global and supreme technology events that are being held in Dubai, GITEX Technology Week. The GITEX Future Stars will bring in all the world-class industry innovators, government leaders, technology inventors, and future entrepreneurs together in the summit that will last until 12th October, at Dubai World Trade Centre. The main goal would be the focus on the frontier technology that will lead to the transformation of the corporations into the global powerhouse; visitors will experience finest and latest trends in the block chain, artificial intelligence, robotics etc, at the 37th GITEX Technology Week.

GITEX Tech Week & GITEX Future Stars off to a Flying Start

At the first hour, Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of anchored the event with a focus on how Amazon scaled growth to transform from a bookstore to one of the world’s fastest growing eCommerce enterprise and the technological leap that took place during its growth time.

Dr Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Amazon

As compared to the last year’s record, GITEX Future Stars has seen a growth of around 65 percent in terms of the participation of the innovators. Startups at GITEX Future Stars showcased cutting-edge technology in the development field, with water-powered flying taxis, avatars that can translate speech into sign language, and smart palm trees designed to boost public Wi-Fi access, to name a few.

Opportunity for the Rising Start-Ups

Opportunity for the Rising Start-Ups

Throughout the week, GITEX Future Stars Summit will give the innovators once in a lifetime opportunity to accelerate their products, talents, inventions, and startups with an easy access. The best investors will be awarded 1.2 million as cash prizes award through competitions all week.

The best startup will be able to showcase startup success stories, helping them to get funded by some of the great venture capitalists.

Trixie LohMirmand

“As we open the 37th edition of GITEX Technology Week, and the second year of GITEX Future Stars, our ambition is to create a holistic innovation ecosystem with a focus on enabling the future of technology. The technologies on display at our show will unlock opportunities for the businesses of tomorrow. From the UAE and around the world, we look forward to welcoming, partners, visitors, investors, and disruptors, who are leveraging innovation to achieve first-mover success,”

said Trixie LohMirmand (Senior VP, Events Management, Dubai World Trade Centre) at the GITEX Technology Week.

Emerging technologies will be presented on the show throughout this week. Startups are testing the boundaries of technology for making it a sheer reality, to multi-national firms unveiling their latest equipment and technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, robotics, etc.

So stay connected with us for more and more information related to this Grand Exhibition GITEX  which is being held in Dubai, as our Team of Web Design City is there to provide with some of the hot stuff and news regarding the Web Design and Development and the latest trends that have been evolved throughout the Summit.


The International GITEX exhibition show in Dubai has showcased world’s most progressive smart cities that are implementing the latest technological innovations to advance the efficiency and growth of their infrastructure system and delivery of public services in the most convenient way.

The technologies showcased at the GITEX have displayed one of the most advanced technologies that can be implemented by the Governments to make the cities more advanced and smart. This can lead to a healthy growth to every mankind. This has also benefitted the conditions of the small businesses and big companies.



The main aim of the GITEX show is basically focused on the making the cities smart globally and thus create a benchmark in the smart world. The implementation of technology by Governments is required to create future-facing nations develop. This is clearly reflected in the knowledge as national, federal and a local government worldwide is spending more on technologies, smart products, and services. It is forecasted that the growth would be from $434 Billion in 2017 to $486 Billion by 2020. Then we can clearly say that the era of Smart Cities has arrived.

  1. Visitors came from 32 countries to meet with Global Smart Cities.
  2. As of now, altogether 25,360 people have attended The GITEX Technology Week to gather information regarding the intelligence or network with Global Smart Cities.
  3. 14,194 of those were in a Senior Management, C-Level or Director position
  4. 6,085 visitors to Global Smart Cities were representatives of a Government department.

Technological advancement has grown to a great extent in different sectors like Education, Finance, Marketing, Automation, Retail, Digital marketing etc. take into consideration the Digital Marketing sector. The way of doing in designing and development has improved a lot more than was expected anyway. The way of doing SEO, web designing, website development has changed and is very much effective as how it was done before, try to hit the bulls-eye. It is very much necessary to create an impact.

Mr. Alexander McNabb
Mr. Alexander McNabb

GITEX in Digital Marketing

At the GITEX exhibition, Mr. Alexander McNabb took charge of the digital marketing, and for the second time in a row, he was chairing the  GITEX Digital Strategies Forum. The Forum took place on Sunday that is 8th October 2017 during GITEX Technology Week 2017 held in Dubai World Trade Centre. He was accompanied by the delegates through global digital marketing consumer trends, digital marketing strategy and planning, mobile marketing, web designing, website development, Search Engine Optimization, digital CSR, modern marketing and much more.

You can also find full agenda, as well as the list of speakers for the Digital Strategies Forum on the Official GITEX website and, can register if you are planning to attend the conference.

Connect to the speakers and panelists attending the Forum, through their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Our Digital Marketing Team of Web Design City was also present on the digital marketing conference meet for the insights and web designing and development tips by the experts. This really helped us to make ourselves updated regarding the trends and we are looking forward making an initiative to apply these into our entire project for a better performance and experience of our clients!

37TH GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK – The Future Of Your Business Begins Here

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. The exhibitions held in the Middle East have attracted numerous participants. In 2009, when Microsoft released Windows 7, around 160,000 people were present.

The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT (Information and Communications Technology) retailers and suppliers like Gateway Group, 50 Cent, Etisalat, Red Hat, and Dell etc. The participants to this exhibition include IT professionals, a technology aficionado, regional traders, students, and consumers.

Glorious History

The GITEX show was first launched in the year 1981 and was named GITE. That time, it occupied the Hall One of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

GITEX gradually expanded to two halls when it first launched the MacWorld series at the 1988 exhibition.

Now the GITEX has filled the entire Dubai World Trade Centre complex, consisting of 10 exhibition halls and a million feet of exhibition space in its territory.

GITEX, 2016 marked the 36th year of GITEX that was held on 16th-20th October. The focus was completely on cutting-edge technology in the field Robotics and drones.

The Middle East IT is set to spend a whopping $213 billion in 2016, which marked a 37 percent increase from the previous year. Approximately 22,000 CEOs from top IT companies attended the event last year.

GITEX 37th Technology Week

This year GITEX is organizing its 37th GETEX Technology Week that will commence from 8th October 2017 and last until 12th October 2017. The opening day will be flagged by Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Like always, this will be held at Dubai World Trade Centre. Registration of the exhibition has already started and one can visit the Official Website of GITEX.

Industries Where GITEX deals:

  • Marketing – GITEX in the field of Marketing has made the key people driving and engineering a change in the world of marketing. It will cover all the topics of Digital Marketing by organizing conference including, Web Design and development, SEO etc.
  • Health Care – GITEX for Healthcare will elaborate on how technological advancement is helping us to live healthier. The world’s leading physicians, med-tech startups, investors and people redefining health affected by this digital age will share knowledge on smart systems and robotics for healthcare, developing systems and treatments for personalized medicines etc.
  • Smart Cities – GITEX gives a part to government leaders and industry experts for Global Smart Cities that will create a platform to address liveable and sustainable city challenges. It will discuss the topic 5G networks.
  • Retail – GITEX for the Retail industry will gather those at the forefront of the individuals, startups, and large established companies and help them to explore the future of retail by covering the topics like the frictionless payments, virtual reality, 3D printing, drone delivery, etc.
  • Finance – GITEX has a role in the finance sector in making it more reliable and error free. Starting out new banking methods and removal of traditional financial systems.
  • Smart manufacturing – GITEX will give an insight for Smart Manufacturing Systems and provide a roadmap in the assembly in Factory through new technologies and robotic systems.
  • Tech leaders – The tech leaders’ session will look at important factors such as education, entrepreneurship and advanced training that will formulate the backbone of any industry in fostering healthy leadership.
  • Transportation –GITEX will explore intelligently and automation in the field of transportation, regulation, with complete safety to human, pedestrians, and nature.
  • Education –GITEX will help the education system in gathering technologies that will aid the process. Those at the forefront in the industry like individuals, startups, and large established universities to explore future of education by covering topics like data analytics, 3D printing etc. 

37TH GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK - The Future Of Your Business Begins Here

image courtesy:

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Briefing it up:

GITEX has come up with a great initiative to provide information related to the major technologies evolving and thus created awareness to the mass related to such topics. GITEX has also made the process of web design and website development to grow to the next level by making it better than before. So join hands with the GITEX and make yourself much more progressive.

Should You Be Considering Web-Scale Networking?

Web-Scale Networking is a concept that has been made popular by big companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix. This model is adopted by these companies as it has proven on the grounds of cost economics, reliability, adaptability, and better performance for these large companies.

Web-Scale Networking Explained

Web-scale networking is a modern approach to cloud-based computing infrastructure. The components are taken from the basic requirements that large data center operators make use to build smart and efficient networking. Businesses can design it’s cost-effective, agile and reliable networks in this modern era by following these three elements:

  • Open and modular
  • Intelligence in software
  • Scalable and efficient

These three basic elements essentially comprise the web-scale networking system!

While the cloud computing has advanced and there is a quantum change with the convergence to private, public and hybrid clouds, traditional based networking has notoriously lagged far behind. An open or a cloud networking theory brings traditional networking up to par with the advanced web-based approach. Open, web-scale networking provides automation, accuracy, and cost-savings to the data center.

Challenges faced during Implementation.

Big benefits come with big challenges and considerations.

Firstly, the skill required to implement web-scale architecture is enormous. CSP (Content Security Policy) has spent many years experimenting and developing their technology, hosting platforms and add-on services. They have the privilege of focusing only on developing these things. Amazon Web Services offers a collection of over 100 tools that focus completely on the competency.

Meanwhile, at the enterprise level, the IT professionals are still overloaded with the desk request, for the maintenance of a web-scale implementation. On top of that, investing on web-scale need high amount of monetary requirements and most businesses today are focused on maintaining cost efficiency. That means your existing IT infrastructure is more than likely extremely interconnected.

The main thing is, it’s impossible to have an IT team who is responsible for running applications that are critical to the business and taking care of such a platform. You need dedicated developers and technicians taking care of your platform, which requires time, skill and monetary resources that most businesses just don’t have.

Benefits of Web-Scale Networking

  • More Accessible as everything is automated

Web-scale networking allows the organizations to choose ideal hardware and software for their budget and needs. One can either use existing automation software or integrate something new with the existing network. Due to open networking, it’s very easy to standardize the protocols, identify major issues and create effective communication. It makes the working of the hosting and web development companies much easier and less complicated.

  • No more interference of vendor

Have you ever fallen into a situation where you wanted to upgrade components of your network to another vendor’s product, but refuse because of the high both cost and risk. Most of the organizations have faced the problem of vendor pressure because it is really very costly to switch the systems as well as the vendors. Web-scale networking is more flexible and it allows you to choose the network switches, cables, optics fibers, applications and much more depending upon your needs and budget.

  • Operational efficiency

By unifying the stack, and making hardware customization and software automation, the organizations can make processes run smoothly. Identification and fixing the issues become quicker for the technicians. Organizations can multiply a number of switches managed per operator. All of these benefits lead to better development, higher efficiency, and lower expense.

Should you be considering web scale networking infograph

Briefing it up:

Finally, the web-scale computing is fundamentally very easy to change, but requires significant IT personnel and financial investment from enterprises and the web development, designing and hosting companies. It’s expected that the majority of companies will make a transition to this strategy in the near future.

Moo Proving Business Etiquette still matters in Digital Age

Mobile phones, social media platforms, emails have changed way too far on how we communicate with each other. Technology has made our lives much easier and faster at the same time, but it also has created a different new ways in order to unintentionally irritate or insult. Following this policy, London based company Moo is making their sales double by following the etiquettes that has a wide importance.

Business Etiquette Still Matters in Digital Age

Hence, before you make use of these mediums, consider these etiquette tips for a better digital age:

The Golden Rule

The golden rule

Most of the people surf Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just to get some news updates or feeds from the friends and families, or their personal interests. You might also be probably chatting, sharing stories directly with your friends and family or commenting on the blogs or post updates. There is a fair chance of meeting someone whom you really don’t know. Then the communication continues in a healthy manner without disturbing each other sentiments or any sort of vulgarity.
It is very easy for you to land him in the trap of dangerous territory by offending someone on these social media whom you don’t really know. It’s very easy to forget that there is a person behind who is posting their opinion through a blog, or commenting on a news feed. Before you try to type out a scathing retort or insulting someone else’s views, take a moment to reconsider speaking those words to the same person if he is standing in front of you. Always treat others with kindness and respect, the same way you want to be treated, whenever you are communicating online.
Thus read everything that you have written a couple of times before clicking the “post” button. Because, once it’s posted, it’s nearly impossible to take back the words, so be nice and kind.

E-mail Etiquette

E-mail etiquettes

We’ve all might have received one email from a co-worker who has listed everyone in the ‘To’ column. Don’t be the person who has the habit to click “reply to all” and spamming with multiple replies. When you are communicating between two or three friends, who are planning for a surprise party or event, probably “reply to all” option is fine. But if there are more than five recipients, then your reply-to-all can be a irritating for the recipients. Therefore Click on “reply” instead to make your message available only to the sender.

Texting Etiquette

Texting Etiquettes

Group texting works the same way like that of email. Communicating with a large number of people at one time is great. But avoid using group text for mass communication. Even, I was a prey in such a situation when a text message from whatsapp was repeatedly being forwarded to me on my personal chats. The amount of notifications that I received, made me feel disgusted. So think what others might feel if you do such an activity.

Avoid Capitalisting Your Words

Avoid Capitalisting Your Words

First time when I started communicating in social media, I thus had no idea that caps lock is used to emphasize a word. In other words it meant that I was shouting at my friends.
We all might have received one or more messages from someone whose caps lock seems to be permanently in the ON position. If you’re typing a message, and suddenly look up to realize that your CAPS LOCK KEY is switched ON, then the polite thing to do is to re-type your message again in a normal way. If you notice it before, then please don’t click on “send” anyway. Your friend will have an assumption that you’re screaming at him, and that’s the most undesirable moment for everyone.

Emojis and texting abbreviations

Emojis and texting abbreviations

You might be very much aware of the abbreviations that are very much used by many like LOL, ROFL, ASAP etc. But on a professional front, it is advisable, not to make use of these abbreviations. This can make your boss feel offended and therefore create a trouble for you in future. So avoid such non-sense in all professional text and email interactions.
Making someone understand through a written medium like text or email can be bit tricky. Using emoji and abbreviations can help to know the meaning of the message much faster. But it’s always better if you use such things in appropriate places.

Respect the online privacy of others

Respect the online privacy of others

Smartphones and social media has encouraged a 24/7 documentation of our daily life. You might be having fun with your buddies so you click a picture, post it to Facebook, and tag everyone you know.
We all have done it perhaps!
Yet, according to a study more than 60% of Facebook users strongly dislike such behavior when people post their pictures without first asking their permission and thereby tagging them. It’s the best policy to respect your friends’ online privacy the next time you are tagging their picture.

Briefing It Up:

Now, every time you are going socially active, try to follow the steps that can really help you out from being anti-social. Even for any company or small business, social media etiquettes applies the same and thus the sharing of the content should be done by keeping the above points in mind for a healthy image of the website and will not put the work done by web designers and developers in website designing a futile attempt.


Top 7 Steps of Web Development for any Business Website

The main goal behind the activity of web design and development is basically the same. To make this possible it is essential that the process has to be laid out in a proper and efficient way as both the elements are considered as the backbone of every online operation. When we do web designing and development, we should make sure that our website is able to grab the attraction of its viewers to the maximum. It thereby requires a lot of smart as well as hard work to make it possible.

Below are the steps to make the mission of a website successful.

  • STEP – 1 Collect Information:

Collect information

It is very much important to make sure about the real motto of designing of your own website. We should also be aware of the business we are into. There are various purposes that we can achieve through our own website. Thus to make this happen, we must enough information regarding the business, its goals, its plans, its strategies etc. so as to design and develop a website for the business. The information can also be collected from the other sources like the competitors’ website and thus create something unique from such data.

  • STEP – 2 Planning Stage:

Planning stage

After the collection of information, we arrive at the most important stage that is the Planning Stage. Various options of technology that is available in website design and development must be considered by the team. During the planning stage, the sitemap of the website must be created which allow us to list all the main topics that must be made available through our website. The outlines of basic features can be showcased effectively by its user interface.

  • STEP – 3 Design Stage:

The design process is an important step in our website development and it is the primary aspect to look out for. The look and feel of our website can be made appealing through our effective website design. We should never forget to remember our target audience and should proceed in a planned way through our design works.

For example, if we are planning a website that would target general mass, then we should make sure that we keep the teenagers and adults in our mind. Title and the images deployed must be catchy enough. But at the same time, it should be acceptable for the adults.

The designers could have their own set of ideas based on the past experiences, but they should be carefully synchronized with the original ideas. In such a case, website owners and web developers should stand on a common ground. Exchange of ideas is much necessary and is inevitable.

  • STEP – 4 Content Writing

Content marketing

Content writing and compiling stage overlaps the other stages of website development. The role of the content writing cannot be underestimated. At this step, it is necessary to deliver the essence to the audience with the help of a genuine and fresh content. Content writing involves creating eye-catchy headlines, titles, text editing, writing new text, compiling the existing text, etc. This process takes time and effort, but it’s really worth it. As per the plan, it is better when the website content is provided to the developer before or during website coding.

  • STEP – 5 Coding

website coding

At this step, you a developer can finally start creating the website and give it a shape. Graphic design of the website has to be laid down with the help of a trained expert that will help to make a website look distinct and can grab the attention of the viewers.

Usually, the home page is the page that is created first. Then all sub-pages are added subsequently according to the website hierarchy that was previously mentioned in the sitemap. Frameworks and CMS should be implemented at the right time to make sure that it is server safe and friendly.

When you use CMS like WordPress for the creation of a site, you can also install the plugins if there is is a specific need for deploying the contact us page form or the social networking buttons.

The other important step is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). it is the optimisation of website using the elements like title, description, keyword that can help your site achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Thus a valid code is pretty important for SEO.

  • STEP – 6 Testing, Review and Launch

testing and reviews

Testing is the routine part of such process. Every link that are being hyperlinked should be tested to make sure that there are no broken links among them. You should check every script, contents, run a spell-checking and grammar review software to find possible errors.

After you thoroughly check and re-check your website, it’s time to upload the website content to a server. After you deployed the files, you should run yet another, a final test called proof checking to be sure that all the files and functions have been installed correctly.

  • STEP – 7 Maintenance and Support

maintenance and support

It is important to remember that, a website is more a service than a product. It’s not enough to “deliver” a website to a user at one go. You should also make sure that everything works exactly the way it was expected and everybody everyone is satisfied.

Feedback system must be added to the site to allow you to detect possible problems that are being faced by the audience. The highest priority task, in this case, is to solve the problem at the earliest. If you fail to do that, then you may find that your users would prefer to use our competitors’ website. The last important thing is to keep your website updated. If you use a CMS platform, regular updates will keep your website away from bugs and decrease security risks.

Briefing it Up

Web development is the important part in the creation a beautiful website. Thus to make this possible it is essential to follow the steps mentioned above and thus give your website a new look and feel.