Proven Ways to Connect your Customers Through Website

In the present world of technology, there are more ways to connect with the customers. There are e-mails, social media, mobile apps, meetings, focus groups, trade shows etc to help the business to make a contact with the customers. It is followed by every business, like large companies or the small businesses. There are customer relationship experts in every business to find out the ways and means to get in touch with the customers.

11 Proven Ways to Connect your Customers Through Website

Following are their top 11 proven ways to connect with your customers

BlogSpot or WordPress Which is the Best for Beginners?

One thing that every beginner blogger try to search is a good and user friendly blogging website. Blogging sites like the Blogspot and WordPress is one of the most sought out blogging sites that are being searched by a beginner blogger.

Thus in this blog, I have tried to make a brief comparison between these two famous blogging sites BlogSpot and the WordPress to find out actually which is the best out of these two for a beginner. I thing this blog will really guide the beginners to a great extent.

1.) Ownership
Blogspot is owned by the search engine giant, The Google. One can include various things in their blogs, but the ownership remains solely with the Google. If the blog is found inappropriate as per the search engine guidelines, then there is a fair chance of your blog getting blocked by the Google. If the blog is not meeting the terms of Google, then it can even block the website.

But in case of WordPress, it offers complete ownership of your blogs. You can include or delete anything on the blog website. Even third-party sharing is also applicable.

2) Control Options
Coming to the BlogSpot, you have very fewer options for control. But if your focus is only on the writing a blog, then it can be a boon as there is nothing much to be done as compared to WordPress.

WordPress on the other hand, gives you wide choice of options and controls. Using WordPress you can choose from a wide variety of widgets, plug-ins etc. You can even download it from the third parties that can be easily supportable.

3) Designs
BlogSpot is confines only to a limited set of themes and templates. That is why the user has fewer options to choose from and has to apply whatever is available within.

The best part of WordPress is that there are endless numbers of templates. If at all one feels that the choice is limited then he/she can refer to the third parties.

4) Server Portability
The next functionality is portability where the BlogSpot lacks. BlogSpot is not at all compatible and can prove to be disgusting. If you move the articles to different portals, then there is a chance of losing all the data. Only the blog content can be copied, rest everything will get lost including the followers, the SEO, and much more.

In WordPress, shifting the page content to other domain or a separate CMS platform is just like breeze. The data will remain intact, and it also has a better SEO support on the different portals.

5) Security
This might be the only positive aspect for opting BlogSpot as it is very safe and the security is inherited through Google. Thus, your website and the contents are absolutely safe and secured for every type of attacks. Thus one doesn’t have to worry about the safety.
BlogSpot or WordPress Which is the Best for Beginners?

Infographic by WEB DESIGN CITY

WordPress is secure and safe to great extent. But the security and safety is hampered if we make use of the third party themes, template and plug-ins. For this purpose you need to have a sound anti-virus support for your website.

6) Support Feature
Support is not that much in the case of BlogSpot. In fact, you will not need that much support in case of Google bloggers. All the things are controlled by Google, and there are few options that are open for you. When the future is considered, everything depends on Google. They can shut it down any day. In fact, there have not been any updates in this segment from Google for many years.

WordPress is completely an open source platform. Thus the control of shutting done the portal or to keep it alive is up to the user. There are different forums and community support to assist you with the use of plug-ins and other things.

A critical analysis of the two most popular blogging platforms proves that WordPress is much more sophisticated with many more features that can be used for a user. However, Blogspot, although safe misses out with the vital facilities that they offer for a nice user-experience.

Why a Good Web Hosting Provider is Important to Your Website Success

What Web Hosting really is?

Web hosting is a service that allows the business or the web developers to post a website in the internet. A web hosting service provider, is a business that provides access to the websites using the technologies like servers which can help a website to store data onto the internet so that it can be easily vied by all.

Websites are stored and hosted on special computers or super computers called servers.

When visitors want to view your website, then they just need to type the domain name of the website in the address bar. The internet will then connect to the server space owned by you through the web hosting service providers. Thus the web pages will be served to them through their web browser.
Website Hosting

There are different types of web hosting. They are:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting

Most of the website owners have a general perception that, buying any kind of web hosting service is enough to run their website. But this is totally wrong.

Don’t fall for the traps of the web hosting service providers. Also cheap web hosting can also pose a threat to your website by making it slow and leads to malware attacks.

Benefits of a good web hosting service for your website

Improved Search Rankings
Many website owners fail to understand the importance of web hosting in the field of Search Engine Optimisation. The fact is, Google’s actually penalizes the sites that that are slow to load and eventually disturbs the search rankings of the websites.

This is because if your website is slow then it would gradually lower down the search rankings as the focus is on improved user experience.

More Reliability
Cheap website hosting will have basic security and can pose a threat to a website. This in return would make it vulnerable to attack by viruses or hackers. lose of data can be a major issue in the event of equipment failure or the cyber attacks. Buying hosting from reputable companies providing web hosting service ensures that your site has optimum performance and the best in protection.

Improved User Experience
Fast loading of websites are not only good for your search engine rankings, but they’re also more user friendly. Slow response could be because of the lack of bandwidth or an excess of traffic on a shared web server. All this is avoided good web host should be able to help you avoid. Sufficient bandwidth minimizes the chance that visitors won’t be able to access your site.

Website Hosting Service

A good web host will usually give you extra privileges. These are in modular format so you can add more and more tools you like. They’ll also have a transparent pricing structure so that you can clearly understand the cost should you need extra space or more bandwidth to cope up with seasonal peaks.

Easily Assessable
A good hosting service will give you the privilege to access lots of information about the website traffic including site visits, page views and more. It helps to know the performance of the website. All of this is clearly available in the control panel where everything can be easily accessed. This feature enables you to keep tabs on your site from anywhere and at any time. Getting an access to monitor your website effectively in a wide parameter lets you see the performance of the website using SEO and allows you to respond quickly to any problems.

Having a good hosting service can create a big difference to the success of your website. It’s thereby important to do some research and surveys before finalising a hosting company as it plays a big role in web designing of a website. Look at all the options available and make certain that you’re getting a package that won’t fall up to your expectation.

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Professional Web Design Company Or Freelancer. Whom To Choose? – Infographic

Web Design Company?

Web Designer is a person or an individual who completely deals with the website designing and web development part and has professional knowledge and techniques to handle the websites. Web Designers help you to create professional and properly designed websites and are also involved in support and maintenance of the websites after the project Delivery.


A Freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and work independently. They either work for themselves or for the company with whom they are associated temporarily on contract basis. They work on projects that are basically for short spans and make use of the websites to get them connected and engaged.

Why Prefer Professional Web Designer over Freelancer?

Web Design Company

  • Service Delivery – Prompt and specified
  • Quantity and Quality – Focuses on both the aspect “Quality and quantity”
  • Multiple Services – Complete specialization and Knowledge of SEO, SMO, web Designing and web development etc
  • Solution to every – It has a support and maintenance team that will guide you through Every problem that one might face in future
  • Use of Advanced Tools – use all sorts of latest forms of tools so as to deliver the best Service to their clients


  • Service Delivery – Delayed
  • Quantity and Quality – Both are compromised to a great extent
  • Multiple Services – Works on one project at a time
  • Solution to every – unstable and some sort of problem will always comes to path
  • Use of Advanced Tools – Use of tools that has free access with limited benefits

Professional Web Design Company