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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Web Development TIPS for a Magnificent Website

Before knowing the tips and tricks for a better web design and development, it is very necessary for us to know about the meaning of web development.


Web development mainly refers to the tasks associated with developing a website for hosting via servers using internet. Web Development process consists of Web Design, Content Development, Client-Side/Server-Side Effective Scripting and Secured Network Configuration, among other tasks.

Web Development can also be called Website Development

In other terms, Web development is a coding or programming that enables the website’s functionality, as per the owner’s requirements. It broadly deals with the non-design aspect of website building, which includes Coding and Writing Mark-up Language.

Web development extends from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.

The Web Development hierarchy includes:

  • Client-Side Coding
  • Server-Side Coding
  • Database Technology

Rankings of the web sites are not that important as what happens after a potential customer finds your web site in the Search Engines is most important. Showing up for the relevant searches with high buying objective is laborious.

This can be because, there are a ton of factors that play into a web site’s SEO. In fact, Google has a secret algorithm to calculate the ranking upon the different development based factors.

What you may not be familiar is that, important factor that many businesses overlook is the site’s actual development for better performance and experience. These are the five SEO-focused web development tips that will help your website get noticed and performs as visualised.

Web Development TIPS Infographic

Infographic by Web Design City

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1.) Build a Mobile Responsive Website

Large chunk of our society is using mobile phone or tablet to surf web sites as compared to desktops or laptops. Just take a look at your Google Analytics to find out website views medium.

Today, countless people are shifting their Internet use from desktops or laptops to mobile devices due to its easy access, efficiency and portability. So, if you want all of your potential customers of your business or services to visit your website no matter what device they’re on, you need to design it responsively.

Responsive design uses a technique that can detect the size screen and the devices on which a page is being viewed. Then presents that page in such a way that it looks and functions best for that specific on-screen environment whether it may be on 4 inch, 5 inch or the commonly used 5.5 inch screens.

Responsive web design can boost an SEO because it helps in lowering the bounce rates and Google also takes into account “Mobile-Friendly Websites” when calculating a site’s SEO score, especially if the search action is done on a mobile device.

2.) Increase Page Loading Speed of your Website

Rich Media Content makes a website look great. But applying too many on the page not only reduces their file size but they can also lead to a slow loading page, earning a weak SEO score.

A good company website balances the need for good, high-quality images with good typography and uses words rather than text in graphics when possible.

Ensure that the image files or videos are as small as possible so that your page loads quickly. One essential tip for this is to re-size images before uploading them in your website. Some Content Management Systems platforms automatically re-sizes an image by altering the height and width dimensions.

3.) Enable Caching Feature

Another way to help your page’s load time is to allow for Page Caching. When your page is cached, it is stored on a visitor’s browser as static information, helping in lowering the page loading speed.

It means that when a visitor comes back to your site, then they don’t have to reload the entire page. When developing your website, you can choose whether the page can be cached, and how long it can be stored in form of cache.

It is also a good to enable template caching and query caching for Content Management Systems to speed up your website. Why pay special attention to load time and these technical aspects of your website? A slow loading website can cost you in search rankings, leading to loss of Lead Generation.

4.) Integrate Social Media Sharing

Sharing your website on social media is a great way to boost its SEO. Make it easy for people to share your content on their social media profiles by including sharing buttons or toolbars. This will allow them to directly place a link to your page somewhere all of their followers can see it, with only the simple click of the button. This is also a great chance for you to take advantage of some free marketing!

On the note of caution, social media icons don’t belong at the top of page on your website but they must be placed at the bottom. On specific pages, social sharing buttons need to be small and unobtrusive including an embedded code in the content of your page.

5.) Strive for Better Usability

Good SEO isn’t just about keywords. One has to provide a good experience to the customers who visit your website.

  • Usability really brings into play several things that you should keep in mind.
  • Content – is your company website a useful resource to potential customers?
  • Design – is your website well designed and has proper navigation?
  • Development – does your website load in less than 2 seconds? Is it properly tested as per different browser?
  • Responsive web design – is your website readable on a mobile phone?

9 easy ways to Increase Your Business Authority

Everyone in the digital marketing space is looking forward to become an influencer and gain authority in one way or another.

In order to gain authority amongst the prospective clients, one should speak at the conference, publish a book on your own or get into a healthy publicity to build your overall authority, influence and thus create awareness among the masses.

Henceforth, here are the nine pointers which has to be followed to maximize the authority and influence being a marketer.

Build Connections And Relationships

1.) Write About News Or Features

If you are into writing a blog, or a third party site like LinkedIn or Medium, I strongly believe writing is one of the core ways to build your influence and create a market presence.

It’s vital to write about cover news and review features from various sites, tools, or communities. Not only does it keep your name visible in the most current of topics, it also allows you to provide one of the most valuable aspects of an influencer; the cliff notes we all care about.

Tips to improve your success:

  • Try to follow the Developer and Support departments of all the platforms or services related to your business genre or expertise. This allows you to identify areas of discussion where people are looking for counseling and helps in showing the articles which would be helpful.
  • Make sure to write about a Specific News Event but also try to add a Personal Expert Commentary, benefitting your readers.

2.) Build Connections And Relationships With Real Influencers

A person is known by the Company he keeps. Hence, take time to build real friendships with influential people in your space and related area, as it will result in your influence increasing as well as helping you to earn few cool friends, which can be of great benefit.

Tips to improve your success:

  • Identify influencers you want to be friends with. Find some common interests, listen to their interviews or speeches, read their comments on posts and articles and find areas of similar interest or expertise to potentially connect around the globe.
  • Try to lend a helping hand to the new friends first and not asking anything in return.
  • Interact with influencers frequently, through commenting, replying, contacting, prior to the first meet.

3.) Make Yourself Heard

Once Sarah Smith, a SEO expert at Web Design City said to me, when I asked her what she thought about growing your influence; “The road to influence is paved in generosity.” So its good to be generous and humble in sharing the expertise with others

Best authors believe in giving their knowledge generously, with honesty and empathy for the needs and burdens of their audiences. True authorities know that you can only earn authority from generously helping others.

So the road to influence is paved with generosity. Help others in any way and in any format you can — via blog posts, questions, videos, Facebook Lives, or wherever un-answered questions are present.

More Leads For Your Business With SEO

Tips to improve your success:

  • Review the sources you would like to get quoted in, identify which authors tend to include quotes in the reviews.
  • Make attempt to connect with the authors that you feel are more likely to get connected.

4.) Quote Influential People
When you reach out to experts and influencers around a topic which you are writing about, you not only improve the quality of the article and the information it contains but in your readers’ eyes you also elevates your level of authority and influence.

Even the ability to acquire a quote from an influence, says something to your influence.

Tips to Improve Your Success:

  • Once you have received a quote from a selected expert or influencer, get connected with them on any social channels.
  • When your article is published, send it to the people you have quoted in the same article, as they are likely to share it with their followers, improving your influence and visibility on a whole.

5.) Share Your Expertise

If you are really looking forward to increase your influence, then you must have at least a couple of skills and valuable experience you are worthy of being an influencer, so start showing off your skills wherever possible.

Podcasting is a great way to build targeted influence, especially if you are creating a solid, interview based show. Answering smart questions of well-known guests helps in positioning you as a relevant player in the field.
Tips to improve your success:

  • When answering the questions on Q & A sites, it is acceptable and often helpful to link back to the resources that you have created. This can definitely help in increasing your influence.

6.) Speak At A Conference

Public speaking is likely one of the most effective ways to increase your influence as a marketer, providing you dedicated time in front of other influencers and audiences, as well as providing the opportunity for interviews, media coverage and other public speaking opportunities.

Tips to improve your success:

  • Go through previous conference sessions to determine what types of topics are being provided. This will help you in your pitch to be within a realm of interest while suggesting a slightly current or different angle on the topic.
  • Identify the conference staffs and hosts, so that you can engage with them. Impress someone associated with the conference as it will aid in getting selected as a speaker.

7.) Understand The Psychology Behind Influence

One of the best things that you can do to really help in improving your influence as a marketer is to really understand how influence works.

There are a number of videos on a similar topic that you can watch on YouTube, courses to be taken, books that you can read, such as the best-selling book “Influence“, That would help you understand the aspects of influencing people.

Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website

8.) Be Truly Remarkable

One of the most effective and effortless ways to build an influence is to do something truly remarkable or a unique achievement. For example, cure some deadly disease, build the next billion dollar unicorn company, or come up with truly new and innovative ideas, etc. People like Elon Musk or Bill Gates didn’t have to do influencer hacks to build their influence. They’re experts because they’ve accomplished amazing things.

The truth is we are all capable of finding something remarkable to do within our industry and if you want to increase your influence in marketing, then start finding that one thing that will help you to set apart.

9.) Go Forth & Influence

Call it a drive, grit, or whatever you like, if you want to be a marketing influencer then you can do it, so long as you keep driving forward and never stop trying or looking back!

How to Use Visual Content to Drive Results

If you are a content marketer, then you probably must have realised that a picture is equivalentto a thousand words. Quality writing an article or a blog is a crucial part of your content triumph, but to really stand out from the crowd, visual content has to be incorporatedto make the content more appealing.

Effective use of visuals go beyond just pleasing the eye. The value of a visual content is literally outpouring. People find visual content irresistible because it is more engaging, easy to understand and entertaining. Content Marketers love visual content because it makes them easier to reach their target audiences. Most of the search engines love visual content because people’s engagement rate is high.
visual content marketing

1.) Make Use of Custom Images
We all do bookmarking. But it’s a very boring task to read the articles that are in a long form without the presence of any images to justify the same. As a matter of fact, internet readers tend to ignore the contents that are presented in the form of massive blocks of texts.

This is the reason where it’s necessary to include compelling images in the posts which can greatly boost the chances of the audience reading your posts from start to the finish if it is accompanied by images related to that post or article. According to the experts, blog posts with high quality images get 94% more viewsthan the posts with only texts.

With the help of resources such as, Canvas, Fotojet, Fotorand Gravit etc., you can create high-quality, captivating, and customised images for free. You can also make use of photo-sharing platforms such as Pinterest and Flickr for free as it produces excellent quality photos for your blog posts.

For the purpose of SEO, make sure your images have the right caption that contains your target keywords. Also, optimize your alt text (or alt tag) for your target keyword.

2.) Create Info-Graphics on a regularly basis
Info-Graphics provide great opportunity to present quick and relevant information to your audience at a glimpse. InfoGraphics is a great way to summarise lengthy, instructional texts in a visually engaging format.

In addition to being visually interesting, attractive and easy to read on the go, Info-Graphics also drive marketing results. They are a great way to generate back links if you ever find your Info-Graphics go viral. This will bring more traffic to your site as well as get your brand name in front of millions of eye balls. When it comes to actually creating anInfo-Graphics, don’t be discouraged by lack of design and skills. There are plenty of Info-Graphic tools and resources to aid the non-designers.

Infographic by www.webdesigncity.com.au

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3.) Back-up Your Ideas with the help of Screenshots
Screenshots allows you to provide your audience with an overview of the real time inner workings of your products or services. It also helps you back-up claims that you make in your sales posts.

You can also combine it with some of your testimonials or marketing copies to boost your post’s integrity and trustworthiness. If you are marketing an application, for instance, clicking a few screenshots with a caption can act as a great visual verification that your audiences need to trust your claims. When using a screenshot, don’t forget to highlight what’s important with annotations.

4.) Videos
Another attractive form of visual content that people love more than images and InfoGraphics are video content. They are highly engaging, visually stimulating, and easy to understand. When it comes to the full potential of videos, figuring out the type of videos can help you rank better.

We all know that, YouTube is the 2nd largest search platform after Google. People visit YouTube everyday for knowledge and entertainment. According to the article on Telegraph, YouTube beat Google for the first time ever as of December 2015 as the most visited site on desktop computers. Content marketers have every reason to put their content on YouTube and embed the link in the relevant webpage. In order to grab attention of your video,it has to be unique and different from what already exists.

Use Keyword Planner to find keyphrases for your target niche segment.

Once you have produced your video ready for publishing, don’t forget to optimize your meta-data, such as video titles, tags, descriptions and even file names – for the targeted keywords. Pick thumbnails that are relevant to your video to allure your viewers.

5.) Engage Your Audience With Useful Presentations

A good alternative to the Info-Graphics are generally the presentations. Presentations use progressive disclosure to tell stories step by step in a formal way, and therefore keep your audience hooked in your story by gradually divulging the narration.

Another advantage of presentation is its visual format. You can use color, images, background, and striking layout in your presentation to tell a memorable story or share any useful information. If your post is too lengthy and not quite appropriate for an Info-Graphic, a well-designed presentation can be highly effective in keeping your readers engaged with your content.

One reason Slide Share is great for search engine marketing, is that the platform automatically transcribes your presentation when you upload. While Slide Share is an SEO friendly platform, never forget to make use of the keywords using keyword research, and thus optimise your slide-titles and Meta-descriptions for your target keyword. You can also embed your presentations on the blog, and share it on every platform.

6.) Other Visuals

Images, Info-Graphics, Videos and presentations are not the only elements that you could incorporate in your visual SEO efforts. There are many other formats that you can make use of. They are:
• Quotable banner graphics:
• Memes:
• Animated charts:
• Embedded Instagram/Tweets:

Learning about Responsive Website Design – Infographic

Google gives more preference to the pages that are designed in a responsive manner because it is flexible and improves the user experience. This is where the Google’s algorithm Hummingbird takes charge.

Responsive Website Design


Why Responsive Web Design?

  • Google gives more preference to the web pages that are responsive
  • Responsive websites rank better in search engines of different devices.
  • Internet is surfed more often using smart phones and tablets rather than Desktops.
  • It improves the user experience and qualifies Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm
  • Saves bandwidth and server space.

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Can SEO Improve Your Business?

Till date, many companies or businesses are ignorant about the existence and importance of SEO, and they are still dependents on the traditional outbound sales. With the advancement of technology and internet, there is a steep shift towards SEO and Digital Marketing sectors.

As per the recent study, it was found out that, the company is able to achieve maximum sales and growth with the help of SEO and digital marketing rather than the traditional sale techniques.

SEO Services

With the help of various tips and techniques, like use of meta tags, titles, description, proper use of heading tags, creating snippets, writing fresh new content for the pages, promotion of web pages, and much more,a website can be optimised as per the search engines and the results can be seen. While doing SEO for a website, different algorithms of search engines, as well as their terms and conditions has to be kept in mind.

Merits of SEO for business:

1.) SEO is important for company’s branding and visibility
2.) SEO provides the business with reliability and integrity.
3.) SEO helps in bringing more traffic to the website
4.) SEO has better Return on Investment (ROI) in advertisement
5.) SEO gives an excellent insight about the website to the customers
6.) SEO helps in creating reputation in the market.

Is it Really EASY to be an SEO Expert?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by the people who are completely new to Search Engine Optimisation or Digital Marketing systems. Theoretically, SEO or Digital Marketing experts are the people who make use of SEO techniques to optimize a website and thus help to generate leads. Right? Wrong!

In reality, things are very different and challenging for a Digital Marketer due to a continuous change in Search Engine Algorithms (Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon) and high competition in the market. Hence, an SEO expert should keep himself updated with the new updates and releases of search engines. Doing an SEO for a website requires a lot of patience and continuous indulgence in the SEO sector. The result of the SEO activities done today can show the result after two months or more. It also demands updation of website on a regular basis to make it rank better.

Thus, there is a lot riding on the SEO Expert. A single blunder can completely damage the reputation of a website and business. A company also invests huge amount on the digital marketing team, because of the importance in the market.

Why Choose “Web Design City”?
Now a days there is a tough competition in Digital Marketing sector and it is really difficult to maintain an edge over other Digital Marketing Agencies. A company dealing with digital marketing must have well qualified SEO experts, web designers, web developers, etc. who are experienced in their respective fields working together to achieve a common target.

SEO Company

Web Design City has the long list of portfolios of the projects completed till date and client records with proper after sales customer support and maintenance factor. Web Design City deals with the websites of all types starting from designing, developing and Optimising in different search engines. We guarantee best results that are delivered to us. The only motto of Web Design City is meeting client’s expectation within a stipulated time period.

Revitalise Your Business with Effective eCommerce

In the today’s generation, with the rise in use of internet, eCommerce portals and websites are playing a very significant role in business as it is a very convenient method of buying goods and services and get it delivered to our door – steps. E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmission of funds or data, over an electronic network i.e. internet. These business transactions could be either business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) or consumer-to-business (C2B). The term e-commerce can also be called e-business or e-tailing. Thus to make a global presence and create reach, it is important for the business to get inclined towards the use of electronic mediums.

eCommerce Development

Why eCommerce?

• Benefit to organisations
• Benefit to customers.

Benefit to organizations:

a. World-wide Reach
As the use of internet is spread across the globe, the business can make use of the internet to create a worldwide reach and make them available, the goods or services delivered to their doorsteps.

b. Cost reduction
The cost incurred on advertisement and communication is much lower as the business uses e-mails, phone calls and other online advertising mediums, the cost incurred on human resources is also low as most of the business processes are partially or fully automated depending upon the company’s budget. Middlemen like, wholesaler, retailers, agents etc. are eliminated to a considerable extent as there is a direct relationship between the business and the consumers. Due to an efficacious supply chain, the cost incurred on nurturing inventories is reduced.

c. Improvements in supply chain
Using the e-commerce as a mode of the business operation, the suppliers can prevent the overhead costs for constructing the physical store front.

d. Customisation
The business can also customize the website or payment options or delivery for its own e-commerce. Taking into consideration the tastes and preferences of the customers, the business can thus design and develop new technique in attracting them.

e. Improved customer relations
E-commerce business through internet provides up-to-date information about the business and its products to customers. By answering the customers’ queries and providing them with the authentic reviews, a business organization is able to win the loyalty of its customers. Quick delivery of goods and effective communication would lead to customer satisfaction and retention on a long time basis.

Benefit to customers:

a. Wide range of products and services
E-commerce enables the customers to choose from a wide range of similar products or services. A virtual store thus helps the business to build stocks of lots of goods with reduced inventory cost. Hence, a business provides a lot of choice to consumers to choose from a variety of products or services of his /her will.

b. Convenience
Customers can buy any product from anywhere in the world without worrying about the delivery to their workplace or residence through internet.

c. Saves money
Due to ecommerce, the gap between producer and consumer falls to a great extent. Thus the cost incurred by the business on the intermediaries reduces to a great extent benefitting the consumers.

d. Saves time
Time of a customer gets saved to a great extent as shopping is done from home on a computer or mobile phone. Time taken for selecting, buying and paying for an online takes considerably less time as compared to physical shopping.

eCommerce Web Design

Tips for a effective E-Commerce webpage:

a. Powerful product description:
Product descriptions for every product must be descriptive and brief. They include attractive buzz-words and phrases like “built to last”, and “nothing makes for a more perfect gift, than this box of possibilities” etc. that gets the reader exhilarated about the product or service on offer.

b. Well placement of call-to-action words:
A clear call-to-action serves one purpose, getting your potential customers to the checkout page more quickly. It should be instantly visible on the product page.
For example: Adding the “Add to cart” button just under the product’s price with attractive font would make the visitor to click on the button more frequently.

c. Product shots:
The successful ecommerce business focuses on taking real pictures of the products in to product page so that the customers get what they saw.

d. User-Friendly Website Navigation
Website navigation is that the most expected issue that ought to be achieved by the nice website style. Your website ought to have the proper design with simple navigation keys like the use of bread crumbs.

e. Live stock levels and information:
Incorporation of product stock information into the product pages helps in knowing the stock levels of the products he/she is going to purchase. One of the best things about adding stock information to the respective product page is that once stock drops below a certain level, you may actually see sales pick-up, as a result, it adds a sense of urgency to improve conversions to a considerable extent. It gets the visitors to make an immediate buying decision knowing that the product might go out of stock very soon.

At Web Design City, you get the privilege to create your own eCommerce website as we are leading website designers in Sydney, Australia. Web Design City offers various eCommerce designs for your business at a very competitive rates. So visit at www.webdesigncity.com.au to avail the class apart benefits.

Process involved in website design and development with promotional tips

Web Design City is a highly appreciated name in the field of web development, Web designing, SEO, mobile applications, online marketing. With over 10years of experience and expertise we have come up with better business solutions for the clients in Australia the form of better websites and better ranking.

What is the basic need of any online business?

“MARKETING” be it online or offline.
For online business we need to have an enticing website. Here web design city comes into picture. We provide our clients with best website which would be easily understandable by the customer as well as user friendly.
Website Design
We think about our customer first. We build a website which provides maximum benefit and rank higher on search engine. We use SEO tool to track the performance of the website and based on the feedback act accordingly to resolve the issue. We provide custom solutions to the customers.

We deal in:
WEBSITE DESIGN: This is the first step of any business. Web design city provides you with better business competent ideas in website design. We use word press as platform which is highly recommended for website designing.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Use different platforms like Word press, CSS, HTML to develop any website to provide better web solutions to the client.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: We nurture the website through constantly tracking it and observe minute details of it. This feedback can be further used to comply with the market demand to drive the traffic to the website. We use various tools like Google analytics, Google webmaster, Google keyword Planner, schema creator, Google trends, SERPs rank checker to know the performance of the website

eCOMMERCE WEB DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN: designing an eCommerce website is not a big deal but to make it attractive, customer friendly in today’s time is a must. Every eCommerce website has common goal and that is generating “sales”. We design websites while keeping in mind that it must consist of all the attributes and features needed to rank high and should be customer friendly.

MOBILE APPLICATION: every single person carries a mobile. They do not want to open a laptop or a PC to visit any eCommerce website. People prefer things which are comfortable and ready to use. We build mobile applications which helps in engaging the audience more effectively.

DOMAIN AND HOSTING: we provide better domain and hosting in an affordable manner which helps in identifying the services and product and reaches more to the audience in an easy manner.

LOGO DESIGN: Logo helps any organization in its branding. “We create brands”. Our team of expert designers creates logo which can capture the essence of the business.

ONLINE MARKETING: Business ethos lies in online marketing. Web Design City is a well known name in online marketing. We understand the demand and provide them with the best possible solution to reach wide number of audience in an easy way and form a strong customer base.

ADWORD (PPC): Web Design City creates and promotes the Adword campaigns. Optimising the landing page is what our experts do. Motive is to drive the traffic and get higher rank on the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. We promote the ad as much as we can to drive the traffic and monitor it. We provide services like:
• Adword PPC account creation
• Refine tune PPC campaign
• Create landing pages
• Daily manage account
• Keyword analysis
• Evaluate campaign weekly
• Achieve ROI

SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION (SMO): Social Media is the biggest platform now for any business. We help in promoting business through social media optimisation and keep track of the ranking as well as the interaction on social media and increase ranking through social media visibility.
Skilled areas are:
• Facebook page creation
• Achieve twitter followers
• Achieve Facebook likes
• Getting tweets from twitter
• Create Google circle
• Create Social Media visibility
• Social Media linking

We have worked on number of portfolios:
• Health and food
• Real estate
• Electro enterprise
• Secret world Thai massage
• Novo H2O

Benefits with Web Design City, Australia:
• SEO friendly coding
• Unique web design layout
• Affordable
• Customer Centric
• Work done by experts
• 24/7 assistance
Social Media
Web Design City understands you and provides you the best web solutions for all your queries. Do not restrain yourself from being a part of our organization. Work by us is highly appreciated, affordable and is done in a planned manner. Doing business is not easy, so trusting the best in market is only possible to way to get it done with better performance. A professional organisation understands the difference between the relevant and irrelevant links and can make a huge difference.

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